Increase Your Adsense Revenue in Five Minutes or Less

Watch the video to make more money if you are already getting commissions from google through their adsense program. Won’t work if you are into wholesale physical products or something like that, you need to already have an adsense site up and running. Click here for a zip file of the robots.txt file in the video

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Great content as always. You guys always give great free content!


Hi Chad,,

Great tips. Your videos have been awesome.


How do these settings impact all-in-one-seo-pack. I have your recommended settings on that.

Paul Perrysays:

Hi Guys
I would just like to thank you both for the informaiton you have been sending me. Any help is greatly appreciated I have a disabled wife that takes such a lot of my time I dont seem to get going. I have been online about a year. I have 9 or 10 sites up but every time I get going my mrs has to go to the hospital or doctors or some were its so fustrating you would not belive it. But hey thats my rant over great job on the videos keep up the good work.
Talk soon Paul Perry


Just when I was scratching my head, wondering why my page for baby gifts was loading ads for tomato products! …
Thanks for the html tips. These tips keep me listening….


Very small image and Text.
Struggle to see it


Good tips Chad – I implemented this a few months ago on some of my blogs – then promptly forgot all about it. I just checked my adsense stats today after watching your video and the sites with the ad targeting are definitley pulling better CTR and much better ecpm – so it definitley works. Thanks for sharing (and reminding me)


It would be easer on us old folks if the vido would go full size!
Thank you


Really awesome triks I like this. Thanks to share with us :)


Thanks for the great content!

The comments were a bit difficult to read. Is this what you add?

relevant content

Thanks again!


Thanks Chad, taken all that down I will implement where I was not going to place adsense now I will. Gracious Senor


Thanks for the tip, Chad. A very interesting video and it’s nice of you to share. I’ll try it out to check for its effectiveness.


Great video as always, Chad! Thanks!

How would I do that for WordPress blogs? Is the process the same?

Jason Frovichsays:

Just added these changes to my all my sites. Will monitor the results


Chad, in the 2 days since ive done this, my adsence income has gone up 30%!!! WOW thanks.


Excellent, the robots tip was just what I was looking for.


Thanks 1000x!!!

Chad Wilgussays:

Thanks, did not know this, heard of it but never seen.

Matthew Meyersays:

Straight forward and to the point. Real information not just some teaser video for some other product. Thanks. Well done. I will give the robots.txt thing a shot.

Andre P.says:

Great info! But does anybody know how to use that on Xsite Pro 2?

Allen Harpsays:

Where were you guys ten years ago? My head hurts from hitting it on the wall so much in frustration. But with this and the 10 box, you guys rock.
No nonsense with you guys…just good useful information that works.
Thank you!


Not sure about XSitePro, but for WordPress it’s a snap. There’s a couple plugins that will automatically do it for you, or if you like editing themes, you can just put the section targeting tags about any place where you see “the_content()” or “the_excerpt()”. Usually you’ll find it in index.php, archive.php, and search.php, but that all depends on how your theme was designed.

One thing that was not mentioned in the video – there are other section targeting tags that tell the robot to “ignore” this section. Some folks use those tags in areas with a lot of javascript or flash codes. The Adsense support site has more information about how to use the tags.


Hi, is any of this possible with a blogspot blog?



Great Info & great increase in ad income! Thanks to both of you!

Ed Bakersays:

Just wanted to say thanks Chad for all the great content. Keep up the great work and all will be as it should be.


Thank you Chad for this great video and also for all you helpful videos! I enjoy learning from them very much!! Please keep making these very helpful videos so full of tips!


Good Info! Thanks.


Nice tip.I have a robot but didn’t open it or change anything inside.

Moruf @ Black Slouch Bootssays:

Thanks for all the great tips, this is extraordinary

Lori Walkersays:

Seth this is awesome information, you and Chad are quite a team and I appreciate any nuggets that you throw my way – I will gladly implement them. I have purchased a handful of your guys stuff and you are always on target! I am always on the lookout for Chad’s emails because they always contain “gold”. Again THANKS!!!!



I’m always on the lookout for any ways to optimise my wordpress blogs. Finding your video has come as a great help. The information you gave and the way that you presented it has been very much appreciated. I will be looking out for the next one. Thank You!


the voice is very low in the video. so i could not hear anything. pls reupload the video with high voice.


Hey Seth,

Awesome tutorial video. I was just wondering the other day if it was possible to control what Adsense ads showed up on my pages. This is powerful information.

Thank you!


Donna Whitesays:

Great info. As always. LOL

Take care,
Donna :)

PS I had no problems seeing or hearing this video. Great presentation.

Glenn Hughessays:


these sort of tid bits are simply golden.
Frankly, they are worth more than some courses that often have just 5% useful content, and 95% fluff or filler.

Please don’t stop.

Rune Ellingsensays:

I can only confirm what is allready written: REALLY helpful!!
Are you for hire Chad?) Please do contact me if you are… just a little bit;)

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes, here’s how to hire me:

Paul Warnersays:

It is always amazing to read peoples comments because in some cases you learn as much from peoples comments as the original email sent intended.
This is an interesting video and while I was watching it I was thinking to myself how in the world did you come up with this information because I doubt seriously that even if I was more advanced than I am, I wouldn’t have found this out, so for
this I thank you. It does make me aware that it seems that no matter what problem you seem to run across you can find an answer on the Internet and that is a wonderful thing. Thank you, Paul

David Rogerssays:

What a great article. I wondered why my adsense ads have been off sunject, however I run wp Blogs and have found a great plugin that will do this job hopefully without ant hassle. Thanks for the heads up. Thanks Dave


Hey Chad, thanks for the awesome tools and tips. You the man ! I checked out your video, about “Craigslist Gigs”. Secured a local-long term deal. Sweet, thanks again.


Thanks Chad, you always give…..

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