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How to get more incoming links through banner ads. Rank your site, get inbound calls coming in, or send people to your clickbank link!

Click Here for the Image Map tutorial web page shown in this video

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Thanks Seth,
Good information I will put to use. I appreciate the content it is awesome.


WOW Chad that was bloody great!! i have been wondering how to do that multi alt text linking, thank you so much.

I take it that this would only work if you contact the site owner where you want your banner ad to be placed and not through some 3rd party banner ad service.

Donna Whitesays:

Thanks, Seth and Chad. Great info. I have made notes on this. This is a great way to get more “mileage” out of banners or image ads. I’m imagining different ways to use this. Fun, fun, fun. LOL

Donna :)

Lynsey Patsays:

Brilliant helpful stuff as always.

Thank You



Hi Chad,

Thank your brother Seth for me and thank you.

I have wondered about the Alt tag for images but had no idea how to make an image clickable.

This is a quadruple whammy and I will surely employ it for my new affiliate sites since the products are highly visual by nature.

You give so much away for free. I’m a relatively new subscriber and have learned much from you in a very short time.

The image map tutorial is more icing on the cake. Thanks again!

5.11 Tactical Guysays:

Wow! Ninja stuff alright! Chad, your emails have quickly moved to the top of my list and I look forward to them. You always find some of the coolest stuff to teach! You continually offer outstanding training and I thank you. Banner Ads?… I don’t use them myself because everything I have read is everyone ignores them… HOWEVER, I had no idea that page rank is even passed on. ALT text works just like anchor text on a page? I did not know Google looked at it that way. I will now have to review my own website and make sure all of my images include alt text for keywords… I never thought of Banner Ads of a way to get my link on a hot website….MULTIPLE links even!!! You have opened my eyes on this one!!

Jeff Henshawsays:

Well this is an eye opener. I have certainly learned two new valuable lessons today after viewing and listening to the video.

Thanks guys and keep up the good work.


Rune Ellingsensays:

Wow. This is really helpful!
Great little technique which I suppose provide users (like me) with a lot of link juice once set up. Thanks a bunch guys. You really know how to keep subscribers LIKE NO ONE ELSE. I have ONLY gotten premium content from you. Who else can say that about anyone?
Love it!)
Have a great day guys ;)


Hi Seth & Chad,

Thank you both for all the great videos and info you share. As mentioned above your emails are at the top of my list also.
Love the dreads also.


Thanks for the great info. This could also be used to have internal links from one page to another on site right?


Hello Chad & Seth,
I look forward to your emails when they come in.I know I’m going to learn something new every time.I truly feel like you and Seth want to help people.Your not like the pan handling Guru’s standing on every web page corner. I realize you don’t have to put out these Great Video’s,but I want to say “Thank You So Much”.

geoff Lordsays:

hi Guys

Thanks for that great tutorial. thats yet another piece of the SEO Jigsaw you have given me lately. Keep up the good work. This is invaluable stuff for us all who are lucky enough to be on your list.

Make Money Onlinesays:

Thanks for This Great and Awesome Info.


Thank you gentlemen.
I’m not sure why you are helping, but I am soooo grateful.



I’m not an expert with images, and the like. But this has really opened my eyes, it can be used in Squidoo lenses, Blogger etc so you can get deep links from that image.

Thanks for sharing


Great info once again. Thank you

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