Murder across the street from me

Some of you may know that my wife and I are a part of an inner city ministry here in Chicago. I’m posting this as a reminder during this Christmas season to use some of your business profits and give to those in need. There are folks not far from you who are desperate, hurting, and hungry.

On Sunday, one of the local boys, a gang member, was shot and killed across the street from my house.  Here are me and my kids under a bridge near my house:

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Hey Chaddo, you’re living around 47th and Ada? That’s like the worst part of the city? I’d take some of that money you’re making online and move to the burbs or to the North side….


Hi Chad

I’m glad to see that you are not running from the problem and doing the real work needed to educate and help people be able to build their future. well done, best regards and merry Christmas

Kevin Daum

John Mauldinsays:

Chad, you are a remarkable guy. I have been following you for some time and on your mailing list. Every email I receive from you provides me with insight into subjects I have already breached but rarely seen if from your perspective. And the tips and ideas you provide are exceptional. With such knowledge and innate abilities, it is heart warming to find that you also have time for others. You are a good man and I am proud to have met you! Best regards! John Mauldin


Yep, tis the season to give. Maybe if we could all just spread the good cheer throughtout the year, our planet would be a better place. Spend time with your spouse, your children, your loved ones, and even not your loved ones – maybe it’s time to make up or breakthrough a difficult relationship. Hug someone today!! Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays.

John Reedsays:

Even after 30 years in the Army I still think that life is precious and one day the perpetrator will probably feel the same – but too late to save the friends and family of this unnecessary victim the pain, horror and loss that this has caused them.


Hi Chad,

I am quite new to your mailing list but I did see you do a lot of work with those kids and this is so heart warming. you are an awesome guy and the stuff you send is so “out of the box” that it is inspiring
Makes me want to buy something from you…


It is still shocking the things that go on in this world of ours.

I try to life my life so that i will never hurt anyone and always look out for our neighbours and the disabled and blind people in our local area.

More and more there seems to be a breakdown in the respect one person should give another and it seems to be spreading worldwide. Old people in the UK seem to be seen as an easy opportunity not as someone than should be respected for their experience and values.

Merry Christmas.

John Mauldinsays:

Michael, Sorry buddy but I think you are missing the point! I grew up in Memphis. In an effort to escape the “blacks”, the “whites” would move from one area after another to “escape”. Over thirty years later, when I return, I see racial distrust and a very divided city. People like Chad who help to tackle our Social ills are the kind of people that brought “character” to this country, not people who would rather go hide in the burbs and escape the realities we all will come face to face with at some point in our life. Ask yourself, “What am I doing to be a part of the solution?” You viewpoint will, no doubt, change for the better. Best regards, Michael!


Wow. Courageous work you’re doing! Helping your fellow man is what it’s all about! If only more people were doing what you’re doing.

Bill Vellasays:

Jesus last words to his disciples was “Love one another”. You are showing a fine example of this in which I applaud you for your care and obedience. Your work online is also a ministry of sorts. Keep it up Chaddo! Merry Christmas to all!!!

Pat Badiesays:

If you remember, my daughter lives in Chicago. She lives in the Loop area. She is a counselor with Youth Outreach Services and as such deals with the same things you do on a daily basis. It’s hard to grasp the enormenty(?) of the problem
every where, not just in Chicago. A few days ago a fugitive was shot to death in a super market parking lot, six blocks from my nice middle class home; here in Omaha NE!
Keep up the good fight.

Pat Badie


Hear Hear John Mauldin!!! We all need to reach out to our brothers and sisters in need. I live in Brooklyn, NY and it’s not a picnic here either, but I and my fellow neighbors strive to make our neighborhood a better place. There is even a Free Store in my neighborhood whereas people come to bring clothing, books and other things they no longer use or need for people from all over to use again and again.

We should not just be cheerful on the holidays, we should all cheerful all year round and give thanks and help each other out. Kudos to Chad and your lovely family. Peace!


Your success in internet marketing, Youtube, Google Places and other aspects of online marketing should enable you or anyone to relocate to a safer location.
One can only help mankind if they are alive. If you want to help the old neighborhood, you could always drop by in a bullet proof car.

Annie (UK)says:

I always you are generous by the great tips you give us. However do you find the time to be such a good Samaritan as well. God Bless.

Mini Christmas Treessays:

Hey Chad,

A 17 year old was killed a block up from me in the Bronx last weekend so I definitely understand where you’re coming from. The guy wasn’t into gangs or anything, a straight A student with a scholarship for college. It’s a real shame that children continue to be victims of senseless violence. Keep up the good fight Chad!!!


Its nice to help when you can, and you should be commended for your efforts.

But your family is also at risk and your children depend on you to protect them and they can’t make a decision about whether to stay or move.

Let no good deed go unpunished!

portable ebook readersays:


I’ve commented before and I even told Seth this via email awhile ago. You consistently amaze me. I hereby pledge to be more like you. I am going to give back more to those around me.

