How to Rocket Your
YouTube Video
From Nowhere

to #2 In Google

In 4 Weeks or Less

(Screenshot of one of the case study videos in this course)

Also, How to Outrank Competitor Videos
Profit from Youtube With No Website,

And Dominate Youtube

Did you know that has almost as many daily pageviews than

  • In October 2007, Youtube surpassed Google in page views for the first time.
  • Google is ahead of Youtube now, but only by a small percentage.
  • Youtube is the second largest search engine in the WORLD. (second only to google)
  • The highest viewed video of all time gets over 5 million views per DAY (average).
  • Proper use of Youtube can get you 20,000+ monthly visitors.

Imagine 20,000 visitors coming to your website or affiliate link from Youtube.

Yet almost all marketers obsess on google traffic, IGNORING Youtube traffic completely.


A Handful of "YouTube Experts"
Don't Want You To Know
How to Guzzle The YouTube Money Geyser

Youtube traffic is difficult to understand. It is off the radar of many search engine experts. Many of them have no idea how to make money from Video traffic.

Even worse, there are TWO separate altgorithms to understand.

First you have to understand Youtube's own search engine. It gets more searches than Bing and even Yahoo -- second only to Google itself.

Then you have to understand how to rank a Youtube video in GOOGLE search. A completely different formula.

Once you master both, you can get DOUBLE the traffic.

And those who have figured this out DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT IT.

Don't take my word for it. Go to right now and look at the most viewed videos of all time. Look at where the videos are pointing. (Especially videos NOT owned by big brands)

You will see that a handful of underground marketers have been quietly grinning as the $$ pours in from Youtube, while everyone else ignores Youtube traffic.

but I'm not going to sit on these secrets.

I'm going to show you how to do it.

You may be thinking... if this is such a great secret, why are you going to tell me about it?


Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month.

Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.

That is more than enough traffic to go around, don't you think?

The days of easy
SEO and PPC traffic are over, but Youtube is currently a new windfall. The arbitrage opportunities are absoultely insane.

Learn the secrets now,
before it becomes as competitive as SEO and PPC.

Right now it is EASY, and most of the big players still haven't figured out the secrets of Youtube.

I'm going to show you how to cash in on YouTube traffic NOW.

I've put together a massive home study course that shows you, step by step, how to do it.

Here is just some of what these videos cover:

  • How to get your youtube video to appear on the first page of the organic search results in 24 hours.

  • How to legally "steal" traffic from the top 20 youtube videos of all time (it only takes 10 minutes and you don't even need your own video) Imagine thousands of visitors coming to your website from the first page of Youtube.

  • Quick and Easy ways to rank for longtail traffic, this works very fast.

  • How to beat ANY youtube competing video, knock it out of position, and (legally) steal its traffic.

  • Easy, fast, and cheap way to to rank in Youtube's internal search engine (it is an entirely different formula from ranking in google)

  • How to automate getting friends, subscribers, likes, and comments (hint: all of these things are necessary for ranking youtube videos in more competitive markets)

  • How to take any video in your account, and insert thumbnails to other videos inside it after it has been uploaded.

  • A 5 minute change that allows you to direct traffic anywhere once a video has gone viral.

  • Make money from affiliate links, lead gen campaigns, local SEO, all from Youtube!

  • A trick for identifying LOSER videos that could actually make you more money from fewer views.

  • Increase profits and leads by linking to a non Youtube site from your annotations.

  • How to keep youtube viewers from getting distracted by irrelevant "related videos" and make them click on your website and videos instead!

  • 5 minute edit to your video description that will increase your traffic by 423%

  • How to identify which youtube videos will increase in traffic in the future, and which will drop to zero.

  • Predict how much traffic you will get from a Youtube Video before spending any time on it.

  • 4 changes to make to a video that can quadruple its profits and traffic

  • How you can make massive YouTube Profits WITHOUT having any video of your own

  • How to get on YouTube’s “Most Viewed” list within 9 minutes (Massive Traffic)

  • Where to find a secret tool that predicts if a video will be popular

  • How to create your own videos for free, without a camera.

  • Discover which clickbank products will sell on YouTube (and which ones will fail miserably)

  • How to increase your video views by 1500% (this could pay for your mortgage)

  • Learn quick and easy mass video distribution (send your video to 31 video sites for free)

  • A secret page on youtube that reveals video viewers interests so you can easily profit from them. (shows their gender, age, interests, location etc…)

  • Learn how to insert external links on TOP of Youtube Videos (new loophole-this can increase your clicks by at least 100%)

  • Did you know Google is now indexing the speech in your videos? Learn how to crack the code and optimize it for serious profits.

