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Chad Kimball, Google Maps

I really share my heart in this video. I remember what it felt like to be stuck in a dead end job and how badly I wanted out.

Here is how I got out:

Chad Kimball Maps

If you are new to all this, don’t read the below articles, instead, Go here to see How to Make Money from Google Maps as a complete Newbie.

If you are a Google Maps Geek, here are some deep dives into Google’s Map system and its ranking algorithm.

  1. An explanation of the Algorithm of Google Maps from Chad Kimball, yours truly.
  2. Related to the above, I discuss the importance of website authority to Google Maps Ranking
  3. How to properly manage the Q and A Section of your local listing.
  4. How to properly utilize Maps Posts
  5. What to do if you can’t find your listing.
  6. Using photos as a Maps ranking signal. 

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Hi chad,
I’m trying to do content marketing in the woodworking niche and find that it takes a while to write the content and get it ranked in google. I would like to know more about your system and how you get traffic and how long it takes to monetize it. I’m in the pacific time Zone you can call me today at 1-6043476727 or email also works, thanks.

Stay healthy and stay safe!,
Ajay Chettiar

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