Silo Diagram

Have you ever used this structure in your website?

Just by adding this structure to my site I’ve found I instantly rank for more keywords and see traffic increase.

I’ll be sending along a free video tomorrow explaining exactly how I structure my silos to gain maximum traffic with minimum effort. In he meantime you can read my Amazing Selling Machine Review.

Silo Website Structure

By the way, I used this software called YED Graph Editor to create the diagram above.

It is totally free, works on Mac and Windows, and I’ve found it very helpful in diagramming structures like these before I create them.

You can get it by searching for YED graph Editor

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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What are the Silos supposed to represent?

ANSWER: Each orange box in the diagram represents a page on my site. Each arrow represents a link from one page to another. ~chad

Charles Brownsays:

Thanks Chad…

You’re definitely a ‘giver’ much more than a ‘taker.’



I use a similar structure format when i diagram a site before design and I often show cuastomers one of these to impress upon them the importance of targetting different keywords on different pages. Very goo post, ought to be helpful for a lot of people. Keeps you focused on the plan and the goals.


How did this effect your PR. Did it help your PR or is it being pushed to too many pages now?

ANSWER: Actually (I’ll explain more in the detailed video tomorrow) the PR is split 3 ways from the top page, then it is just passed in a straight line through all the pages. No other links out. PR is retained very well throughout all the silo pages ~chad


Thanks again, great info as always, I don’t understand this yet but I’m sure I will when you send the video.
If you get around to it sometime I’d love to see one of these maps of how it works sending visitors to say article sites to videos to a main website (if that’s the right way around) and how that affects page rank. Just in case you feel like sharing this some day! thanks!


Hey Chad,

Cool post! Even though you answered the first question (sort of), I still do not really understand the silo pages. The article pages that target specific keywords is clear as a bell. Are the silo pages also articles? or is the ‘silo’ just ‘categories’ in a menu structure (which is how I learned to silo)?

Have a Great Day,

ANSWER: All will be clear tomorrow when my video is posted (its around 15 or 20 minutes of detail on this). If it still doesn’t make sense, shoot me an email at gmail (chadwarrior) and I can help. ~chad


Sorry for the duplicate post but your site is not giving any type of ‘confirmation’ after posting a comment, just fyi.



Thanks. I have been reading about silo site design and so look forward to your video. For now however many thanks on the YED Graph Editor – I have been searching for something like this for a while. Mac



Good stuff as usual, thanks.

I would mention that you’re kinda reinventing the wheel here, though.

Cuz, Michael Campbell’s “Revenge of the Mini-net” report (still free) covers this stuff in great detail.

Amazingly, he originally wrote it back in 1999 and the techniques are actually more powerful today than they were back then, due to improvements in the SE’s indexing algos.

So, unless you’ve already made the video, I’d suggest taking a quick read of the above report before you make it.

That way, you can tap into Mike’s 11 years of mini-net and silo experience in addition to your own.

Either way, your videos and instruction are always extremely helpful and informative. Thanks much for doing them!

Be well,


David Norden Secret Marketing Linkssays:

Thanks for the yEd, seems a very powerfull program, will try this out, about your silo structure, I would advise to break it at some point and certainly not do a closed ring, because the algorythms of Google always try to catch these systems to get more PR juice, but it is a basic good idea, will use it after having done my personal mix up. By the way I guess it will also work perfectly to use your silo diagram between websites properties. I usuall also mix up two keywords I want to rank one one page before to get them linked; e.g. keyword 1 on page keyword 1 goes to page keyword1+keyword2 where keyword 2 links to page keyword 2

David Norden (my site is down at moment of writing due to exceeded bandwith- to much visitors I guess:-)

Charles S. Giesensays:

Aloha and Thanks a BUNCH!!
YOU have so many GREAT TIPS!!



You are great to us rookies! Thank you! The success of this is also collecting backlinks? Will your video go through just how Google smiled on you and upped your page rank?


good stuff, I have used google maps tool with great success.


Will this also work for real estate websites?

Thank you!


So none of the pages have a link back to your direct site?