You have a lot of heart, the way you are helping your community and a fantastic insight for marketing online.

All the best to you and your lovely family,

Tony Brayley.


My prayers are for your safety Chad, and that you will follow God’s leading in all you do.
I know you will. Take care


Hi Chad its good to no you are a Humanitarian just like me you are awesome *M8* and the Info you send me is so “Cool” and inspiring keep your Tips Coming
I have Pinged your Blog all over the Place so others can see your Generosity to your fellow Man , All the Best to you and your Family for 2011 CHEERS .


Give cheerfully everyone.

May God protect you
& your family.

Regards from NYC


I’m so sorry to hear that. Although I’m happy it wasn’t any of your adorable children, it’s still a horrible tragedy to lose a child under any circumstance.
I’m still trying to recover from the loss of my newborn grandson.
As a single mom my biggest fear was losing a child, I never even considered losing my grandson. When my daughters were growing up I prayed for their safety everyday I took them to school. It’s not like the good old days when I used to walk to school, too many crazies out there now.
Best wishes to you and your family!

Richard Portersays:

Hi Chad sorry to hear that bad news. I myself live in Engelwood on the southside of Chicago. Yes there are bad crimes but we still have a lot of very good people.
Just this past Saturday my daughter became a US Navy Officer. We are not running away were are tring to help as best we can. Keep up your good work.


Hello Chad,

Thanks for sharing, what is happening, more important what is that you are doing to make a difference. My best wishes for you and your family.


Nice to see not all the marketing guys are the same. Keep up the good work!

tom oboylesays:

You sure hit the nail on the head in your post. Chicago, and most other large urban centers like it, have senseless murders committed like that on almost a daily basis. It got depressing listening to the local news every night.

My wife and I recently moved to southern Oregon in the mountains, and I must say it’s a pleasant change of scenery. I lived in Chicago all my life and as much as I love it, this area is like Nirvana. No murders,rapes, and all the other hideous things that have become so commonplace in large cities.

Go West Young Man!
Tom O’Boyle


Hi Chad: The tragic loss of life due to guns and senseless violence should always remind us of how truly fragile we humans are. I wish that we as a people would wake up and see that instead of finding ways to further alienate and destroy one another, that so much could change if we simply found ways to lift one another up. Thanks for your efforts. Regards, Cookie


Wow Chad. I’m new to your list but unfortunately, have seen or heard of this happening all too often to young people once gone astray who are trying to break free. It seems their lives are hard when they’re involved somehow in these things, and harder still when trying to make positive changes. Really sad. A lot of people think this type of thing is because of a person’s upbringing or some sort of lack, and it can be. Other times, it happens to the best of families despite all their good intentions and efforts.

Be blessed in the work your family is doing. Be safe now and throughout the year. Nothing like that hitting so close to home to make a person feel even more frustrated and vulnerable and dedicated to making a difference.


Stan McSwainsays:

Thanks Chad for sharing your horror and grief, but mostly for letting others see Jesus through your life. Stan


We hear about losing our young men and women in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but we’re also losing our youth on the streets of the US. It is so senseless.
Thank you for your efforts to make a difference in these children’s lives. Hopefully they will learn that we each must respect life. Pray for PEACE!

Ryan Ksays:

It’s bunk! What are we to do. So many people lost. What does God have in store for us Chad? This is nuts! It must be a big joke that this is the life we are to experience….


What’s your ministry?

Marcus DeVriessays:

Hi Chad and Family,

Sadly, one of the main problems that we, and I mean WE, as a collective, have
is ,that we turn a blind-eye unless it is kicking our front door in. What you are doing there is showing , in no uncertain terms, that IT, is kicking our front door in and something needs to be done about IT.
WE as a collective, need a solution, and many solution providers, to stand strong against this EVIL, that is being glorified in many strange, but all too often seen as normal behaviour, ways. Many of us know, of the many problems that our global society IS facing? FACING this full on WILL bring results of a positive nature, if we FACE it in a positive way. ” I’m looking at the man in the mirror………” and I’m going to make that change, is a great place to start.

All the very very best to you in ALL your endeavours

Yours Sincerely


chado your courage and humitiy shine . I’m sending all my power good vibes to you and your family and those that want to change their reality with good peaceful, thoughtful actions of kindness .

Don Hayessays:

Hi Chad, you are a living example of what the master who reside within taught and instructed us how to live here on this planet.


Follow your bliss. Find where it is and don’t be afraid to follow it. — Joseph Campbell


Hi Chad:

I’m not living in Chicago but man, my bag got slashed by two guys (pretended to be french tourists) during my break there! It happened in the city area. May sound dramatic but that was back in 1997 though.

Peace to the world.


There was a shooting in my old neighbourhood over the weekend. Gang-related. Ten wounded. It was one block away from the most affluent part of the city. It’s not only the inner city.

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