You Should Only Be Working 8 Hours Per Week

(Plus some shots of Seth with no shirt – yikes)

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ken andersonsays:

hi Chad

i have purchased a few of your products and i really enjoyed the information. i am happy to say that you have helped me change my direction of thought and i am having some amazing success. i am getting the number one spot on google every time, and the really cool thing is that i am not waiting months to get my spot. i am getting the top listing every time without citations or any seo work at all. this has provided me the opportunity to really pound out the projects. just tried an extremely competitive 2 word key phrase and i hit the number one spot on google maps and google search in less than 8 minutes.

thanks so much,
ken anderson

Michael Finlaysonsays:

Hi Chad,

It looks like you’re having a stressful time.

Have fun,



Hey Chad – in the footsteps of Tim Ferris. I like the idea of working less too. I am also impressed by your multi-culturism. The world is a better place for people of different cultures and nationalities coming together. I look forward to your series of videos.
Best wishes


All the best for you and the family….

Angela Wickenbergsays:

Hi Chad,

Your methods seem most effective. Looking forward to more of your vacation videos.

Many thanks and kind regards,




Sounds great, love your style. There are so many children out there in need of kind loving parents like you. It’s great to see you are helping them and teaching others how to leverage through outsourcing, which totally helps another group of people. Sweet! I look forward to this information.



I have always had a great respect for people who are not afraid to follow their heart and their passion – and you certainly are one of those – which I very much admire.

At the moment you’re the only internet marketer left whose every email I look forward to, open and read. Thank you for all the great info which is way more than business guidance because you speak from the heart… :) Thank you!


Hey Chad,
You’re very blessed to have such a beautiful family and be able to spend time with them! That’s been a goal of mine since my daughters were little and I’m still working on getting there even now that they’re older!!
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Live Cool Joesays:

Hey Chad,

Awsome info. I am at the start of doing exactly that…so I appreciate the info you have to give as on the right time.
Live cool Joe.


Thank you for all the truly free information you give us. Much appreciated.

Little wonder you are so successful. You give much and are a true blessing to the world.

I’m just beginning the Challenge and I would love to have help from the outset after learning first. Can you outsource learning?

Just kidding

Go well.

Ian Maranonsays:

Thanks for this great video. I am young and I am from a third world country.

Working hard and earning very little, I wish that I can have all the free time in the world soon with the financial freedom. I am closely following…

Jimmy Ngsays:

You’re having a great family and spending wonderful time together making people really envy about your lifestyle that you’re enjoying now. It’s the secret you’ve that gives you this freedom.


Chad ~ I have purchased most of your courses and have to say that once applied they have changed my income yet I do work 50+ hours per week online doing tasks that others could be doing for my business. Thanks for sharing your ways and making a difference in the lives of so many off and on line:)

Much respect,


Rune Ellingsensays:

WOW! Chad you are human!!!
You sound human and look human… Love your vids! Even this one. :)
Looking forward to see what’s next.
Have a good one.



Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait for the remaining videos. I love your lifestyle and the things you are able to do. So I want to emulate how you make money while limiting your work hours.


Lothar Everssays:

Chad I lithe relaxed way you present. Nothing hyped up.
For me an important question when it comes to outsourcing is:
Can it only done in English?
I live in Germany and a lot of my websites are in German.


Chad ~ Adopting kid(s), home schooling, and making a difference… wow! I hold the highest respect to you and how you choice to spend your time making a difference.

Much respect,

Chris Winters


You always present excellent information and I’m sure the videos coming down the pike are no different.

Looking forward to them.


Hi Chad,
I have, had my own business most of my life, so I know Exactly what you are referring to, unfortunately I have never been able to “let go” enough and so I am really looking forward to your next videos in the hope that I may soon actually start implementing your suggestions and working less hours.

Thanks for all the great free information as well as the truly fantastic products.


How do you outsource your day job for free? Your own internet biz I can understand how to do that?

Thank you for your tip about gaining google rank 9 links back to any website!


Awsome good video Chad , I look forward hearing from you.


8 hours per week? I’d be happy to work 58 hours per week at this point.

Clearly, I’m doing something wrong here.

NOTE TO CHADDO: Your spam catcher is hyper sensitive. I’ve had to tweak this 5 times in order to get it to post.

Shama Kernsays:

Great message, looks relaxing and inspiring, sounds like the path to follow!

Anthony Noronhasays:

Thanks for sending this latest video. I am looking forward to receive the actual videos containing tips to earn money online and thereby save time. At present I am working online but earning peanuts. I want to change this present scenario of mine by following your videos ahead.

Skye Gunnersays:

Chad –
Great as always

Look forward to the genius that you will be sharing

Yes Seth is the manly man of the two ( Sorry) LOL
You’ll get there tho

PS – Could you send me the video / link where you share your info of ALL of the equipment / devices used on your 2010 Wyo trip?

No luck in finding the “long range” wireless receiver I remember you talking about last year on the Wyo trip

Luigi Domenicosays:

Great vid Chad!!!!!!! I am with you, we shouldnt follow the system…its wiser to work intelligent rather than hard.

I would also love to homeschool my kids. :D


Chad thanks for sharing! It shows me when you give to others you can receive so much more. Wow you are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Looking forward to the series, Chad. Thanks for sharing! Blessings on you and your beautiful family! Do you have your daughter from Ethiopia yet?


Hi Chad, I would love to get your tutorials, I have been researching this for 2 years and while I am getting closer, I still have a certain ‘fear factor’that kicks in telling me I can’t do it. I want to travel, get out of the office and make money while I do it. Blessing and good fortune on you and your family. Cheers Shez, thank you for your generosity.


Hi Chad,

Looks like you’re living a dream lifestyle – arranging things as you want.
As your teachings are always very practical we are looking forward viewing and learning “how you do it”. you really hit the button with this intro.
What can I say. start sending – can’t wait.
As we have arranged things its more like – need some more hours to the week.
Wishing you and yours all the best and keep up the good works.




which one of chad’s products did you buy that provides the information on getting high ranks with out citations?



Hassib, he was using this:

Usually you need citations to rank, but he’s doing it with some of the other techniques in the course.

Kathy Masonsays:

Perfect timing- I just worked a 12 hour day yesterday- and today might be another one! I look forward to learning how I can have multiple streams of income and do better with project management. I have been working as a marketing service provider for over 13 years and I need to diversify so I can have a life and a business! Thanks again!


Chad, dude you sooo rok. #Salute

Peter Gsays:

I love your chillaxed, no nonsense approach to encouraging others to follow your lead Chad.
I too look forward to the day when I am making money from the web instead of pouring money into it in a one way direction and working far less than the current 60 hrs a week scenario. My biggest impediment is trying to stay focused on a course of action when current work commitments constantly take me away from the computer screen but I will persevere.

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