Increase Search Engine Rank Without Incoming Links!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, I’ll try to answer as quickly as possible.

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Great Video for making SEO look easy. It looks similar to developing silo structure.

Appreciate you sharing your expertise.


How specifically do you have to link back to the individual pages: for instance on my web site that now has5 individual pages, do I need to put a url link back to my home page?

Oh yes this was a gr8 video but I’m not all that tech oriented and essentially lost

ANSWER: yes, link back to your homepage to feed some juice back. ~chad


Hi Chaddo,

Very interesting but I don’t understand why reciprocal links.
The 0.66 is already in the main page so why to send and receive it back.
Linking one way from internal to main page 0.12 or reciprocal 0.78 should be the same.
What do you think about.
All the Best,

ANSWER: You receive it back, PLUS somewhere between .05 and .12 PR. ~chad


Nice video, Chad. Really like the tools. I just went through a bunch of dynamic link info. I’m kicking around some ideas for a WP plug in.

I am wondering, how does a site map play into the whole thing? If you link from a higher PR page to a site map and your target pages, aren’t you losing a little juice?

ANSWER: Thats more like Michael Campbell’s “butterfly” structure, which is more useful for mininets.

matthew milessays:

Hi chad, I have been keeping up with all of your videos, and I think that the knowledge that you have is amazing. I woul like to share your website, with my mailing list. Would you be interested in a JV?

ANSWER: I’m always up for JVs if you’ve got something really good I can give away to my list! ~chad


Hi Chad, thanks for the video — very cool. I’m reminded of the ‘revenge of the mininet’ classic ebook.

Could you please provide clickable URLs for the resources you mention at the end of the video? Many thanks!



Thanks for always giving great content. This is like the link wheel method. Very good bro. Keep up the good work.

Lance Orndorffsays:

Ya know, you are the only “making money online” vendor that I accept emails from now. You have become my personal Guru. My entire professional life as a web support guy has taken a massive shift to video and distribution strategies. Add to that linking and the like, holly cow dude (oh and you inspired that too see ya feel like a brother to me. Anyone that did not get your other page ranking stuff needs to get it, you put it out about this time last year. Anyway, this is just another great tip in a stream of great stuff….keep it up.

P.S. You did not mention what impact 3rd level links have upward toware the home page.


Another great video Chad…

So when you’re building the pyramids out from the homepage – are they linking back in to the homepage as well…

…the last diagram only shows links out to the secondary kw term/page and then out from that page to another kw term and back in to the secondary page…ie – no links from the second level page to the homepage…

…is that correct or would those second level pages link back in to the homepage?


P.S. – love your content – always useable

ANSWER: Yes, you could feed some PR back to the homepage, but it would take some of the PR away that you’re giving to the lower links in the pyramid. ~chad


I found this very informative and well explained. I have taken notes and intend to implement this strategy. Thanks for the info.

Carrie Gibsonsays:

I really appreciate this video and I do have a question or two. I use WordPress and wondered what the best way was to accomplish this linking structure. Should I use “pages” as opposed to “posts” for the main pages I want to increase their page rank and then link to and from posts? Or should I make “static” category pages and link to and from posts? Also, I know that the more links from a page the less my links pass to another page in a given link – should we not be using “tags” in wordpress because of this – to save Page Rank? Thank again.

ANSWER: this is a great question and I swear I did not pay Carrie to ask it! We’re putting together some info on how to do this with wordpress as we speak, to be released in the next week or so…. watch your inbox.


I am very impressed with this video. Chad has doing the best again. Two thumbs up. This video is exactly what I need.
Wait to see next video.


Hi Chad,
Great free and powerful information. Thank you so much for the quality and detail you provide. I want to try these ideas out.
Much appreciated.


Thanks Chad for the valuable insight how to increase page rank for my websites on the internet. I have two basic questions:
1. Does the links between the home page and other niche product pages, adsense sites required to be anchor text (like organic) only, as opposed to a link induced by a program (artificial) If so, then does re-direction software negate the benefits as described in your video?
2. Is it better to have more domains or can 1 main domain with sub-domains have s satisfactory result.

If the above makes sense I hope.

Kurt Naulaertssays:


Does the main page (your PR2 page) already need to have that PR score before this works or is it possible to start with a main page PR0?

