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33 replies on “View Video Q and A Here”

Great stuff! Thanks for answering my question.

I appreciate you gave up front, no BS advice. Nice to hear what works and doesn’t work without all the hype.

Another valuable video by Chad (and Seth).

Thanks for answering my question in the video!

As always, watching you fires of soooo many ideas that I literally start pacing the floor.

Thanks again for giving us all of this great content and resources for FREE!

WoW! Just when you think you know it all :) You really don’t. I lost touch from doing video… Thanks to you Chad, I’m starting it again. Great coverage today!

Thanks for answering my question, just what I wanted to hear ! Plenty of great advice, I think this should be a regular event, although perhaps not as long, but more often. A great service to go with the excellent videos you produce.

Thanks !

Great job with all of the tips. I would definitely like to see more Q & A sessions. You guys rock!


Chad and Seth,
Hey guys that was great!

I really would like to see more of this relaxed kind of format and as
Bill says above ‘perhaps not as long’…

Your answers clarified a few things for me… must be that quite a few of us
have the same kind of questions!

Fran :)

PS.Seeing the little girl and the baby was nice too!

Chad & Seth,

I’d like to register my vote in favor of doing more “faq” type of videos. I always get a ton actionable (and profitable) ideas and directions from your videos.

All good stuff and no fluff…Thank you!

Great video. I loved the format & the time you took to answer all questions. Sometimes it helps not only to hear answers to your own questions, but to hear other people’s questions as well. Thanks again!

Chad, I’ve been on your list for a short time and have been very impressed with your ideas. I’m on a lot of IM lists right now, (around 80 -100 IM emails each day), but your messages have quickly risen to the top and are opened first.

And this video was excellent. Both you and Seth give honest and very intelligent, straightforward answers which are indicative of your obviously vast range of knowledge. I would absolutely love to see and hear more.

I appreciate the fact that you guys are willing to share what you know with the rest of us. It helps a lot!


The Q&A session was awesome, thank you Chad and Seth. I look forward to see more of that stuff in the future.

Thanks again guys !

Hi Guy’s,

Great info, I really do appreciate it..

The one good thing I got from you was the membership website, Immediate edge..

I shall be joining that for some cutting edge marketing, but yet simple and easy to do, with fast returns..

Thanks, I’ll look forward to more of your teaching videos

God Bless


Thanks for doing this. It was fun to watch and learn. Keep up the excellent work. I liked the replay format so that I could watch it when I was able.


Chad is the next Michael Jackson. LOL! Chad you have a cult going on here. I love your stuff man. I’ve bought most of your stuff and got some for free, sorry to say, but I’ll tell you that I did feel guilty afterwards. :-) I love you man…

Keep those tricks coming!

hey guys,

as usual, TONS o’ great straightforward advice – thanks so much for taking the time to put this stuff together!

re: free traffic and building backlinks, I’ve found “Angela’s backlinks” ($5/mo) or “Paul’s backlinks” ($7/mo) (do a warrior search) to make a noticeable difference! As long as people use relevant links, this is a quick and easy way to help generate backlinks. Not sure if you’re ad advocate of this strategy but thought i’d throw it out there anyway….

Looking forward to more great content from you guys!

Enjoyed your Q & A. Always good to benefit from your expertise.
Thanks to both of you.


Great Q+A guys, really enjoyed it and took quite a bit of useful info away from it too.

Many Thanks …… Aaron

Hey Chad and Sethro,

Thanks, great information.

Chad the You Tube Cash Secrets Videos Rocks! Worth every penny.



Great information on how to succeed with new and different internet marketing methods guys. Please continue making more videos in the future. I got tons out of this!

Hey guys,

great information as always. What’s the best way to get a hold of chad or seth, I have a question about their products.


Great Q and A

high quality info

Why did you take vid 3 off youtube for the Rooster Killing LOL;-)

I took video 3 off at the request of my neighbor, she didn’t want her face all over youtube with her killing the rooster. Sorta freaked her out I think *smile*


I bought several of your products and loved them all. This free Q&A was great. As always, tou two deliver the goods. Keep it up.


Is Seth ever referred to as “young Spock?” It’s not his ears, it’s his “analytical look.” He appears to be dispassionately sorting data in his brain while he views the screen. In online marketing, that is a major plus. Letting go of failed projects as I’ve learned more, is what has made me money.

Hi, Chad
Your FAQ video was great, I learned a few things that I am going to apply. I have a question, and my question is: What are the recommended wordpress plugins to monitize your blog?

hey chad,
yes please do more of these, you totally solved my confusion problem I’ve been stuck in. Now.. when are you going to update the youtube cash system… you know it’s way out of date today is April 22, 2010 and youtube has made massive changes…
What about this guy has a bunch of free tools that are really cool….
And you should check out George Brown Traffic Ultimatum…. He has some amazing ways of doing this stuff…
But you are the master, Bro.
No I’m not gay, but you gotta get rid of the hair Chad…. Dude… what are you thinken?

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