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Google Maps Income Screenshots

I get so excited when people send me stuff like this. I work very hard to make my material the most detailed, groundbreaking stuff out there, so it is very rewarding to hear that people are making good money from my strategies.

These are examples of the sort of income people have been making with my google plus local strategies.



This kind of income could be yours, just check out my course:



This kind of income could be yours, just check out my course:

(not the same garry)

And here are some testimonials that I copied and pasted from imreportcard, a third party site that I have no control over that rates Internet marketing products:


This kind of income could be yours, just check out my course:


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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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This is all great! I join in celebrating these successes. As I am joined in this too!

Skye Gunnersays:

Hi Chad & Seth

Just want to be clear on this –
Above in your information you have or refer to: “Google Places”

Or more specific: “Google Places” Income Screenshots
As one reads on your happy customers refer and mention “Google Cash Maps”

Are they one of the same? Please clarify which will be available on the 18th

If it is Google Cash Maps does this version nullify your previous edition(s)?
THX – Skye

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Great question!!!!!!! that testimonial accidentally switched the term to call it “google cash maps” its actually “google maps cash.” But to answer you, the google places info I’m referring to here is from my Google Maps Cash Course, which completely replaces the old google maps cash course. We redid almost all of the videos and added tons of new loopholes and updates for the new algorithm. The old course is out of date, don’t use it. You’ll need this new one in order to rank on Google Places. FYI, google maps and google places are the same thing.

Hans R. Luginbuhlsays:

Chad, as i said earlier, if the second release is as good as the first one was, my mowing lawns will become history very soon.
Looking forward to the early bird special tomorrow!



Chad and Seth,

I loved the original system, but I really need some help with picking niches that will generate the kind of revenue outlined above…does the updated system do that?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes we do get into market research some, and figuring out which markets will be easy to rank for

Skye Gunnersays:

Chad –

Thx for your reply above . . .that helps

One last question ( I think)
For those of us who are current “Google Maps Cash’ users / owners

Do we totally discard our current copy?
Is it a online or dvd?
How do we approach the upgrade?

Thank you

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’ll be sending out a special upgrade link to everyone who purchased the last version of the course (Google Maps Cash). They’ll get the new version at a large discount. Watch for that link in your email. You will be able to get an upgraded DVD or just purchase online only access to the new course, up to you.


Just curious how you can generate income from CJ using google maps? Isn’t Google Maps for local businesses? I saw your CJ screenshots at the top of the page.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: These screenshots were sent to me by a Google Maps Cash customer who used his local business listings in a number of cities to generate traffic to an affiliate program. He didn’t even have a real address in those cities, I show you how to do this in the course (in the Black Hat section).


Does your course detail how to implement your system for affiliate and/or CPA offers?
I am not interested in working with local businesses so is this course something I can use for my affiliate business? Thanks!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, the course shows you how to utilize this to generate traffic for affiliate/CPA offers. It also shows you how to use it as a local business consultant or as your own business, we cover all three.


Hi Chad,

Is this course newbie friendly?

Do we need to occupy any local business to participate in the course, or this simply work on any affiliate marketing offer or products? I presumed we don’t need to have a product to generate the types of income we saw from your screen shot? Hopefully it won’t be too costly..

Pls clarify!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes you can use this for affiliate traffic, or for regular local business traffic, it is up to you. We show you both ways. Even if you are a newbie I show you everything you need to know.

Ralph Mortonsays:

Fantastic accomplishment, and a great inspiration to others. Keep up the good work.



Bring it on……the Kimball Brothers

Can’t wait for the early Bird Special, I’ll be waiting @ my computer.



Hi Chad
I have an offline business looking to generate leads in my particular niche which is very competitive. Would this program benefit me?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes this will benefit you. After you watch my videos you’ll totally see how to generate tons of leads using my methods.

Tom Chuongsays:

Wonderful testimonials! It definitely sounds promising; however, I would like a general idea of how much money they spent initially to create the foundation.

I’m talking about variable expenses such as…

1. website creation (i.e. WordPress)
2. on-going content creation
3. website hosting
4. P.O. Box fees
5. misc. expenses

If all of these expenses is less than $200 per month, and they are generating thousand of dollars per month over time, this may be a great idea for passive or residual income.

Any thoughts?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You could EASILY do this for less than $200/month. In fact, I know some of the income screenshots above in this blog post were generated with far less than $200/mo. Some required only the persons time, no 3rd party expenses at all.


Chad, I bought Google Maps Cash on Oct 17, 2009—will I get an upgrade link from you? When should I expect that? Thank you!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You will get a link in an email at noon central thursday, aug 18. If you don’t get it, email chadwarrior at gmail and we’ll get you the link.


Hi Chad
If I’m not from the US , is it still possible for me to get a US local map listing easily ? Will it be costly ?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes even if you’re outside the US you can get US maps listings. We show you how to do it in the course. The process is the same no matter where you are in the world, and often you can do it for free!



What are your thought on this…

I run some reputable websites that create some nice extra income from adsense, but not enough to quit my J O B. So I would like to try this to create more income…

If I use some of your black hat tactics in this course to generate income with affiliate marketing like th CJ screen shots above… If the big G ever found out I was using these black hat tactics, couldn’t they tie me back by IP address to my adsense account and shut that down? Am I just being paranoid?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Probably not, as long as you aren’t doing blackhat stuff directly on sites that have adsense ads on them. The main way you would get caught with this is if you used blackhat directly on the sites generating adsense income. Very easy then to make the connection back to you.


Hi Chad,

can you please add me to your list so I can get the information about your new product. Thanks


hey chad ,very interested , in the google local .


Hi Chad,
Greetings from INDIA. In this mail i got answers to my DOUBTS. Iwrote in so many
Emails about my doubts
1. Newbie elgible to this course?
2.with affilliate links of CLICKBANK etc., can i earn money with this GOOGLEMAPS?
3. Iam in INDIA can i get local clients from usa or any countries ??
all answers in this mail iam ready send 250$ GOOgle maps course if you send your real
email i will send money through myPAYPAL account yours carter form never accept my debitcard


1. Yes this course is newbie friendly. We explain everything from the basics up to advanced level.

2. Yes you can use google maps to earn affiliate income, but it is best to use pay per call affiliate programs and not clickbank etc.. However, if you are setting up a lot of blackhat locations please email me at we have an advanced one on one training for that.

3. If you are located in India, you can use this course in any country, we’ll teach you how to use proxies for this.

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