Best Money Making Techniques Explained

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Chad, what a great looking family you have! Thanks for giving us a peek into your personal life. Oh yeah, thanks also for sharing those fabulous results of the contest.


Hey Chad,
I have to admit that I’ve not been following you or your blog, until now. This looks like great content that will be of value to me and my business.
I’m relatively new to IM but I’ve had a website for my glass business for about 2 years now. I look forward to what you have to say. You give me the impression you are an honest, straightforward kind of guy.

These are really great ideas – especially the first two. In terms of confidence, creating a site and leasing out or selling advert space from a site you’ve made and got onto page 1 of Google is easier than trying to persuade someone to let you make them a site from scratch (and it could be in any industry where a customer is high value). If you do it regionally you could use the same website template with another name to replicate around the country!

As always we really appreciated your insight and great ideas.
We have adopted so many of your suggestions and ideas over the past few months as we try to get our website optimized and properly functional. Thanks again for your help and especially the way you present it!

Cool, thanks. I like your free and very useful content – always worthwhile! Cute kids btw!

Thank you so much for this video and the excellent content, you’re always so generous with prosperity ideas to help us out.

DANGER! As a certified balloonatic, I must point out the dangers for letting a child chew on a balloon – whether inflated or not.

If Beth Ann were to cough or fall or make a sudden inhalation, the balloon might get lodged in her throat and she might not be able to breathe. I know that parents think that they are watching their child, but this can happen in an instant.

I do birthday parties for kids every weekend, and the children’s safety is of the utmost importance to me.

Love to you and your family, and thanks again for all your great content!

Thanks for always giving out good content. I’m thinking of trying one of the strategies you just mentioned. You’ve got cute kids…

Just genius, total genius…. Chad you have incredibly useful techniques and advice. This is great stuff, I got to get off my ass and check this stuff out. I look forward to your very cool vids.
I’m trying to get this IM thing off the ground, and I saw your vid about outsourcing, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. I have hosting accounts I’m not even using, Niche domain names I’m not even using, and a AWeber account that I haven’t even set up a list name yet… I’ve looked at coaching but they’re a little too pricy. what do you suggest? My biggest problem is I’m always going to get to it tomorrow….


Love the fam beginning to the video. It makes me feel so uch better to see how I am buying from and following. Question? I signed up for the ring revenue programs and all my sign up are just pending. Is there something else I should be doing? It has been well over a month.


I like the idea of approaching lawyers and setting up a niche site. Are there any examples of this I could see? Is it just a page with an article on it? How do you decide what to charge? The amount posted seems like a lot. Thanks and I look forward to giving this a try.

Excellent blog, i love your article for beginners. I thought I would leave my first comment

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