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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

29 replies on “Chad Trains You For Free, Straight From a Wyoming Cabin”


Wow, nice cabin Chaddo!

They actually have internet out there?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes actually. But getting good internet is part of the trick of having a truly mobile, online business. I’ll be covering that in my free training videos (if you sign up on the list above)


Hi Chad ,

My last trip to the US was a visit to the Cascade Mountains but that was more than 10 years ago. Dislike the overcrowded European Alps you still got wide open virgin mountain space in the US , the cabin looks like a very quiet and inspiring place.

It’s always been my intention to spend more time in the outdoors hence my wish to make a business in internet marketing and running my business from a computer while getting out as much as possible instead of taking the traditional path of running a business from an office. I look forward to your information. Right now I think you are one of the more innovative and interesting marketers out there at the moment and your input is much appreciated !

Wishing you a nice holiday for you and your family !


very nice place it looks realy peacful and quite away from the bussel

Robert Hernandezsays:

Beautiful cabin Chad……at least you have peace and quiet out in the wilderness without the distraction of city life. It’s amazing that you have Internet out there….I have friends upstate 3 miles north of Woodstock that has satellite Internet but it too too slow.

Looking forward from you…..


Hamant Kevalsays:

Hi Chad

Looks like one amazing natural rugged place – The Pictures look wonderful. Reminds me a little of our own “little” Lake District .
I dream sometimes dissapearing like that into the outer Hebrides ( up the the north of Scotland) and doing what you are doing.

Have a great time and as always look forward to your invaluable tips



Tony Brightsays:

Cool idea Chad!
I spent a little time in Wyoming and Montana many years ago and loved the wide openness and the grandeur of the mountains. Sounds like a lot of fun and looking forward to your training.


Brian Sloansays:

Awesome Chad
Look forward to your posts.



I wish you and your family a great time this summer in Wyoming. What is the electricity source way out there in the boonies? Diesel generator?


Thanks Chad! Especially looking forward to hearing about the free houses!

Margie Zambranasays:

Wow, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I am promoting new IPTV and mobile service plan that includes tethering to the internet wherever you are and travelling around a bit is definitely in the game plan ;) Thanks for coming up with this idea and looking forward to your shares! Have fun, be safe.


I saw the first pic and thought it was some broken down shack, but the inside has a nice kitchen and lots of fur all over the place, I would need something over looking a pool, just for the eye candy but I get the gist of working with a broad I mean Abroad

Bob Richeysays:

Hay Chad,

You mite be my lifesaver, I’m in Cody WY rite now in my RV headed to Jackson Wyo I think. I’m trying to get my toolbar out to everyone to start using. The problem is I don’t Know were I’m going. Do you have any pointers?

Thank, Bob


My son and his family live in Wyoming and the love it. Looks like you’re in their vicinity. (Near Cody)

It’s definitely beautiful out there, but I don’t like the thought of mountain lions or grizzly bears in the backyard. :)


Thanks Chad

I always look forward to your great content. I love nature and ruffing it as well.
Have a great time.


I lived in Kemmerer WY and we were always in the mountains, very nice. I’m looking forward to your training.

Steven Schultzsays:

Hey Chad! If you and your family make your way into northern Colorado I own a restaurant in Loveland (about 45 miles south of Cheyenne). Lunch for your family is on me!

Mr. Carroll Alexandersays:

Ideal “cabin” for really roughin’ it. Right.

Thanks for sharing. As far as home base, remember, “Its cooler by the lake”.

Carroll Alexander

"MileHiMike" Paulsonsays:

Dear Chad: Welcome to the Wild West. Hope you enjoy your summer in God’s country…

How about them Blackhawks!

Wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your FREE online instructions. I have learned more from your emails than I have from the thousands of dollars that I have wasted purchasing crappy programs from the Gurus. Your advice is by far the best education anyone can glean from all the hype online today.