  • How to force Youtube to let you choose your thumbnail image (this “thumbnail formula” was previously unknown to most marketers)

  • Legally steal video views from your competitors’ videos by making a 1 minute change to your video.

  • Discover an easy, free tracking system that very few know how to use. Apply it to your YouTube videos and increase your profits 100 fold.


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Someone who needed a refund because of a personal cash emergency:

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Nice course.

Stuff I've never seen before and I've read a lot about youtube.

Dan Ellenwood


The short version of my comments is BUY IT!

When I saw the first video my first thoughts were "It's a good idea but I'm not sure I can use it". Then I thought about it. Then I thought about it a bit more and I am now convinced that it would work for pretty much anyone in IM [Internet Marketing].

If you have an existing business you want to promote I think it's particularly brilliant.

I've not watched the other videos in detail but there are many ideas that I'm keen to put into practice.

And Chad is a great guy. He has responded graciously to my queries and you can tell that he knows what he's talking about.

Highly recommended.

Andrew Davidson


Amazing Stuff!
Very Very Good Outside The Box Thinking!

Hey Chad, i just got yoru course,

i just finished watching video 1 and what i have seen so far is amazing stuff man.

Very Very good outside the box thinking, i totally have to give it to you there.

Im looking forward to watching the rest of the videos now!


Jani G

Click Here to Watch the Complete
Upgraded Youtube Cash System

(plus receive the new course on DVD at home)

same ole stuff@!!!

yeah, you just sit around with your brother an d dream up this stuff? What would i call it other than ''same ole' stuff" ? Hmmmmmmmmmm.....

Freaking GENIUS man. You two guys were dropped off the UFO over Chicago to do the same stuff Leonardo da Vinci did during the Renaissance. I had a picture of Leo I wanted to insert because it even looks like your brother....Leo da Man. The aliens left you guys off to:

Make man take on big frickin leap for mankind. Unbelievable: 'same ole Genius stuff. '

You never disappoint. That's what I mean when I say "same ole stuff" . Always top braniac info. Love it!

- vic


Thanks Chad - your video explains clearly and without any padding your ideas - wish all marketeers were as clear as you!

- Stever Roberts


Hi Chad,

Youtube cash awesome course

What great techniques!!!!!!



- Ken


Hey Chad,


I am sure 99% of web traffic masters don't know this! How did you find this traffic technique?

Please post more and more...

- salmakoor


Great Stuff! I'm excited to get started being a paparazzi and get lots of traffic hits! Awesome!

- Ron


Hay!Chad,what a great piece of rare sense of doing things!Man, you're a genius.Keep it up!And don't let these kind of valued info run lose on the streets.

Do hope you would stand by me and hold my hands always!

- akpoveta


Man Chad,

you really, really scored a touchdown and more with your YouTube course, I bet the other gurus are salivating at your success. The techniques are very, very simple, even for a newbie like me! It is nothing like the other courses I purchased from all of the other Internet Marketers who claim to be the masters of the universe out there.

You have really made it so simple and I always take notes and apply the principles from it, no need for a college degree to understand what one needs to be doing to make gobs of money here. I really love this course and the others too. Instead of pushing someone's else product who they claim they have reviewed it and just collecting the commission, you just stay with your courses and upgrade them the minute you hear of the latest changes.

You're the best, Chad and your brother Seth too! Happy Holidays to your lovely family too! Peace!

- Rob


Hi Chad,

I think will purchase second DVD also :)


In Truth Simlicity and Love.


- Igor


With every video I watch in this series I keep getting more and more great ideas of how to take advantage of video for the marketing of my wholesale pre-paid credit cards.

I see the day when I'll want to hire you Chad to take over the overflow of projects I'm already dreaming up for these fantastic ideas.



Bruce Nelkin LMT

- Bruce Nelkin


Always mind expanding content and excellent service. The net wouldn't be the same without you guys.


- art


After 6 months of ownership, I now know this has been one of the best values of any course I have ever purchased on the internet. The videos are informative and I have referred to them time and time again as I implement new techniques in my YouTube strategy. Initially, it was more info than I could handle, but after a few techniques actually started working, I went back and re-watched the videos I hadn't used. I have literally lost any fear of entering a market on YouTube because I have solid tricks in my bag and can quickly and easily get attention and views from YouTube. Please don't buy this course.

