Getting Academic Links

It is so easy to get academic links this way:

Here are the links to previous blog posts about how to get links with 301 redirects:

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Thanks for this awesome video. Honestly, as a newbie I got a lot of emails but lately I stopped opening them because most of them are just concern with making money. Unlike yours, I learned a lot from you for free. Thanks a million. Keep up the good job.

Never disappointed in your videos Chad, totally relevant and precise information as normal. I had no idea about “Scholar” on Google until now , just goes to show that getting back links from edu sites is not only software driven practice. I do have a WordPress affiliate site on Link Cloaker displaying Clickbank link Cloaker products. I will look further into your suggestion of search for 301 link cloaking to get some background. Thanks again. I sent a link to Face book as well.

This is something I’ve thought about doing too! Seems like a good idea but never got round to doing it. For example, creating different dog training sites and getting them all ranked in directories, software links, etc… then 301 the whole site to the money site so you”re essentially getting x2/3/4/ the amount of links from the same sites.

Only problem is some of the bigger sites have spiders that constantly check the links and remove the listings if they redirect etc…

I like the idea behind these edu links but not sure why they would link to you for copying them off the original sites?

Love the videos dude ;)

ANSWER FROM CHAD: you would be surprised how many people will link to you if you have a useful collection of academic papers all centered around one topic (especially if the topic is something they’re interested in). Categorize the academic papers according to subtopic, and then link to the PDFs of the papers (make sure you move the pdfs to your own server).

Another great one!
An exceptional Education on EDU sites.

Lots of Academic Credits 2 you, 3 stars & a postage stamp!

As we Aussies like to say… ‘bloody marvellous!!’


Thanks again, you can also add a collection of related videos from youtube using the free tool and making this way a very unique collection of specialized information


You continue to set yourself apart from the crowd with useful and relevant tips, strategies and tactics that can be rapidly implemented and leveraged.


you always have great info to share with us bro. Thanks for being you. :) I hope and pray that your family is doing just great and you guys are happier each day.

Hi Chad – thank you for sharing this information and insight. You do work on another level no matter what the hat is. I was focusing on public domain content but have realized the importance of backlinks.

So you say to just put the except, like the description Google uses right on the page and link to the pdf, but put the pdf on our server, right?

Would we put maybe 3-4-5 of these excerpts per page, to have enough content for Google to index and rank it? I heard it should be at least 250 words for G to deem it relevant.

You can have a link on that page to your money site or money page on same site or have ads on that page and make money that way without really being black hat right?

Thanks for your help and all the great content you provide.
It is appreciated!


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