New Youtube Moneymaking Tool (Free)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Youtube has changed the location of the tool. To get the youtube keyword tool, go to

Then search for your keyword. Then in the dropdown choose “youtube search” to see youtube traffic only.

I will be releasing a MAJOR update to my youtube cash course next week.

For existing Youtube Cash customers: watch for your upgrade link on Monday, 7.26 via email
For non Youtube Cash customers: watch for your upgrade link on Wednesday, 7.28

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Horace Moningsays:

I”am trying to find something that works is this one.

Lynsey Patsays:

Thanks again Chad,

Yet another masterpiece.

Lynsey Pat


Thanks Chad. You’re brill. Keep smiling!

Bill Flintsays:

Great, Another very inform. Just keep going !
Ps Please send update for Monday !


Hi Chad,

Thanks for this valuable information.

Looking forward to learning more.

Rob van Spijk


looking forward to seeing the product launch…didnt own the first version but want it now!


Thanks Chad, great content from you as always.



Thanks Chad.
All the best,


Amazing information! I can’t wait for the next video and email from you. Thank you!!


Hi Chad, great new info. I’m leaving today on vacation into the mountains where there is no internet connections, so I’ll check on your release when I get back on the 31st (if it’s still available.)

thanks, Dale


Can’t wait for this :)

Heiko Closhensays:

Thanks Chad, great content from you as always.


YAY! Thanks Chad!


awesome course I can’t wait to see it Monday. Your last course was the best
$27 I have spent this year.


Thanks Chad,

I have never done video yet – looking forward to this.





I’m gald to hear there is an upgrade to the youtube course I purchased a couple of months ago. Some of the content was a little outdated. The upgrade looks like some great content and the software should make our process that much easier.

Can’t wait for the upgrade


Gaston Collinsays:

Hello Chad you are on top again thank you and have a great day!Gaston

David Msays:

This sounds fantastic. Can hardly wait!


Cool idea.
I never thought of YouTube as a search engine.


Hey Chad, thanks for the great info…truly valuable, keep them coming.

Be Blessed.



Hi Chad, thanks look forward to it.

Kind Regards Montana.

Bill Flintsays:

Hay, I tried the url it keeps takeing to videos How To , I can’t get to the tool itself ?? Here the url;
See what “U” get ? Please

ANSWER FROM CHAD: its actually HTTPS (don’t forget the s)


Wow Chad, Thanks for making the video and keeping us updated on where the market is heading.

This just in time. I’m putting together my first video. I want to get started with your updated YouTube Cash Vids! I need to go knock the dust off some files to see if I purchased earlier. If I didn’t I should have! :-)

Matthew Huntsays:


Been a fan for a while, buy most of your stuff. I already bought this course, looking forward to the upgrade. Will buy it for sure!

Little gem you are trying to hide in your video, but still there at 5:26. :) It’s point # 7 if anyone else wants to try to catch it. :)

Gonna try that right now! If it’s true, oh boy look out!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: haha you’re the only one that caught that! I left it in there to see if anyone would notice and try it! Enjoy the freebie!

Secret Big Ticketsays:

This is amazing information. Will we be able to Monetize our youtube videos with google adsense,too?…will you show us how to do that?




I’m very impressed, thank you!! :)

Jimmy Ngsays:

Great video, great information. Thank you.

Geoff Lordsays:

hi Chad

great……But we cant do this in the UK !!!!

we can use the Keyword tools but it is not fully functioning because the demographics does not work.

I tried to create a video ad but in the UK we can not as Yet direct to a normal URL, only to a youtube video.

We cant use the overlay yet either, the nearest we can get is the annotations function.

It Looks like we will be able to do it properly soon because these tools have only recently become available to us in the UK and Europe.

There are a few other variations to things we can and cant do in the UK.

I am still Looking forward to your Updates because everything I learned in your first You tube course was excellent and I can recommend it to anyone.


Geoff Lord


Hey Chad, let me know if you are up for a jv or something.

you got my email,



The free tool for utube sounds great, so how do you get it?
I could use all the help I can get.


Hi Chad , you keep surprising me with fresh content and marketing tips. Thank You !


OMG, I bow to you. Your info is the best. I bought Youtube Cash as a WSO way back when. I also bought Google Cash Maps and even though I paid the premium price for it and still haven’t used it and even with the year long refund offer, I will not ask a refund for it. That’s how much I love your products.