- Brent


Hey Chad: Just purchased your course. Viewed the first video. You Tube is all new to me so your course will get me where I need to go. Thanks!

- Payday Loans By Paul


Thanks Chad,

Nice info. I like cutting right to the heart of the matter and getting to the meat right away.

I'll be studying all this as soon as possible so I can hire other people to do it for me.


- Bruce Nelkin


Hi Chad,

I have been watching your email videos promoting your Youtube Cash Secrets for a few months now. Both fence sitting and thinking I did not have enough free time at the moment to go through the course.

The special video for the Christmas sale got me off the fence. I had to see just the one video you mentioned. I have to say the one video I wanted to watch and did watch was worth the whole price I paid for your course even if I never watched any of the other videos.

Good stuff!


- Dave McNabb


Hi Chad

This is a smart way to get traffic and it would

be much less than Ad words



- Basel

Click Here to Watch the Complete
Upgraded Youtube Cash System

(plus receive the new course on DVD at home)


What's Included in the
Updated Youtube Cash Course Videos:

  1. How to get Traffic from the Highest Viewed Videos of All time (even if you don't own them!)
  2. How to Predict Youtube Trends Before They Happen and Profit!
  3. The Youtube Scraper: Track Daily Video Views
  4. The Youtube Scraper Part 2: Graph Daily Video Views
  5. How to Predict How Many Views A Video Will Get
  6. Find Profitable Youtube Niches With The Free Youtube Keyword Tool
  7. The Youtube Search Engine Formula
  8. Keyword Research for Google Ranking (Don't Skip This)
  9. Keyword Research Using Market Samurai
  10. My Strategy for Making Money with Clickbank+Youtube: No Website Needed
  11. How to Identify Clickbank Products that Sell
  12. Accurately Predict How Much Money You Will Make From Each Video
  13. Create Your Own Videos For Free, Without a Camera
  14. Create Your Own Videos Without a Camera Part 2
  15. Quick and Easy Mass Video Distribution (How to profit from video sites other than Youtube)
  16. Forcing Youtube to Let You Choose Your Thumbnail Image (massively increases view count)
  17. Annotations: Keep Viewers On Your Videos PLUS External Linking
  18. Place External Links Directly on a Youtube Video to any Site You Want
  19. TubeToolbox, a Crucial Tool for Whitehatters and Blackhatters Alike
  20. How to Rank YouTube Videos in Google with 50K-200K Competing Results
  21. How to Increase Your Video Views by 1500%
  22. Get High PageRank Backlinks From Video Responses
  23. YouTube InVideo Programming - Quickly and Easily Up Your Views
  24. Increase Your Rank by Optimizing Youtube Transcriptions (hardly anyone knows about this technique)
  25. Get Your Video in Google's Top 10 In 3 Days
  26. More (Fast) Ways to Get Into Google's Top 10
  27. How (and Why) to Track Your Sales Process
  28. How to: Adwords Conversion Tracking
  29. How to: Tracking Using Hypertracker
  30. How to: Tracking Using Google Analytics
  31. How to: Tracking Using
  32. Bonus Blackhat Video

Now Including SEO Video Warrior!

Six Modules of 3-4 videos each, plus the SEO Video Warrior report to get you started fast!

  • Module 1 - Vital Mindsets and Concepts for Video Marketing
  • Module 2 - The power of Demonstration
  • Module 3 - The power of Emotion
  • Module 4 - SEO Secrets that get Your Video Ranked in 24-48 Hours
  • Module 5 - Secret Technique that Multiplies your Marketing 100-200 Times!
  • Module 6 - Making Videos without A Camera

The VIP and Advanced Packages Have Expired
You can Still Order the Standard Youtube Course Below:

Option 3: $97/month
YouTube Cash Secrets + Chad's SEO Cash Club membership

  • For those with less than 200,000 competing results in google search (exact)
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  • Detailed Video Ranking Info for both Youtube Search engine and Google's Search engine
  • Membership to Chad's SEO Cash Club (details here)
  • Online access to all the videos in the Updated Youtube Video Course (listed here) - No DVD
  • Access to the LIVE ADVANCED SESSIONS is NOT included in this standard version