ANSWER: You can start with PR0 but it wont compete as well against other sites that have more PR. ~chad

Wayne Stricklandsays:

Hi Chad,

Another brilliantly informative video. I’ll certainly try out your internal backlinking tip.

I have a question for you actually about back linking. I have created some articles, and I’ve submitted social bookmarking for several sites now and I don’t seem to be getting any back links indexed with Google. Here’s an example – I’ve created a squidoo lens, hubpage, tumblr, etc. for and when I type
link:// I don’t see a single backlink indexed. By the way, this isn’t for just one of my review sites. I have others (such as that don’t seem to be getting any backlinks credited (so I wouldn’t put it down to the “Google Sandbox”.
Any suggestions?

Wayne Strickland

ANSWER: Shoot me an email about this I can answer in a lot more detail. I’m on gmail (chadwarrior)

Joyce Kaalandsays:

Chad, I just listened to what you said and it makes some sense to me. I am a 69 year old grandma who had set up a blog page, and have my blog connected to my website. I am slow, I am getting there and would appreciate any help you have to offer. It is what pages are connect to my home page and how do I find out. I do not know my web strength, but can look that up. I am not sure if I am even a 1 yet.
Thanks for your video. I am currently writing my second article.
Joyce Kaaland


Hey Chad,
Thanks for this tip. But how is that different than just adding article pages and pointing them to the site you want to increase pagerank to without all the interlinking. If you build orphan landing pages and link them all with the same anchor text to the page you want to boost, then if what you say is true, each of these article pages will add 0.12 PR, so you basically just need to build alot of article pages and link them all to 1 page. (So why all the roundtripping which seems to make the structure more complicated if all you are doing is getting the extra 0.12 PR for each article page you add.?)
Thanks, your stuff is great!

ANSWER: Good question! The main reason is then you have a chance for that additional article page to rank for a target keyword phrase (since it has the 0.66 PR). Without that, it would just be a 0.12 orphan page and wouldn’t have the opportunity to rank for anything on its own). It is sort of a side benefit of the whole process that I didn’t mention. ~chad


Chad I always love your stuff because it’s full of great content and easy enough for a beginner, but I gotta tell you on this one I was lost. Can you explain how you got the page rank of 2 and .66? I don’t get it. Could you give an example of how to do this with actual sites rather than charts? Or maybe just label the charts so I understand what sites you mean. Finally, what do you mean by keyword phrase in the anchor text? I know I’m a newbie that just doesn’t understand the jargin yet. lol.
Thanks again for all your videos, they’ve helped me more than anything I’ve come across.
God bless,

ANSWER: The PR 2 was just a number I made up for the example. In the example, I was assuming the site started with PR2. It could have been PR 1 or 4 or whatever. I’ll try to find some sites to use as examples. ~chad


I look forward to any and all of your SEO tips/tricks.

Martin Kielysays:

Hi Chad – Thanks again for sharing your perspective on increasing page rank. I have a similar question as Wayne Strickland above and would be interest in your reply.

Martin Kiely

Hamant Kevalsays:

Hey Chad.

What can say – You are a genius

Thanks for sharing that seo genius technique


Moruf @ Black Slouch Bootssays:

This is Brilliant, Once again Thanks for this great video. You make SEO so simple and just like child play. This is informative and will really help my business


Chad, I think it would be extremely helpful to release a video where you walk through the process with an actual site (PR1, 2, 3, whatever) and go through your mindmap process with an actual site. You can have a homepage without internal linking and then show us what you would do with the anchor text between pages and then perhaps your linking you create between other outside pages. It would be a kind of paint by numbers system. Then we could follow the theory and pragmatically put it into practice. Thoughts, friend?

Lastly, great great great (did I say great?) work on all you and your brother do. I think it is safe to say that you are what I would call a true CEREBRAL GURU in IM. Keep this stuff going. We want more vids man!

Rika Susan's Juicing For Health Ebooksays:

Thanks for more common sense SEO tips, Chad! Always great free info from you. Worth watching!

Gary @ unfair dismissalsays:

This raises a question, Chad.

We’ve been told for ages now that Google devalues reciprocal link. You disagree with that, it seems.


Or is this a special case?


