4 Easy Ways to Exploit Youtube (NOT for normal sites!)

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10 replies on “4 Easy Ways to Exploit Youtube (NOT for normal sites!)”

you have dates from 2011 in your refund section. Is this course relevant for 2014, and does it take into account the videos that were removed and re-uploaded by YT that had fake views? Are your fake views a better source?
I am looking forward to learning more about this course of yours!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes the course is fully updated for 2014. We regularly audit and update the videos in the members area to keep everything updated. In fact, just last week I released two brand new videos to the members area on new techniques we hadn’t taught before. Regarding fake views, the advanced course talks all about safe sources for views, we are testing this regularly to make sure our view sources are safe.

is that a good site. it uses people and not bots

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’ve never tested the site you mentioned, you really need to know which views providers to use though, it makes a big difference, some will do much more harm than good! My advanced course will go over all that in detail

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