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Where’s the info on how to get the 500 daily views? You have to buy the $97 course to get it?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, and the cost of the course will increase to $197 after Saturday

Chad –

All ways . . . All ways . . . excellent info –

Q. Will your “500 visitor video” method be available for the people who upgrade?

As long as it is done before the Saturday deadline?
THX – Skye

Hi Chad

I bought your old course, is there a special price for upgrading? It seems like this is the general price.

Also, when you say the price will increase to $197, is that the 1 DVD version or the 2 DVD version?

Your confused…


P.S. Chad, how about an affiliate commission for the plug? lol, just kidding. But seriously, this really is an excellent course for getting your videos ranked.

Hey, it’s just 8:20pm pacific time and the price went up to $197. That’s not even midnight Eastern time so that’s not ‘end of day’ Saturday. I’m not going to wait even longer for a response in case you decide to pull that video you refer to. If that offer is pulled too at least I know I can get a refund (but I hope I don’t have to :-)

Just received the dvds today although I’ve seen most of the videos already. I guess I didn’t have to buy the dvds, but the main reason I bought this and Google Cash Maps is that I’m a Chad Kimball fan.

Great dvd course! I missed the earlybird special, but it was still a bargain for $197. Always great products- what’s next?

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