Donald Trump Uses My Link Network Techniques?

OK OK I know, those who have received my link network training will say that this isn’t exactly the same thing that I teach, but it is very close!

Did you see how Donald Trump has become the biggest online troll ever…

He bought a domain about becoming president before he was elected, trolling his opponent.

Now, my link network training is not about becoming a troll, but it is about taking advantage of opportunities like Donald Trump saw.

My training allows you to build a network for yourself so you control your own high powered backlinks.

You point these network links to any site you want, to rank when you want. You own all the sites, you own all the backlinks.

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Google spying on you through wordpress??

You may not know this, but every time you login into the wordpress admin, it sends your IP address to Google.


WordPress automatically comes with Google’s “web fonts” installed. One of these fonts is in specifically for your admin area. Google even admits it in their privacy statement: “we detect which websites are using Google Fonts”

What does this mean?

This is particularly bad if you have your own private blog network and use wordpress for it. Every time you login to any one of those sites in your network, google knows it is you, and that you are the admin of all those sites. Yet another reason why I teach people NOT to use wordpress for their link networks. Whether you are making money with clickbank, or closing deals as an inbound closer for someone else, this will be relevant to you.

I teach an even easier way to setup huge link networks that google will NEVER find.

I’m talking about a network of very powerful, high authority domains.

You don’t have to come up with any of the content for your sites yourself, it is all done for you for free through my system. It isn’t even that complicated once you take my training. And it is totally safe. I have never had a site deindexed or penalized in my network.

I continue to use my network to point links wherever I want, whenever I want. Google has no idea I own many of the links pointing to my sites.

If you want me to teach you how to do this, I am offering a one on one training with
me personally. You’ll learn, directly from me, how I setup our network and scale it very quickly. Building your network can be almost entirely outsourced with my method.


Stephen Colbert talks about my Youtube Technique??

Did you see the video of Colbert talking about youtube comments?

My wife and I were cracking up at this video just now! No matter what your politics are, you gotta love Colbert.

But seriously, you may not know this: Colbert’s silly youtube prank is actually very close to how my students ranked Youtube videos in the past!

We would use much higher quality comments, but we would simply place comments on high pagerank youtube videos. Usually when you hit 30 or 40 comments, your youtube videos and sometimes your entire youtube account page would rank on the first page of google. I’m oversimplifying the technique here, but the reality is, it was very easy to rank.

Well, google shut all this down with the new comment system.

But, GOOD NEWS, they made it even better when they brought google plus into the picture. There are some very powerful techniques now available with the new system that I will teach you.

It is now EVEN EASIER to rank youtube videos.