ANSWER: Reciprocal links are still valuable if they are used sparingly and in a way that shows google it makes sense because both pages are in a similar subject area. ~chad


I dont get involved in Pyramid schemes.. sorry..
Heh heh.. just joking.. Chad.. whe i see your e mail in my inbox.. I shut down EVERYTHING im doing.. and read / watch.. your info..Thanks.. you are thebest.
Ps.. Im looking at a system called WPMage.. it builds a 1000 page site on any keyword in 5 mins. and i wonder about backling so many pages.. wow..
Thanks Chad and Seth also.

ANSWER: There is also a free WP plugin that can create 1000s of pages on your blog in seconds. Search the wp plugin area for “multiple pages” it should come up. ~chad


Hi Chad,

Can you explain what you mean by linking pages on a website. Does it mean hyperlink one to the other so that the visitors go from one page to another without the navigation bar? Thanks for all your great vids.


I was looking at ways to boost my site’s PR and also not rely on squidoo and ezine.
This is just perfect. I will give it a try and experiment. I had all these great links coming in from a site, till the site disappeared and I lost all my traffic. Also squidoo changes rules and then delete lens without giving you time to save stuff, lost a lot of work there.

Mike Mottsays:

Hi Chad

Fantastic videos as usual. Thanks for the tools in the url
Best wishes


When answering this question,”How specifically do you have to link back to the individual pages: for instance on my web site that now has 5 individual pages, do I need to put a url link back to my home page?”
First, you reply “ANSWER: yes, link back to your homepage to feed some juice back. ~chad”

But, in answer to Chris, you seem to reverse yourself with this “ANSWER: Yes, you could feed some PR back to the homepage, but it would take some of the PR away that you’re giving to the lower links in the pyramid. ~chad”

First you said feed link juice to the Home Page. Then you say, linking back to the Home Pages will take some of the PR away from the lower pages (and links.)
It looks like you make two conflicting recommendations. Where is my misunderstanding?

ANSWER: In your case, I thought you were using the homepage of your site as the top of the pyramid. ~chad


Excellent job on the video. I was able to learn strategies that will help improve the overall PR of my site. I was wondering if all the linking is done with anchor text and are you using same keyword in the anchor text back from the pages back to your homepage?

Thanks again,


ANSWER: Yes, linking is done with anchor text. And Yes, Use the same keyword when you link to the top page in the pyramid. ~chad


Thanks Chad for great video! I will defiantly implement this strategy in my sites very soon.


My PR of 2 is on a Word Press blog. Will your concept work w/ a WP blog as well?

ANSWER: Yes it will, but the simplest way is to create a pyramid OUTSIDE the blog structure. Just link out to an external page and use it for the top of the new pyramid. It will probably end up a PR 1 or so, so send a couple links to it from ezinearticles/squidoo etc… I’m coming out with some videos that explain about this… stay tuned! ~chad


Hi Chad,
another great video.
You have me a little confused with linking so far what I have learnt from other affiliates is not to close the circle. So what you are saying is that it is alright? Or do you mean its alright for related sites only?

I have added a site for you to have a look at I have added 47 anchor sites how would I be able to get them as back links.

PS: by any chance would have a video on Meta tags on exactly how they work

ANSWER: shoot me an email on gmail (chadwarrior) and I can better answer this question. In short, yes it is ok to close the circle. ~chad

Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuososays:

Hi Chad…

I have been always looking for your products whenever you released them, because I found your insights very interesting all the time…

Just curious, though… what would be the answer to my last question?
It seems it disappeared (maybe you thought it was spam?) but no way, I was simply curious to learn your opinion about that.

Anyway, no offense taken, buddy; your blog is your blog – you moderate as you wish.. I’m still your friend! ;-)

Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso

ANSWER: Sorry Steve, I read your last comment but didn’t login to respond to it until just now and it was gone…. not sure what happened there. Anyway your question was regarding the dampening effect. It is true that 10-15% dampening is applied to every page in the index. But it does not work exactly as you described in your question. For any given page, 15% of the PR is “evaporated” and the remaining pagerank is distributed by the outgoing links to the page. So the 15% would be applied to the original PR2 page on top of the pyramid, as well as all the pages in the pyramid. I just simplified the numbers making it exactly PR2 and the others exactly PR0.66 but the original PR2 could be closer to 1.85, which would affect the other numbers in the pyramid as well.

However, the PR can still be modeled and funneled as I described, its just that the numbers would be a bit smaller overall.

