Black Hat Linking (safely)

Post a comment for me if you are interested in more black hat linking techniques (I have more)

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good, kind of what I was already doing myself.. but still helpful..
on another note, I tried the G maps software, and the Vista build, and I cant get it to work on my vista PC.

says I need to lower the count and add more cities.. I lowered it all the way and in between, and used major US, and canadian cities for even the keyword “locksmith” still no dice..

Two comments for the price of one :)

I have tried repeatedly to register with Black Hat World (using different emails) and never has my login in worked, yet I stay on their autoresponder series.

Matt Cutts has stated that your sites cannot be de-valued by who links to you. If that were the case, you could sniper your competitors by adding them to link farms.

I do agree that unnatural link velocity when compared to your competitors or niche can raise flags. Unnatural link velocity can be absorbed by Hub pages, Blogger, Squidoo, etc. due to the huge daily in flow of links.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: if you go through blackhatworld you’ll find detailed instructions on how to get your competitor delisted/banned from google by doing mass linking to their site. Ugly, but true.

Hi Chad,
Thanks for the tour of the dark side.

I have often wondered how to do the some blackhat backlinking without getting
reprimanded by the Internet Gods.

It is not so bad or risky the way you explain it, good job.



I ordered the September #2 package from Mike2000 and the backlinks took my site from page 3 to page 1 in about a week after it being stuck on page 3 for about a month. Highly recommend his service.


I mix in blackhat and whitehat to develop backlinking campaigns but I only use the blackhat links as you described here.

Another cool thing that I do is to ping all of the blackhat links over a period of time once they are in place.

Blackhat isn’t bad if you use it wisely and with other linking programs to make it look more natural. Get thousands of links from one source though and it looks pretty fishy.

I like the fact that you refer to getting links to those sites that are already linking to you so you can boost your rankings.

You definitely need a ‘buffer’ with links. I wouldn’t necessarily use web 2.0 links as the buffer, you might consider other links that are linking to you.

Thanks for that latest video, Chad.

If you can create a good product or software that will provide multiple High PR links to my money site, then I will certainly buy it from you.

Cheers for now.

Dave in London

Hi Chad,

I am pleased that you show a way of “buffering” as you call it, to ensure that our money sites aren’t adversely affected by these black/grey hat techniques.

Really good content that I have come to expect from you.


Thanks Chad
This seems to be a reasonable price to pay for the service bearing in mind how long it would take to perform these tasks myself.
Also I like the idea of a buffer to protect my money site.

Hey Chaddo!

Great tip. I am going to do Blackhatting links to my site and I will tell you how did that work.

Thanks for always making us think outside the box. You Rock!


Hi Chad,
Good stuff as usual, helps in an area of high importance for many of us.
Appreciate the idea of buffering our sites.

Hope you enjoyed your recent break…good to hear from you again.

Any more tips greatly received.

Great tips Chad!
Although I don’t agree that blog commenting using real comments are black hat… It’s a quite natural way to build backlinks in my opinion.

Also @Bill’s comment about not nessecarily using web 2.0 sites is a good one. To maximize impact, you should at least try using a site with dofollow links, that doesn’t have a whole lot of other dofollow links internally on the site, hence making your backlinking for that particular site more effective.

Wouldn’t you agree with that?


Great stuff Chad , time being a big factor or lack thereof , I really think in some cases buying links is a great idea and the time saved is incredible.

Buffer site is definably a smart move with Google always changing the rules and if you thing about it, you can pick up not only the juice from the improved ranking but also an additional profit center if you are using affiliate banners / links as the customer can also pass from the buffer site to your main site and could purchase at either or both.

Excellent as always – thanks so much!
Have an eXceptional day

Great video as usual!

Nice one Chad. this is a good video with a nice idea. I love it.
I think I’ll be doing a bit of this for myself.

Keep ‘um coming Chad. I like your style.
All the best


Great info Chad. I think the tip about the buffer site is very important, particularly with a newer site or an aged site on which no linking has been done.
Back when I first learned about backlinking, I got a couple sites deindexed very quickly by moving too fast.
That has never happened when using 2.0 buffer sites.

As always, I appreciate your willingness to share your experience and expertise.


How do you learn all of this stuff?? You continue to open my eyes to the vastness of the Internet with every post.

I feel like I’m a lonely wanderer in a labyrinth, and if I go to the wrong website or forum – I’ll be doomed to perish in an eternal bog of stench…

… but with your tactics and advice, survival is entirely possible.

Happy New Year!

Iam a member of bhw because of your course.(It was awesome YOUTUBE SECRETS) I would love to learn all of your Black HAT SECRETS. Then I’ll decide
if they’re immoral or not. Keep on pumping out the Google Juice!!!!

Hey Chad! Thanks for the tip. By the way I have described this same Secret SEO Technique in the Warrior Forum and it works all the time lol.

I can give you a tip too guys that you can hire somebody from Fiverr in $5 only and ask him to spam links to your web2.0 & articles etc. It is cheap than Black Hat World Forum. You can read full strategy by clicking on my above name link.

Hope this information will help to everybody.



Hello Chad;

As always, I’m blown away by your insight and knowledge of how the whole SEO process works. Thanks a bunch for the information provided. It is always a great help.


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