Free Cloaking Script

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(plus the FREE WordPress Cloaking Plugin and IP address Updates
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Download the Free Cloaking Script
(right-click and ‘save as’) Does Not have Updating IP Address List

10 replies on “Free Cloaking Script”

Once again Chad, you offer something that sounds too cool to pass up! :)

Quick question though – is it fair to assume the plugin you mention can be used on multiple sites? If so, this sounds like something that could fit in perfectly with a new client project (but then I could go have some fun with it on some of my own sites).

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes the plugin (inside my autoblog course) can be used on multiple sites.

Hey Chad,
First of all thanks for your video and info (free info are always good).

I know the cloacking-strategy very well, in fact I’m stealing tons of free visitors from Google since 2002. The method works like a charm and my customers do the same.

Thanks again for it!!

For those people who purchased your Autoblog course at the full price are we going to receive the monthly updated IP lists and wordpress plugin?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, just login to your members area for the course and all that info is waiting there for you right now!

Hey Chad I know its possible to Cloak with SEO, but on the flipside I would like to cloak with adwords/ adbot.. Will your cloak work with adwords???? Thanks

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes it will work with adwords/adbot, but the IP address list that we’ve arranged for you in the Autoblog course does not include the adwords bot IPs, because for the cloaking we’re teaching you don’t need those IP addresses. So you would need to obtain the adwords bot IP addresses.

Chad, it’s been awhile since I bought your Auto Cash Blog program. Somehow I misplaced the website address where I can login to get the free WordPress plugin and the updated IP lists. Can you email it to me? Thank you!


Hi Chad,

Thanks for this great video. I bought a few of your courses 0ver the years and I must say that they deliver. Also they remain timeless. So this is a good investment people! These methods work.

I have one question though. In the above video you mention (around minute 14 or so) that for previous buyers of this course, you will add the cloaking part to the original Autoblog Cash page.

On my page I have not seen this addition yet.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Shoot me an email at chadwarrior at gmail about this, it should be right there on the first page…

Hi Chad

Thanks for the video, good stuff. Question. While Google continues to make changes, any chance that this type of site would fall prey to one of Google’s manual raters?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: It is possible, but unlikely. You usually get a manual review only if your site is in the top 3 or so for a high traffic phrase. It is possible you’ll get a manual review if your site gets flagged for spam also though. I would encourage you to set this up on extra domains that you have, not on your main money sites/authority sites.

Hi Chad. I am looking for you assistance n setting up things. Please reach me out so that i can explain things.

Hello , I want to know will this work with google adwords. ???

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Probably not any more, this is a very old post!

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