Make Money With Yahoo Pipes (and update on my unique content plugin)

My plugin that automatically imports translated content into your blog will be available tomorrow.

Inside The Auto Blog Cash System

I’ll be running a sale for a few days on the auto blog cash system, starting tomorrow, so watch your inbox tomorrow morning!

Here is the link to the yahoo pipe that you can use. Feel free to click “clone” and it will make a copy of the pipe into your own account if you want.

For a list of foreign language abbreviations for this pipe:

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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ur video keeps faling. very frustrating…this happens quite a bit. you have awesome material but i am very frustrqted about having to constntly restart many times to no avila!!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Jim, shoot me an email at gmail (chadwarrior) with the exact error you’re getting, we’ll get it sorted out!

Tim B. Millersays:

Hey Chad,

I would love this plugin, but what if you already purchase your Auto Blog Cash?

Are you going to sell this separate?

I would love to get it.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you already purchased Auto Blog Cash (the updated 2010 version), the plugin will be waiting for you in your members area. Current Auto Blog Cash customers get it free.


Great Chaddo!!

Looking forward to your mail – regarding the sale :)


This sounds what a lot of people are looking for-especially if we can get content this way that is relevant to our niches.

Social Mediasays:

Chad, as usual you have ninja stuff. I just wanna mention one thing and that is that you try not to mention too much about hiring people for $x or so …just say what you can outsource. The reason for this is that we forward these links to our outsourced contractors anyways and so it shifts their focus to pay rather than just concentrating on the tasks and steps to follow. You are smart guy, you know what I mean… Keep up the great work man!
Cheers, FC

ANSWER FROM CHAD: FC, good point. Duly noted! (by the way, if you have outsourcers for less than $2/hour that do a good job, send me an email, I want to know about them!)


Hey Chad,

Sounds like a great plug in! I already got Auto Cash Blog from you last year about this time will it be upgraded in there or do I have re-order the course again.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: current autoblog cash customers will get the plugin for free in the members area…


Hi. How does the plugin deal with the headline and tags in WordPress, or do you still need to add a headline and tags manually when doing posts?




Oh Wow Chad! I’ve used Yahoo Pipes for various projects for a number of years and never once realized that there was a translate module.
As always, you are a wealth of knowledge with every presentation.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yea, the advantage is that the translate module uses google’s own automatic translation feature. So, the better google gets at translating, the better the content for your blog!


Hey Chad,

I just played around with this a bit and have a quick question for you (maybe I missed a part in the video about how to implement this, but I went back and couldn’t find it).

Anyway, I see that it brings back a snippet of the article, translated (way cool!) But, it’s only a snippet. If you click on the title it takes you to where the original article, in its’ original language is found. So I don’t really understand how to get a fully translated article for our site from the pipe.

With that bit cleared up for me, I’ll be stoked to try out your plugin! :o)


ANSWER FROM CHAD: The translated content that is posted on your blog will be whatever the RSS feed has published. So if the rss feed is just a few words, the blog post will only be a few words. The trick is to find blogs that are posting large text blocks to the rss feed, and then the yahoo pipe will post a long piece of translated content for your blog.

john petersonsays:

thank you so much for your information .we are looking to see how best this can be done in this business this is time to do some thing that will bring income to our business .

Achim Cristiansays:

Wow another awsome method :). Thank you

CECIL -says:

Hi Chad

I’m sorry, I just don’t get this at all. What use is non relevant content? You showed news items and how can this be of benefit to me if I am selling insurance for example (bearing in mind different rules and regulations for Germany0 if I chose to use that language?

Perhaps you can enlighten me or are my eyes painted on today?



ANSWER FROM CHAD: All you need is to find foreign language news feeds regarding insurance related topics (for instance, why insurance is important, health related articles, etc…) and have the feed post to your site through my plugin. You can also setup external insurance related blogs that provide link popularity for your money site. I have a lot of these setup and its a great way to get backlinks to your site, all from websites that you own!

CECIL -says:

Thanks Chad for the quick response.

One more thing if you could help me please. I have never used RSS feeds – just where exactly do you get the link ?

Sorry for being so dumb but I couldn’t see that on the video.



ANSWER FROM CHAD: The best way to do this is just do a google search for “german rss feed” or “french rss feed” and click through until you get to a link that ends in .rss. Copy that link into the yahoo pipe and away you go! Free content!


Hi Chad, you always have awesome stuff! Again, thanks for sharing!
Is it my screen problem or can you make your video smaller?
Your video is bigger than my browser and I have to scroll up and down to watch.



