How to Get Outsourcers to Pay For Themselves

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I’m very happy for his explanation through a video

Lynsey Patsays:

Great stuff as always Chad.
Thankyou once again



Some very useful content and well put together.

gabriel moisescusays:

Hi Chad, brilliant idea…

I’m wondering if you allow me to transform those two videos in a PDF report in order to sell him as WSO on WF for instance. A sort of MRR if you want.

Thanks and regards,


Another great one from Chad!

I am wondering if I could do this full time to simply profit and act as a middle man?

You could even outsource someone to do this! i.e. outsource your outsourcing!

Everything you do Chad is DYNAMITE!!! lol



Thanks, Chad. As always, you give away great content. It makes me more likely to buy your products. This “middleman” idea is awesome.


Wow! Thanks again Chad+++++


Dumb idea Gabriel. Lots of warriors here and you’d get called out instantly and look pretty dumb. Besides.. cash in on your own ideas. Not others.


Great info. as ALWAYS Chad, thank you. I’ve worked with some folks on Craigslist and have found some to be extremely “frugal”. Let’s go one step further and ask, what happens if I get a job, hire an outsourcer, they do the job, but it’s not complete, should I only stay with projects I know something about, so I don’t get burned? I mean, I know little about css or php … how do I know I’M not going to get jobbed? Or worse yet, you send the job & don’t get paid or ask for the money and the “Craigy” has changed their mind? Sorry, my intention isn’t to go to go all negative and I know all circumstances can’t be accounted for, but are there safe guards I can build in, to protect my reputation? Thanks again!!!


Awesome! Thanks Chad, can’t wait to see some results.


Hey Chad, awesome vids! Thanks. Question: Can you please explain a bit more about agents of value and how to use them?


“How to Get Outsourcers to Pay For Themselves” is just a video to access
Freelancer dot com?
Where is the How To?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: you have to watch the videos on the page for the howto

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