100s of Free PR 6,5,4 Incoming Links

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Thanks Chad! Excellent content! You can also go to a site like that lists all the biggest forums in terms of users & posts. I’ve found that the more users a forum has, the higher the pagerank of that forum and the threads. Find the biggest forums in your niche and use your technique in the video to find out if they allow anchor text links in your sig file and if the links are dofollow or nofollow. Once you find a big forum that allows dofollow anchor links in your sig, then join it and start becoming a productive member and post away. Then find the next biggest forum in your niche and wash, rinse & repeat.

Hey Chad,

Great quick video on finding the links to go after and also using that Seoquake plugin for Firefox. I’ll be sure to also check out the Big Boards site that Dan is recommending.

Awesome material once again..!

Many Blessings,

Given that many signature files use actual HTLM rather than board code – what would keep one from simply adding a background-colored link? I’d think that promotion would be really hard to object to, if it was invisible.

@blert: background colored links are easily detected by the search engines and haven’t worked for over 5 years… its a good way to get yourself spanked really quick

I am glad I came across this article, I now have SQ installed and will do some searches on the forums as shown in your very explicit video. You are now bookmarked……. many thanks

Hi Chad, yes on the comment links.

Ps you mention that you outsouce a lot of this.

Do you have a standard template or examples of what you say or use for the outsource service?

Im going to do this as well..

Another useful tool, along the same lines, is (free). It’ll go out and search for blogs that don’t use the no-follow tag and then you’re free to post into those blogs via this software and save a log file when you’re done! Awesome tool that automates what Chad is doing in the forum realm. :)


You say that links from commenters are no-follow from your blog, but I have link to my site from this very page – am I missing something in understanding??

Another great video from Chad. You’re doing a great job here, giving free tips on getting high quality page rank links. Thank you for sharing.

Just a heads up.
SEO Quake is now available for Chrome. (just installed it)

Changed my retrieve parameter to 3,000 too.
Google seems to slap me all over the place, so I wanted to be sure to not get
on their stink eye list.

Thanks for all this great info btw.

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