I was always taught to make sure each page has a link back to the main site…I’m a lil! lol

Good stuff though, thank you,


ANSWER: No links back to the homepage on this one! That is what makes it work so beautifully ~chad


Hi Chad,

I first came across Silo/Theme structures back in 2004 through Charles Heflin – he has a good (and similar description) at

I learned this in much greater detail with Bruce Clay, who I believe is the original guy who invented silo/theming. At the toolset training, he showed how by simply adding the rel=”nofollow” tag, you can theme an existing site and not compromise usability (similar to Lesley Rhodie’s Javascript based Dynamic Linking, before the rel=”nofollow” became a standard)

Something I am not 100% agreeable on though is where article three links to the next silo. Normally this would be a silo site map that retains page rank in the silo (unless of course the links from article 3 to the next Silo is a rel=”nofollow” of course).

Bruce Clay’s we sites have massive detail about siloing (they do sites like CNN using the same methods). Check out this case study –

In the latest SEO for Dummies (by Bruce Clay & co), the diagrams for site structure are similar, but article 3 would not link to the next silo :-)

Look forward to the video.



Chad your videos have helped a lot. I really like your material. It appears your the real deal. I need to go in and break some of my pages down.

Ray Cassidysays:

I have only latched on to your info recently Chad, despite having been a “watcher” on your list for ages. This is very informative stuff, like your recent series of articles about link structure. Do I understand correctly that all the links are forward only.

I am looking forward to the video.


I don’t fully understand your structure — which one is your “money” page?

Where are you trying to drive the traffic?

Phil Tozersays:

Hi Chad
You certainly are a giver as Charlie/Charles Brown said!

The more I follow your ideas the more I want someone else to read them for me!!
There just isn’t enough time to read them & institute them before you offer the next great idea!!! lol.

Phil Tozer
twitter: philtozer

Doug Conniffsays:

Thank you again, not sure how i will incorporate this into my traffic exchange, but am looking forward to another one of your great videos.
Doug Conniff
Inexpensive Quality Advertising @ Traffic Crossing


Hey Chad,
Thanks for the tip–I’ve been looking for a piece of software like this for some work I’m doing setting up a business structure for a local non-profit.
I look forward to the video tomorrow and putting the info to use.
Hope to return to favor soon,

Paul Duffysays:

Hello Chad

Actually, I have been doing some internal linking between pages using keywords and themes because I understood that it helps the pages rank higher, but I have not used a silo structure.

I was under the impression that silos were complex and required a lot of time, but maybe not?

Anyway, I look forward to your video to get a better insight.

– Paul –

Dusty - The Barter Guysays:

Hey Chad,
Cool info! – thanks for this and for yEd.
I am looking forward to your next video on silos.

Steven McLarensays:

Cheers Chad!! :)


I love your all info, thanks for providing it to us at no cost.
Can’t wait for the video. Curious how the structure will effect traffic, hmmm.


Terry Lambsays:


The way you have the silo diagram is how I used to do it, and it can work but found that if I “don’t” connect the last article to the next silo – it’s the more themeatic way to do it.

More importantly, each silo should have its own 3-5 article “cluster” wherein each article only links inbound to the silo landing page, so they all look like petals on a flower. The concept of “daisy chaining” is actually the wrong way to do it – but building a correct diagram is hard to do. I’m sure you know but it can get lost in interpretation.

The way you are describing it, is the old school way of siloing, the updated way works better.

I’m a “themezoom” Krakken member so I’ve spent a few years over there learning the silo concept. Glad to help/discuss if you are open to that.

ANSWER: I’ve had great success with the daisy chain method, I’d love to know any input you have to improve the silo structure, and I’ll pass it along to my subscribers. Shoot me an email at gmail (chadwarrior) ~chad


Thanks Chad For the info and the freeby


Never have done this method at all. So will look into it and give it a try.

Thanks Chad!!


Hi Chad;

Great information on this Silo structure tip.

