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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Hi Chad
this software work great in spy competiter but i have download and what happen is i cant use it? One more about your googlemap is only work for local business only or website can be use coz i not the us citizen.

ANSWER: Shoot me an email at gmail (chadwarrior) about the software. Regarding it works for non us citizens also. You can even target the US market from another country using my system.


Hi Chad,

Brilliant information as usual , I have learned more a bout the workings of SEO watching your videos. So easy to watch and understand and I am grateful for your easy teaching techniques. Thanks for the heads up with Market Sumari I will download and take a tour of its workings. I have supplied another email contact because I hate missing good information like this when 100 or so other promotions are swamping it. Muchos gracias, espero tengas un buen día mi amigo. (I hope you have a nice day).

Robert Hirschsays:

Always enjoy receiving your info. Thanks Chad


Super information and well presented. Thanks so much!

Greg Brownsays:


I got here via your email and I have to say I was fairly irked (angered, even) by the idea of stealing anything from my competitors. Then as if suggesting stealing in the subject line wasn’t sufficiently provocative, you elaborate further in the text by implying there’s a (black hat) ‘trick’ for replacing competitors’ links with your own. However, after watching the video it’s apparent that what you are calling ‘stealing’ is in fact a process of buying out competitors’ links.

Using the term ‘stealing’ was certainly provocative enough to get me to watch the video (which I did only because I wanted to be fair before I rained down criticism), and in that regard its use was successful. Nevertheless, I think it’s a bit over the top and opens you up to all sorts of unecessary pain. At least put scare quotes around ‘stealing’ so that folks get an idea that you don’t really mean stealing.




I always, enjoy your information. It is top notch!

The Dominatorsays:

Thanks for the video Chad.
As always apreciated :)


Always opoen your emails and the quality is always exceptional and something others would charge consistently for!

Thanks for all the information.

Pol vanRheesays:

I like it. Too bad you only had a couple sites listed of your own so it wasn’t worth “stealing” yours ;-) but I’ve already gotten some sites linked to mine and it’s only been just a short while. Thanks! Another great resource!

Martin Kielysays:

Hi Chad – Thanks for the video. Over the last few days I have been using this strategy using Keyword Elite and SEO Elite for keyword and competitor research. Even though I have Quirk installed I didn’t use it to check for ‘No Follow’ links and page rank. This is an important point as you highlighted in your video. Using these tools it helps you to determine where and when to invest your time. And it does take some time to manually make comments and establish contacts for links. Thanks for pointing this out as it will certainly help me to be more selective in where I place my links (PR 2 and upwards).


Martin Kiely

Leo S.says:

Thank you, Chad! As always, useful information. And I like the way you are teaching and demonstrating: calm and easy voice, very well understandable!

Peter Frysays:

Fantastic video thank you Chad…you’d get more words if you had a PR here LOL


Hey Chad-excellent info. I actually have owned Market Samurai, pre-launch…got going on other things. Thanks for making me aware of the additions to features. Awesome concept of usage.


Chad we just want to tell you What an absolute god send you have been to us.
Thank you for all your superb videos. advice and ideas – the latest re Market Samurai we purchased already purely based on your assessment and we could not be more delighted. As total newbies to internet business your style and approach are unequaled and greatly appreciated. We hope we can make you proud of us although we need to do a lot more work on video marketing as you have so often advised.
Again thank you from a totally new website business we want so much to succeed here in far north eastern Thailand as our total focus is to improve the lifestyles of our financially poor but very proud village

Ravi Malhotrasays:

This is one of the fantastic video and really the suggestion of software is best tool to beat the competitors. I downloaded and used its trial version. Very effective.


Hey Chad

from what i see your system is like must have a local business and i dont do pyhysical business. All i have is just a blog and how do i get the blog list in the boxes. It request to have a address of location and my blog is in the internet so that mean not address. The result how can i get the profit from?

The market samurai i want to install by the system say got virus or anything like that so i cant install it.I watch your video is great but how can i benefit from??with the system cant be install aand i have been ask the guy in samurai but so far not comment yet still waiting!!!!!


Chad / Seth,

I saw this video a couple months ago and bought Samurai. It took me a good hour to find your email in gmail to find this link again, so I could tell me buddies to get over here and watch it so they would know why buying Samurai is smart.




Love the site and the video. Trying it now. I always love sites that go into detail and you video definitely did that. Keep it up.

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