PageRank Update December 6, 2013

I didn’t expect it to happen, but it happened!

I’ve still been using pagerank numbers in my seo efforts because even though it was getting close to 10 months old, it was still the only number we had to go on from the LARGEST DATABASE of backlink data in the world, from the company with the largest market share by a long shot. However I’ve been using Majestic SEO’s citation flow and trust flow numbers, as well as the number/quality of backlinks and anchors, pretty much expecting pagerank to be a done deal at some point. MOZ numbers work well too.

Still, don’t rejoice too quickly, looks like its possible they’re working with old numbers in this pagerank update. Some are even complaining that the numbers they’re now seeing in the toolbar look more like September’s numbers, not very up to date. Who knows?

For me, it still buys me some time where I can make some use of Google’s data as best as I can, relying more and more on other indicators.

If you want to follow my ongoing SEO updates, I mostly update here.

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