Gee…your video size is perfect now after I submitted my comment.



nice method!
no need to retrieve translated text by complicated php scripts and with limitations anymore …
the result does not meet for white hat purposes yet, bat maybe this will be improved soon.
thanks !

Richard Mortimersays:

Hey Chad, Brilliant ‘Ninja’ traffic tip! You really are the ‘Ninja Traffic King!’

What about keywords? I translated my keyword phrase into French, German and Italian… but I cant seem to pull RSS feeds using those terms.



PS: I got my blog to PR5 using 3 ‘ninja’ tips – you’d be proud of me! I’ve made a set of videos showing how. Would you like a copy?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you’ve translated your keywords into those languages, then you have to do searches for rss feeds in the foreign language version of google to get those feeds ( etc). also I’d love a copy of that PR5 course, you can shoot it to gmail (chadwarrior)


hi chad,
sorry i dont get this yahoo pipes rss…at the fear of sounding stupid,how do we get these feeds keyword targeted ?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You have to find an rss feed that frequently contains references to your keywords and topic. My Auto Blog Cash course talks about this, how to generate targeted feeds that make your blog posts laser focused. You can also generate a keyword rich rss feed by clicking on a foreign language yahoo news page, and doing a keyword search in the foreign language, then putting that into the yahoo pipe. In this sample search, here is where to grab the keyword rich rss feed:

mike keeslingsays:

As usual Chad you have dug up another simple, but mind-bending resource. As a subscriber to Auto Cash Blog I can’t wait for the plug in. Thanks.


Great video Chad but I have the Auto Cash Blog system already and really looking forward to getting the WordPress plug in free.


Cheers Chad,
I am always highly impressed by the value you deliver and the innovation behind your strategies.
Having bought several of your products over quite some time, I’ve come to the point where I don’t hesitate buying. And I’m an Auto Blog Cash customer so you know I’m smiling.
Many thanks!


Thanks for the video Chad as usual you are doing stuff that is very unique and interesting.

I have a question though, how do we search for RSS feeds for a specific niche in a foreign language, I tried it but couldn’t come up with anything specific.

That means nothing though because I am not too good when it comes to RSS feeds, I can get the general info but nothing specific which I would need for my blogs.
Does your plugin have an input for this?

Thanks again

ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you look above at Dave’s question, I talk about how to do this with yahoo feeds. You can get great, keyword specific rss feeds that way.

Seattle Marketingsays:

Great ideas! I will jump on this one tonight!

Peter Frysays:

Chad will you provide a video about how to make money from this method?

Ryan Ksays:

Man, this is getting as bad as all those auto traffic bot things that have been jumping up every week for the last year… I have probably 6 auto content plugins or programs and am now starting to get confused what even to use. I am even considering database utilities. Any tips? I value your opinion.


I was one of the first to buy auto blog cash and don’t remember where is login page anymore.Maybe you can find my payment info by using my email? If not, never mind :)
great info as always


Looks interesting, but isn’t this still considered as unethical? Because we grab content from somewhere else without their permission and not link back.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: RSS feeds are voluntarily produced by publishers to be reproduced on others websites. The plugin inserts a text only URL so folks can find the original article (without bleeding PR out).


Kathy again,
My mistake Chad, I have purchased something else from you and auto blog cash was just a bonus cd from you.Sorry,I don’t remember what that was.Just forget everything,my mistake.

Justin Teohsays:

Whoa… that’s powerful – didn’t realise there was a translating tool on Yahoo pipes… awesome video Chad – thanks mate!


Chad, you’re spot on. I’ve been using Yahoo Pipes for about 3 years to mash various news feeds and remove irrelevant items, etc, then post the output to websites. I have to say that the idea of translating is inspired :-)


Chad –
Great video, very cool. The question I have, since I’m new to using RSS feeds period, is how do we find foreign rss feeds that have to do specifically with our site’s niche market?
Say I have a blog about dogbeds and who would have an rss feed about that from a foreign country?
Is there any way of getting a feed specific to the niche or is it just general news articles?

Troy Holadiasays:

Chad – As always you explained the process on a level that is easy for me to relate to and put into action. I have been looking for a way to use RSS feeds by other publishers to place unique content on my sites. You have provided me with the tools and knowledge to take snippets of content and auto-magically convert it into unique blog posts. WOW is all I can say. Can’t wait to use the new Auto Content Plugin Thanks for the education.

Troy Holadia

zero coolsays:

hi chad you are great Man Thanks a lot .

DVD TV Loversays:

Thanks Chad you’re always come with great content and now on yahoo pipes. Looks like you are upgrading the pipes hope it be super awesome from you. best wishes from me


Pendekar Laut

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