Donald Trump Uses My Link Network Techniques?

OK OK I know, those who have received my link network training will say that this isn’t exactly the same thing that I teach, but it is very close!

Did you see how Donald Trump has become the biggest online troll ever…

He bought a domain about becoming president before he was elected, trolling his opponent.

Now, my link network training is not about becoming a troll, but it is about taking advantage of opportunities like Donald Trump saw.

My training allows you to build a network for yourself so you control your own high powered backlinks.

You point these network links to any site you want, to rank when you want. You own all the sites, you own all the backlinks.

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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