Youtube Video to #2 in Google in THREE weeks

Youtube Video to #2 in Google in THREE weeks (half a million competing results, exact match) What is your niche keyword competition number? Type in the comments below.

Full Advanced Blackhat Course Opens in 2 Days!

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25 replies on “Youtube Video to #2 in Google in THREE weeks”

Rob Suttonsays:

Pls notify me when your course is released.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes, you’ll get an email in a few days when it is open!


“seven trumpets”

DAve Owensays:

“wordpress security”
“wordpress security issues”
“wordpress hacked”


I don’t have a specific niche.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: no worries, we do have some info in the members area to help you find a niche to target!


Here are some things I need please don’t think I am a perv this is for a client who has an actual product that isn’t so racey sounding. Hey sex sells.


There are a lot more some with searches in the tens of millions so any training I can get I will buy. Thanks.


Hey I understand if you don’t post my last comment with the adult keywords but I do really intend on buying your product. My friend is doing about 6 grand a month selling pick up artist stuff and he showed me his whole funnel so first I need to get some vids ranked. Anyways, anything I can do to get out of my job and I am on it. I can smell the freedom now.
Tahnks , kell


I’m interested in your course but not quite sure I heard you correctly regarding the price.
My goal is to set up a blog/site and generate leads to sell to the niche businesses.

Even though I don’t have many niches phrases or keywords at the moment, I’d like to study the trainings and be part of the community so when needed I can call on.

Therefor I would like to know if I joined your premium service ,would that information provide me the proper training for my niches of lower search # and the higher keyword search over 200,000 competitive keywords?

Is there a monthly price or flat rate fee?
The answer will ultimately make me decision!

Thanks for your time.

All The Best!


PS. It Sounds Exciting!

P.S.S. I Like This Tactic To Get Optins:-)

ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you register for the ADVANCED option, you get 3 months free of my monthly program. After that you can cancel and never be billed for the monthly program. All the videos are in the members area, so as soon as you register you can view them right away. Regarding the information you need, the ADVANCED option will give you what you need, both for the lower competition niches, AND high competition niches with over 200k competition. Hope this helps!


“P90X’ “Insanity” “beachbody”

Fred Gillensays:

“janome machine embroidery designs”

tullia Lawsays:

“tummy tuck surgery” 259,000 results

Mitchell J Schultzsays:

Penny stocks
small cap investors
penny stock opportunity
Stock moving higher

We have a YouTube Channel and adding more stuff very soon
Appreciate any assistance, consulting, etc.

JB Floydsays:

this is sweet, cant wait to use

JB Floydsays:

wellness clinic


I’d like more info about this course.
My keyphrase competition is 173,000


divorce attorney


Google is lying about the results! The “About xxxxxx Results” is a lie! To see the real results, scroll to the bottom and click on page 10. The when page 10 comes up, click on the highest page that comes up again and then repeat that until Google gives you the real results. You will only have to do it a few times. You will be amazed at how many results there really are.


Make money online without the quotes only really has 463 results on 47 pages deep. Check it out.



the top search for my niche


About 137,000 results


I have a relatively simple question. How would your course help hangouts get ranked? I have a FB Fan Page that I will be doing Google Hangouts on a regular basis to promote offline clients. The hangouts will go for approximately one to two hours in length. Don’t know if the length will cause a problem for ranking.

Looking forward to what you have to say.


“car accident phoenix” 61,600
“car accident lawyer phoenix” 585,000
“car accident attorney phoenix” 296,000
“phoenix car accident attorney” 160,000
“phoenix car accident lawyer” 7,120
“phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer” 24,700
“phoenix motorcycle accident attorney” 14,800
“motorcycle accident attorney phoenix” 120,000
“motorcycle accident lawyer phoenix” 162,000


“Telus Fort Saskatchewan”


Patrick Moroneysays:

safety consultants brisbane 533,000
safety consultant brisbane 1 530,000
safety consultant sydney 1 120,000
safety consultants sydney 882,000
safety consultants queensland 170,000

Thank you

Joe Pryorsays:

“Oklahoma City real estate” About 424,000 results (0.48 seconds)

Bob McCrackensays:

“Build a house in the Poconos”

23,700 on google page

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