James Jordansays:

HI Chad,
Love your products and info unfortunately this meassage is to do with a major set back I have recently had occur to me. I have purchased a few of your products now I believe the first one was the UTUBE Cash Secrets course. Unfortunately my office was broken into and my computer stolen as well as over 30 000 in marketing courses and color laser printer etc. If you can imagine all my work and back up hard drives covering back to 2003 is gone. ONe of the courses missing is your UTUBE Cash Secrets course which I seem to vaguely remember for some reason I had to send you my receipt a couple of times to get access. I really hope you can help me here this has been a major set back financially and emotioanally.
James JOrdan

Art Hsays:


You are amazing. I can’t wait for the upgrade. I bought your course quite a while ago, but really have been procrastinating on video creation. I think it’s time to get busy.

Looking forward to the upgrade.

Thanks again!


Glenn Hughessays:

Can’t wait until Wed, to check out the “YouTube Cash Course”


Hi Chad,
I am looking forward to your updated version of the course.


Austin @ Epic Traffic Systemssays:

Hi Chad,
This is awesome info, can’t for the full course to be released. Thanks for what you do.

Money-making opportuniessays:

Great content, Chad,

You are certainly one of the best people to follow on the internet.
You’ve even got your own folder on my PC


Very good that is new Youtube like as tel me news Thanks.


Hi Chad – how much is your YouTube Cash course going to be? I’m not currently a customer, but very interested in this – but on a budget, so need to know the price – I’m also interested in your GoogleMapsCash product, so may buy both together if you’ve got a good deal on it – perhaps a money off offer for those that buy both? Drop me an email if you like.


Heiko Closhensays:

Looking forward to the upgrade.

Thanks again!

Peter Frysays:

Now this puts Google maps (and everything else) in the shade!


Thanks Chad!

These are very usefull information and I’ll use it ASAP.



Chad, please email me when its available.
Thanks so much,


Thanks for the info, you are just great!


Chad, I looking forward to it!

Juan Carlossays:

I am impressed by the quality of the stuff that Chad puts out. No one seems to be as good at finding these advertising opportunities.

I still can’t believe you gave this out for free. Thanks!


Chad, been following your stuff for quite some time, dude, you da man! – very impressed with your skills, you really know your stuff. keep up the good work!

Mark Desreauxsays:

Thanks Chad, another great idea, I can1t wait to receive the D.V.D YOU HAVE SENT ME.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ,Cheers,
Mark from Australia……………….


Thanks Chad. Awesome!!! Looking forward to that new release!!!!


Thanks Chad! The YouTube keyword tool really made me laugh. One of its suggestions was with a monthly search volume of 31,400. Can it be true that all these people are going to YouTube and typing in Google’s URL? I’d like to meet these people – I might be able to sell them something (a brain probably :-)

Peter Beckenhamsays:

I can’t wait for your new program.
As always you give great value and I for one really appreciate that

Kind regards



I can’t wait to see what’s coming. YouTube is the future.


Hey Chad,
Great to hear you’re doing this. You have some of the best youtube tactics I’ve seen anywhere, and I’ve seen a few. I am really looking forward to your new product.

Trish Mullensays:

Thanks again Chad for an informative and educational video tutorial.

I look forward to finding out more about your Cash Course coming soon.



Great info! Let me know if you will when your new course is available – i.e., send me an email!


Resell Rights Galsays:

Looking forward to trying this out!

Geoff Lordsays:

hi there

The Google 10 Box became the google 7 Box a couple of weeks ago !!

If you cant get in the “7 box” with your original keywords try changing the Keyword slightly and see if you can get that in there….It works for me every time !!

Today is the day for the New You Tube Training….looking forward to getting my hands on that !!!

Geoff Lord


Hey Chad, I’ve been sitting here all day waitng on my upgrade link, but it’s
a no show. I purchased your course and payed for it Paypal email is
Please send the link ASAP.


No worries Steve,

I’m sure this was an oversight and Chad will have this resolved asap.

Hang tight!



Hi Chad:

I did not see my offer yesterday. I did buy the course several months back




Just downloaded the new YouTube upgrade and so far “it is awesome”

Keep up the good work, well worth the price and more.


Jay Keatingsays:

Great information…look forward to the release.

Joe Foxsays:

Thanks a lot for a great info. YouTube is hot. I´m looking forward.


Great info Chad , it’s a good feeling to be on top of things this time , can’t wait to see where all this is going to in the near future. Thanks !


Hi Chad,

I did not purchase it yet but I’m looking forward to getting it. Sounds great.


gar maysays:

I am looking forward to your other videos on YouTube marketing.


Hey Chad, I’m a member of BHW thanks to you, but I really want to know
when your’e coming out with your new Google Maps course, google places?

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