If you could possibly teach us how to get from being tied down to a desk top PC and transition to a Laptop, it would greatly be appreciated from one technical nincompoop. I need to get a laptop, but wouldn’t know the first thing about how to transfer everything I have in my desktop PC over to the Laptop.

As a side note…If you have a couple of free days this summer, you should consider bringing your family down to Denver for a few days. There’s a great Henry Moore sculpture exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens (one of the world’s best) that your family would really love…to zoos, museums and amusement parks for the kids. The Cosmopolitan Mile High city might be a welcome break after a few weeks of roughin’ it in the Wyo wind. If you do take me up on my invitation, please give me a call…would love to meet you and thank you in person…Me Casa Su Casa!

Thanks again Chad for all that you’ve done for me and thousands like me…and it’s been all for gratis on your part…I would love to pay you back by teaching you a trick or two of the proper procedure for killing a couple of Greenbacks, Rainbows or Brookies…if you would be interested.

I know you’ll enjoy the sunsets off the back deck, but the sunrises are even better! Thank the Good Lord every morning as you breath in the crisp, clear Wyoming air that wafts the pure dewy fragrances of sage, pinion and penstemon. Hope you teach your kids to do the same…

Thanks again Chad… Really looking forward to learning more from you this summer with a “Windy Wyoming” perspective, rather than a “Windy City” one…

God Bless and Best Regards,

“MileHiMike” Paulson

Mile High Denver, Colorado
(303) 477-3938

Skye Gunnersays:

As always Bravo to you Chad

I would like to mirror what you do and take it to the South Pacific
Hope you give specs on equipment & such

Looking forward to it all . . . .after looking at your picture again I finally put it together.

You look like a . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “Internet Jesus”
Take it as a full on complement !!!
Many Thanks -Skye


Chad & Family

Have a wonderful and save summer, I will be looking forword to your stories
and content.

James Gaffney

Michael Finlaysonsays:

Hi Chad,

It looks like you’re in for a stressful time.

Have a great time,


Ian Richardsonsays:

Hi Chad,

Been following you quietly in the background for some time now.

It appears as though we have similar tastes when it comes to getting away. Give me a cabin somewhere quiet over a condo any day.

Signing up to your email after this message and look forwards to what you have to say.

Ian Richardson
Blue Mountains

Kevin Revettesays:

Love your content, your totally awesome, hope I can figure this IM stuff out and enjoy a similar lifestyle.
Thank you again, Kevin


Hi Chad,

I just though you might like to see what my outsourcing guy said about you:

Good day!
Definitely, Chad is just a genius. Wow.. I am overwhelmed with the knowledge from the training. I just wanna absorb every detail of the info. Well, silo as expected is useful as miniNEt. I think it’s a bit easier than miniNEt for only wordpress site is involved. We just need good articles for it. Thank you so much for the training maam..

And thank you Chad, your stuff is great. I look forward to everything you send – both free and paid.

I hope you and your family have a great vacation. I’m excited to hear everything about your work/travel info. I want to move to the mainland and do the internet work/RV thing.


Geoff Lordsays:

Hi Chad

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I have an Important question

I just received information that google is changing its “Google Places”

will this mean that your software and the tutorials will need updating?

geoff lord


Looks like a great place to work. where is your office set up? I am curious about how you decided what to bring with you for your mobile work, and what did not make the cut. Looking forward to your posts.
You are the best



I love your stuff and living in Wonderful Wyoming. At present I am living a bit southeast of where you are and we should have a great summer so far as weather is concerned. You and yours enjoy as I will this blog.

Mark G.says:

Dude!? – That’s a cabin!?

I’d like to have that for my home-to-be when I retire!

I just can’t believe how truthful, trusting, and open you are to your customers, and I am glad to be one.

I have pretty much given up on the other “gurus” out there on the Internet. You give away so much that I feel guilty at times following you in my emails and on your blog here at

Thank you, Chad, for sharing your passion of internet marketing with us! I am very grateful.

Keri Eagansays:

I’m too late?!

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