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My Bonus for Frank Kern’s List Control


Click Here to Get List Control Now

…And Get My New Autoresponder Tricks Product for Free

…And Get A Free Video Recorded Review Of Your Site From Me



Click Here to Get My New Autoresponder Tricks Product for Free

And Get A Free Video Recorded Review Of Your Site From Me


Watch for my email on Monday March 15 NOON Pacific (2pm Central) regarding Frank Kern’s List Control Launch

If you buy through my affiliate link, I’ll give you a brand new niche list product that I’ve created especially to go with Frank’s course.

It is an online video course, but this aint no online only clickbank university – I’ll also mail a DVD to your house or office.

It includes niche autoresponder techniques that I’ve never shared before that have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past two years.

List building is the main way I make my income, and I’ll teach you everything I know in these videos.

I’ll also review one of your websites/lead capture pages and your entire autoresponder sequence for FREE if you buy through my link. I’ll answer any question you ask me when you send me your site for review.

YOUR ENTIRE SITE REVIEW Will be Recorded on Video for you to keep.

Just watch for my affiliate link in your email on Monday.

I will be emailing you as soon as I receive the order link from frank (NOON PACIFIC TIME, 2PM CENTRAL)


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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

10 replies on “My Bonus for Frank Kern’s List Control”


Nice bonus…Frank will price this really high…will see :)


I have been watching Frank Kern’s broadcasts and he is a ‘natural’ genius at what he does. I trust you and like your way of communicating with your subscribers.

Thanks for this great offer too. Ah! If only I had known…

Keep up and to your success always!


Chad just when I thought I had it all. I own your products, I use you as a mentor hope you do not mind… Here at back to basics I do things a tad different, I no longer follow all the get-rich gurus any longer,they have cost me tens of thousands. Your tips and suggestion you share work. Thank you.

Pat Oldssays:

Great Video Chad, Just FYI I took your advice in the last Video now I got a landing page set up free took me about 30 minutes thanks to you and put in my Aweber form promoting to collect names and emails and a Clickbank product you suggest we promote that offers Auto-Responder email. Now instead of driving traffic to these Clickbank owners I get to keep the names and emails. Never would of thought of this stuff if it was not for you. Your training and tips are the best. You give away more good quality free stuff than most people pay for. Looking forward to more. Thanks


Just finding out about the free software that helps you write autoresponder copy would be bonus enough. Writing good autoresponder copy that keeps your subscribers is one of the most difficult tasks that I have had to try to do and fail miserably. I guess I’m just not a gifted writer. The hype around Franks new product is huge. Can’t wait to see the price and bonuses that Frank throws into the pot, himself.


Autoresponder, Website, Squeezepage … I know what they are and even have accounts and a few on my hard drive, but every time I go to figure out what to do with them I f@#$% draw a blank. Internet marketing is new and mysterious to me, I ‘ve been trying to figure it out for a several months and have yet to make $1.00 online… you people are brilliant, everything sounds like something I have to have but when I get it I don’t know what to do with it? You have some pretty interesting stuff Chad, If I ever get my stuff together You and Bill McRea are truly my mentors.
Thank you Kevin


hey chad may have accidentally deleted your email by mistake, re: frank kern offer, can you resend it to my address? if you havent sent it, ill just wait. thanks , greg


Hi Chad,
i have brought many of your products and really like them a lot. I cant believe you have a software that writes good autoresponder copy that would be truly awesome. This will definitely be a good bonus. Will keep my eye out for your emails.


Hello Chad. Now that Frank’s launch is over, I’m wondering if you are offering your Email List Secrets course as a stand-alone item. I’m interested in purchasing.

Thanks, Roger


Hi Chad.. Yeah I would also like to see your list building course.. i think its definatly a big problem for many people.. its catch 22, you need a list to build a list.. ugghhh. !!

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