Dying Site + 301 = 1000s of links for free

Link: Video on 301 Redirects
Link: Video Q and A on 301 Redirects
Link: Video on Acquiring Dying Domains for Free


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Another great video! I’m really beginning to think I need to take more action to get backlinks… I guess I haven’t worried about it too much because I get so much traffic from my other marketing tactics and Adwords.

Great Video!!!!!!!!!!!

How much will the Domain Tweak System be ?????

Lewis Singleton

wonderful, I just started building a network of high PR sites and this information couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks a bunch

Wow, Chad.
Once again you’ve outdone yourself. Every product I’ve ever purchased from you is excellent. Compared to the others that only gather ‘dust’ on my C drive – yours I use everyday! You consistently over deliver.

I’ve marked Jan 12 on my Google – I want this to add to my everyday tool kit.


Nice video!

We could probably also use the redirected site as a target for more aggressive backlink building. This would protect our main site but still allow us to add links quickly to the 301 site.

Thank You Chad,I didn’t know you could do this. I’ve been trying to get back links to 2 different sites and haven’t had much luck. Also am going to be putting up 1 more site any day now,I just have to up load it to the server and haven’t done that yet. Any information you can pass along sure helps like getting sites indexed,back links and so forth.Your videos give me a better picture of how to do things than text would,Thank’s.

Hi Chad,
I’m using Whypark for semi-development of my domain names, so they are hosting my domains. They’re basically enhanced parking. I’m guessing 301 redirects can’t be done. Will there be other tactics for domain owners in that situation?
I think in the video you mentioned existing customers of yours , other than Domain Tweaks, will also get advanced notice on the 6th? Just wanted some clarification.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: actually, its just customers of domain tweak who get notification on Jan 6. Everyone else gets to grab their copy on Jan 12. Regarding whypark I don’t think you can 301 do any place, I think it has to be a whypark page. But you’d have to send them an email to find out. If a domain is making good revenue from the parked page, you’d have to weigh the advantages/disadvantages in your own mind but it may be worth it to redirect domains with good links and poor revenue to one of your money sites.


Wouldn’t link velocity be an issue? I know in the video you said that as long as you already have some backlinks to the site you should be okay, but don’t you think that it would be a little suspicious from Google’s standpoint if all of a sudden a site went from having 100 backlinks to having 5000+ backlinks in a matter of days?

And even if that didn’t send up a red flag, again, wouldn’t link velocity be an issue where you’d have to keep getting backlinks at that pace to keep your site ranking high and not dropping in the SERPS?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Google will know that the new links are coming from a 301 redirect, so it isn’t as suspicious as adding thousands of links in some other way. However, if you find a domain with 5000 links and 301 redirect it to your site, you could see a google dance before your site settles into a higher position. Now, if you find a domain with 50,000 links and try to do a 301 with that, email me first so I can give you some advice.

I’m relatively new to website/blog optimization and list building. What would Domain Tweak do for me?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: It is for people who already have a site they want to rank in the free listings in google. It will allow you to build links to your site very quickly by using some domain tricks.

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