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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000. If you are looking for more information about phone verification of google plus local or google maps listings, this video from Chad Kimball, Google Maps Expert will show you more. How to verify google maps listings or google my business (GMB) pages is a difficult problem especially for those in service area businesses or those in the lead generation business.

Chad also offers one on one consulting and monthly group coaching programs for SEO professionals and business owners.

You can learn more about Chad Kimball, Google Maps Expert here. Google maps continues to be the one of the final frontiers of internet marketing. It continues to be easy and fast to rank on google maps if you know how to get your maps listing up and verified. IF you have clients, you can produce powerful wins for them on google maps very quickly as well. There are massive numbers of underoptimized client listings on google. Sometimes with just a few tweaks you can spike a client listing and stand by as their phone begins to ring. If you are a lead generation business, you can get traffic and phone calls from google maps much easier than from regular organic search. Local maps search is only growing, and google continues to invest heavily in their maps platform as it gains market share.

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Chad, Are you actively building a business and teaching still, or have you retired. This maps marketing stuff is cool but it was cool 5-10 years ago when it all hit the market. Just curious… I am looking but want to work with someone who will speak to me. Thanks. Craig

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Maps marketing is alive and well… it is still WAY easier than most other business models. Our students are killing it! Jump on a call…

Dwight Briscosays:

I’m with Craig, what impact has the Google Badge had on Google Maps? I also am interested in getting this mentoring but want to make sure it’s not outdated.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: We have weekly live sessions in the members area talking about any updates, and we also update the training as Google makes changes. Quicker to explain everything by phone… schedule a call here:

Garry Whittaker jrsays:

I am very interested in your coaching program need to come up with the cash ok

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