Does this mean, I will not have any link to Home from
subpages in my WP based site?
How about the top or left menu links, pointing to Home page?
Or that is not an issue… we are talking about only linking
from my Article to Home page.
Clarification, Please!…


Hi Chad,

I dare say that the link juice from this website architecture is awesome, can’t wait to hear the actual figures from this configuration which I’m sure you will disclose on the video. Looking forward to your email notification, tomorrow.

Stevie J.

Mike Mottsays:

Hi Chad
Great info as always. I’m not quite there yet with some of your stuff, but I always appreciate the information and shall watch the video.
Best wishes

Eric @SimplyBacklinkssays:

Great.. Gonna try this out with my of my small niche site and post back any results.. BTW, this should work better if you just get some one way backlinks from authority sites, artices submission and maybe some from FTS for them to start ranking.. I am starting to get excited.. :)

irinel Lazarescusays:

I’ve seen instant income
increase by using this
specific website structure.

irinel Lazarescusays:

Hi Chad,

I’ve seen instant income
increase by using this
specific website structure.


How do I get on your mailing list. I do not see a sign up form. I am interested in your teaching. I guess I need to break out the Mater plan by Charles Heflin.



Looking forward to more about Silo’s


ok now that I am on your list where can I find more information about your course and silo wordpress theme you was sending to your list?

I only see stuff about Youtube.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’ll send you an email early next week, we’re still finishing up last minute details… watch your inbox!

Wayne Stricklandsays:

Hi Chad,

This looks like another brilliant piece of information, keep up the excellent work.


Wayne Strickland



Ummm, just curious. Your email said #2 out of 2.5 million, and it seems you were talking about, silo diagram. In Google, without quotes, silo diagram fetches about 216,000 results.

Were you talking about another phrase?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes actually I made a mistake in that email, was moving too fast and I failed to check the term with quotes! Good catch


Great video. But I have a confusion. Can I use article directories to create silo or we have only option to make silo in our website.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: only in your site.

John Reedsays:

Thanks Chad – I saw a presentation on Silo Structuring at a seminar over a couple of years ago, but it was double dutch to me at the time as I knew nothing much about Sites or SEO.
You’ve just brought it all to life and I’m very keen now to give it a try out.
Thanks again
John O’York

Fern Josephsays:

Hey Chad

More great info. Just finshing up restructuring . I didn’t get the video…do you have a link to it so I can watch. Thanks again for excellent info.



Hi Chad,

With the articles 1,2,3 etc. Do they only link 1 to 2 to 3?

So if you are on article page 1 you can click to the next page which is article 2. But If you were on article page 1 could you in a single click visit article page 3?

or like this:

Does each article page 1,2,and 3 have links to all the articles in that specific silo?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes, they only link 1 to 2 to 3


I’m looking forward to getting more information about this topic, don’t worry about negative opinions.


Thanks Chad, it looks like none of the silo or article pages link back to the index page at all ?
is that correct it seems strange ?

Wouldnt links back to the home page with your keywords in the anchor text help your home page get ranked higher on google ?


Hey Chad,
Thank you again for the excellent info. When you have a moment would you send me some info on how to do this for WordPress, I feel like I’ve been hitting my head against a brick wall trying to figure it out.
Much appreciated,

Marketing Consultantssays:

In essence, it is best to go Narrow and Deep and once you have penetrated then Expand the Keywords, right?


Thanks , don’t you link out to any other sites at all via this method ?
I guess that keeps the link juice in the site, but I have always found linking out to be beneficial to seo.

personal injury macclesfieldsays:

Great info on silos thanks Chad, looks like its the way to go.


this is an easy way to understand internal link building for newbies like me… thanks alot.

cctv installationsays:

Thanks Chad, this makes sense not only for seo, but from a readers point of view. Now I just need to reorganise my whole site ! Wish I had read this years ago.

Fascias Manchestersays:

Silos sound like a good idea, it makes sense to users and search engines.I will definitely incorporate this structure in my next site.

Irinel Lazarescusays:

Hi Chad,

YOU have so many GREAT TIPS !

This looks like a piece of information, keep up the excellent work.


Review Expertsays:

I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

Best Regards


Pretty bunch of information. I will surely implement it . Great post

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