Increase Google Rank with 301 Redirects

Video shows how I’m adding over 1000 backlinks to one of my sites with a 301 redirect:

Click Here for the directions: how to do 301 redirects.

If this code is over your head, you could easily get a coder to do it for you on or for under $10. Imagine, $10 for 1000 links… crazy cheap!

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Thanks Chad, I had no clue about this. Doint this redirect right now! No need to get backlinks built and lose that much link juice for such a small detail! Thanks again, hopefully my ranking will improve.

I have a question. Ive got a site ranking for a highly competitive term. The www version is not ranking but its the one with all the backlinks. The http:// version without www has 5 links yet is ranking number 4.

So my question is, does it really matter what url extension the backlinks link to because looking at my results theres no way my url extension without www would rank for this keyword with so little backlinks unless the backlinks going to the other url extension actually count.

Hey Chad,

It’s Chad and wanted to thank you for another great post. You have taught me so much for free. I have been wondering about the deference between www. and the not www. I know Google sees them as two different sites.

Isn’t there something you can also do using Canonicalization? I don’t want o leave anything on the table that will affect my SEO in a negative way.

Thanks again, Your Awesome,
Chad Carlton!;-)

Hi Chad,

That’s a great tip.

Please know that I appreciate it.

However, when I go to the site
it does not give me the options shown in your video.

My browser of choice is Firefox and when it didn’t appear the same
I thought perhaps you may have been using Internet Explorer so I
opened that browser but again… it doesn’t offer the drop down options.

Can you explain?

Hey Chad,
Great tip. Couple of questions though.
1. Why would you want the www version over the non www version (or visa-versa)?
2. Would you only need to do the 301 redirect once or every time you get additional new backlinks?


Hey Chad,

Great post! Quick question … do I need to submit my sites to Yahoo Site Explorer, or will my results be the same without submitting? Thanks for your time.

Cool as always Chad! I check my site right away and found that I only had one off. However, I will use this as a trick to dazzle my clients for sure.

Thanks again- Chaddo Power!!!!!!!1

this is for Don….about the siteexplorer not showing the same as video.

Try clicking on the links button. then you will get the drop downs too. Hope that helps.

Really great tip. I checked one of my sites and now will have to learn how to redirect or find someone who does. Thanks for sharing this information.

Thanks Chad, important stuff. I know nobody is still confused, but Google webmaster central has plenty of advice and information on using 301s, including “Does anchor text carry through all 301 redirects?” Ahem ;-)

Great post Chad

Can I ask if this applies to sites built on wordpress
or just HTML .
I did notice a feature about this in the newer “all in one”
SEO wordpress plugins.

If you have wordpress installed on your site, can you do this same thing through the admin section? Or should you still do this?

Great tutorial, learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Chad,
You’ve done it once again.

You keep coming up with these goodies. I check out first a disappointing 64 links. No happy at all.
Check out 1864 links wowee.

Not sure at all how to do the 301 Direct however fortunately (a big plug here) I phoned Hostgator and they took 5 minutes and they did the Direct for me. Fantastic.

So thanks a lot for this gem.

Do you mind answering a question for me.

I have a blog wshich has 600 p[ositive comments. Seems to me I could put these to use somehow.

I would appreciate anything you have to say.

Cheers and great health.


Hi Chad, thanks kindly for the link back to my tutorial on 301 redirects. If any of your readers or you have any feedback on how we can make the tutorial easier to implement/understand please let me know.

Ross Dunn

ANSWER FROM CHAD: will do, Ross, thanks for the awesome 301 resource!

Hi, I watched your videos on the 301 redirects and bought the google maps videos. Great. amazing.

I have a question. I have a fairly old website (5 years) and it’s been going through a lot changes through the years as far as the plateform I use. Pure (and bad) html and now joomla 1.5.

Basically, here is my config:
I looked at site explorer and
for I have 5635 links
for I have 491 links

so I was like ok, 500 more links: can’t hurt.

and I stumbled upon an old URL that people used to refer a lot which is

With the new plateform I use (joomla 1.5), I don’t use the home.html anymore and did a html code http redirect to redirect to my

Now, in site explorer, I saw that has 1727 links. That’s a lot. So I was wondering, can I do a 301 redirect for and another 301 redirect for and another one for that has another 4 links.

Can I combine everything to

Also, I may have had other html pages like the home.html that I don’t use anymore that may have incoming links, so if I find some, can I do also a 301 redirect?

Thanks for sharing. it’s amazing. my next assignemnt is to look at your google maps videos. it looks promising. does it still work in 2010? I don’t know when you recorded the course.


In my previous comment, I used my website name, can you erase it please.
sorry about that.

Even if it’s a french website, I don’t want to give my website away. know what I mean

Thanks again

Hi Chad, that’s a great tip you have there!

I was wondering, is this also possible with the redirect tool in cpanel?
I did it there, without having to change anything in .htaccess at all.

Do you have any experience with this? Does this also work?

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