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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Hi Chad!

nice analogy! this reminds me groing up in Ottawa! On summer days we were waiting for the ice cream man and the icream bells and we had like 25 cents in our pockets to buy popcicles. 30 years later nothing has changed, kids still love icreams. Great product your blog traffic!





I love the analogy of the Ice Cream Truck and going where the traffic goes. It’s imperative that you seek out traffic combined with keywords combined with products or services. SWEET! I really connect with real-life analogies. Thank you!


That is the Ugliest ice cream truck ever

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You’re telling me! I have to look at it every day! We also have this super ghetto one that actually has gang graffiti on the side of it. Its one of my favorites.

Just goes to show you that you don’t need a perfect looking business out there to pull in the dough!

Jason Heywardsays:

There’s something magical about those blog posts. I guess the SE’s just love them. Maybe it’s the links, pingbacks, etc.


Hey Chad,

I’m not sure that’s an ice cream truck! Looks like an armored van or maybe the feds are staking someone out.

But the analogy of the ice cream truck is very apt. Thanks again for the awesome info.

Jeff “DR Fitness” Lane


Hi Chad,

Yep, just park yourself between the traffic and what the traffic (the kids in this case) are searching and “needing”.
I always loved getting ice cream from the old trucks, smelling the chilly air when they opened the door AND felt like I got what I really wanted when I walked away.

Just how we want our readers, subscribers & buyers to feel when they leave our sites-
They got value – something they wanted or needed – then they’ll be back for more.




Hey Chad,
Great vid. I noticed your traffic example was from 2008. I assume the auto content poster is still valid and under Google radar in 2010. Right?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes it is still valid. in fact, google will NEVER access the content from this auto poster, it is password protected and the googlebot cant get through.


Hey Chad,
Thanks for the video. Why are there milk cartons on the trees?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I was wondering if anyone would notice that. We have 4 maple trees in front of our house. I tap them every year for maple syrup (the sap collects in those jugs). One year we got like 35 gallons of sap, boiled down to around 1 gallon of syrup. After all the fuel and work it probably costs more than it would cost in the store, but it is more for the experience with the kids so they can see the whole process. Its a weird hobby of mine :) Along with keeping chickens…

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