My Rustic Retreat

This is where I’ve been. Lucky for my customers, we finally have Internet access at the house out there. So I don’t have to drop off the face off the earth and disappear like a ninja when we head out to our farm.

But this photo shows my favorite spot.

All the way to the back of the 70 acres.

No Internet. No electricity.  Phones don’t work. Siri doesn’t say a word.

Enjoying the last weeks of warm weather before fall.

If you have someplace near you like this, soak it up. Now is the time.


Murder across the street from me

Some of you may know that my wife and I are a part of an inner city ministry here in Chicago. I’m posting this as a reminder during this Christmas season to use some of your business profits and give to those in need. There are folks not far from you who are desperate, hurting, and hungry.

On Sunday, one of the local boys, a gang member, was shot and killed across the street from my house.  Here are me and my kids under a bridge near my house:


Chad Kimball, Google Maps, And Safe Families

This is Joey. We are caring for him for about 3 months.

(My wife and I take care of at-risk children through this program:)

Here’s another great youtube video that shows what it is all about.