I’ve done this pyramid pagerank funneling quite a bit and it works… you should try it!


Mike Masterssays:

Hey Chad,
Friend of mine turned me on to your website and I liked the video!
I would like to read more about this, could you list some resources that influenced you the most? You mentioned Micheal… something and Lesly Roady? Broady?

The next question I think Carrie/Neil already asked. How would one apply this to a blog? I thought that each page I made was linked back via the built in home button, and what about the related posts? does this help or hurt? Also the key words in each post are different than the home page meta tags. Do I need to focus more on my niche keywords more often?
What are the top 10 most effective things a blog can do to raise page rank and what are the top 10 mistakes a blog does to hurt its page rank? (sounds like a true blogger huh? )
Thanks for you time and I am subscribing to your feed.

ANSWER: Michael Campbell (revenge of the mininet) and Leslie Rhode. Re: how to get your blog to rank, increase page rank etc… I’m coming out with some new stuff on this topic very soon. But if you need an immediate answer I would encourage you to go to and go through the whole course.

Colin Lawrencesays:

Hi Chad,

Very interesting video which could explain something I have recently discovered. I set up two sites in the same niche – one using WordPress and one built manually. The WordPress site uses the usual plugins and the manual site used my best guesses – including some linking structures similar to the ones you describe. The sites have similar, but different content and have had similar promotion – articles, blog posts, etc.

The manual site ranks far better than the WP site and I haven’t been able to work out why – but this could be the answer. WordPress like any other off the shelf package does a great job of linking everything on the site to everything else making it easier for the user to find content – but poorly optimising for page rank in the process.

Very interested to see your tips on how to fix this in WordPress.

Lead Generationsays:

Good stuff as usual Chad. I’ve been doing this with a network of blogs anyway, but now I’ll take the principle and start doing it internally on blogs in addition.


Hey Chad.

What can say – You are a genius

Thanks for sharing that seo genius technique



Hi Chad & Seth,

Just wanna say that I enjoy your teaching and check your blog regularly. I use a WP blog and have a couple hundred post there, should they be linking back to the main domain and vice-versa or should I do it another way with WP?



Hi Chad,

Hope you don’5 mind me writing a post about this topic, but I am still a bit in the dark if it works on a WP blog – I will test it and see how it goes.



Your SEO tips/tricks/knowledge is always very current and extremely useful for anyone desiring SEO ranking.

My question is when submitting website or blog to directories, they all want reciprocal links. If I make a webpage for directories links only, will that suffice? Also is there a program/site to find out if some of these directories are “desirable or not” for my niche?

Ed Goodsonsays:

I got this from a page rank calculator at : “Orphan pages are those that are not linked to by any other pages on the web – they are orphans. For a page to be indexed by Google it must have at least one page linking to it. If a page is not in the Google index, it and its links don’t exist as far as the calculations are concerned. Therefore, it can’t have a PR value and it can’t share PR with other pages.”

I have seen three site structure concepts- a sitemap or a main directory index page for site or pyramid strucutures. How do sitemaps and main directory indexes impact PR? Also every page has a PR of 1 to begin with-even if the site is too new to have been assigned a PR by google.
So this level one sculpting (blocking PR bleed for external links) and Level 2 sculpting (stoping PR bruising for internal links where PR is sent from pages in your site to pages you don’t want to rank for like your privacy page) is still relevant even for small sites.

Hank Butlersays:

Great Blog. I followed your advice a couple of months ago. After doing that I was at #1 on google for SAN DIEGO MUAY THAI, SAN DIEGO BOXING, SAN DIEGO BODYBUILDING. I am a Bodybuilding Champion and Pro MMA Trainer and have a lot of competition here in San Diego. My question is, how did I go from #1 to not even in the first 5 pages? First it was boxing, then bodybuilding and now muay thai. It was a ton of work to restructure my site but it worked. But how do get it to stay there? Thanks for all of your help.

2001 NPC Ironman Bodybuilding Champion, Hank Butler


I want to Increase PR..what should i do first?

Jesus Leonsays:

Great Video Chad,

Even though I am an SEO guy myself I still come here to your site for tips and tricks. Just don’t tell anyone, LOL.


Great video Chad. Had seen it before but decided to come back and have a look at a few more of your videos regarding the silo’s.

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