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Clickbank Loophole (get tons of sales)

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domain tweak

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Clickbank Loophole

auto blog cash

Selling Blog Ads

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Website Marketplace

Click Here to Get My Domain Tweak Course (Price Increases to $147 on Saturday):

7 replies on “Clickbank Loophole (get tons of sales)”

Thank But You can Buy Your ebook templates much cheaper ($11) from me if you wish, just click on the “buy” button below

Hi Chad i like what see any chance you got a Paypal link for this as i would like purchase it tomorrow or even today if possible… Great stuff


ANSWER FROM CHAD: if you go to the clickbank order form, there should be an option to pay with paypal.


I”m confused about one particular thing. It concerns what you mean by…..the way you say it.

You say that certain of the bonuses are ‘only’ available during the launch.

Does that mean that I have actually download all these videos to my computer…i.e. as opposed to just playing them from the bookmarked site that I’ve got on my ‘Favorits’ now.

I had decided that it would save me hard disk space to just navigate to the videos from the bookmarket. You’re saying I need to go ahead and download them all?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes, download the clickbank loophole, the niche marketplace, and the selling blog ads videos. I’ll be deleting them on Saturday. everything else you will be able to still access with your login.

Hi Chad It Sounds Great Domain Tweak Course *M8* as usual however i am a bit skint at the moment i am afraid i will have to pass on this catch you next time & Good Luck CHEERS.

Hi Chad,
Thanks again for all the great information you put out. I just got paid so I took advantage of the early bird special and bought your course, but I didn’t get the auto blog cash bonus. Is that coming later? I really hope I can make money.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: you should get the auto blog cash bonus via email. It will be in the same email that gives you your username and password for the Domain Tweak members area.

Hi Chad ,
I ‘m interested in buying your Domain Tweak Course but I realize I ‘m too late to get the bonuses that come with this course during the launch period.

Here’s my question : are these bonuses still available at if yes at what price. I would prefer to buy the whole package than just the Domain Tweak Course just by itself . The bonuses that most interest me are the Auto Blog Cash system and the Selling Blog Ads bonus. The Clickbank Loophole and the Auction script I can probably do without as these business models do not appeal much to me.

Hi, is this course still works in 2014? because i read this in the sales pitch “No worries about outdated techniques! Entire course updated for 2011” ??!!?

please clarify!


ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes, I really need to update this sales letter. The techniques in the course are fully relevant in 2014, working great for us as I write this!

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