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Hey Chad and Seth,

I’m Robert. G.

I am so impressed with the first video I purchased from you (Auto Blog Content) that I just had to investigate what other products you might have. I’m totally blown away with the inforamation you have provided. I’ve been online since 1999, and there are things on your various videos I hadn’t even heard of before. Thanks for the (true) education!


Hey Chad,

Fabulous video……great information and technique I wasn’t aware of.


Hi Chad,

Thanks for the videos. Great ideas and simple to implement. Thanks for making them available.


Hi Chad,

Thanks for the great information. You totally overdelivered what I was expecting. I will give this a try.

Wow! Lead here my James J. Jones, I signed up and have watched the first video so far… and all I can say is, Wow! I had about given up on my Squidoo efforts, but now I see why I wasn’t getting anywhere with it. THANK YOU for heads up! I’m off to check out the next video!

Hi Chad/Seth…

Wow…I learned a lot from just your first video. Can’t wait to see what else you have to share with us. Just that one technique alone can bring us so many high PR backlinks. I think everyone who is thinking about buying your products should quit thinking and just do it. You are very good at breaking things down into simple explanations so that anyone can follow in your footsteps.

Thanks so much for the great info!
Denise Lorraine

Awesome undercover technique for bringing more love ot your property
Great out of the box ,underground , and creative thinking. I love thanks for putting that out there for the interested. DMG

I’m really loving your tips that you are putting out! I never knew that there were so much ways to get traffic to my website. Please keep them coming and thank you for sharing your best keep tips.

hey i just wanted to share a comment that i loved the videos and for once i got a video that was easy to understand.keep up the good work

Hi Chad,

This is great information. I’ve got a lot more to learn about this, but it does not seem that difficulty to start putting to work for me.

Hi Chad,

I have many squidoo lens…but I have never across such unique for the promotion of your lens..which helps us get our lens to higher search engine ranking. Thank You for sharing this wonderful idea with us!

Interesting technique. Perfect way to have me wanting to see more in the next video. Good work.

Way to go Chad – Awesome traffic tips and strategies. Can’t wait to get started with these techniques.

All The Best

I can’t believe how good the information is that you are providing in your video course. I’m now a follower of yours and hope to quickly put together the information to my advantage as soon as possible.

Wow! You don’t know what you don’t know. These were some very powerful strategies and techniques that you shared. They were informative and easy to implement and easy to outsource.

Thank you very much.

Great information!I was referred here by the James Jones interview. I am a newbie and have been for a year or so but its time to finally get off my butt and get my online biz going. I have watched the first video and I am anxious to watch the other videos.

Great stuff Article Steroids just explained why I was accidentally doing so well in my latest endeavor over a I have been commenting on every friend request I get and have managed to earn more money In my IM business this month than I ever have. Thanks to this video series I now understand that I was actually working a plan instead of getting lucky. I will now be able to learn the rest of the story and apply it to my other 2.o sites

Thanks for the insight

I follow Chad’s teachings whenever I can because he always comes up with doable tips and tactics nobody else even thought of. Do yourself a huge favour and follow him too.


Hi Chad,
i just found out about your IM efforts through James Jones and heard the mp3 you did with james.
I am looking forward to learn more from you and your techniques especially about PLR products. Though i will be interested in anything your willing to share.


Thanks Chad, Great technique! I didn’t realize that it is just that easy and yet so powerful. I need all the help i can get. Can’t wait to get to next video!

I’m very impressed with your presentation of the system.

The system is very workable. I’ve had good success using it

Thanks for the videos! I am so excited, I can’t wait to try this with some of my articles…you gotta love a new technique that you have already begun.

I love it – Chad you continue to uncover methods that no-one else seems to think of and … best of all… they’re easy to implement.

I’m another who came through a James Jones link and I must honestly say that those videos certainly present some very interesting and workable possibilities. I’ve been creating sites since 1997, still without much luck but I’ve avoided squidoo-type networking until now. Finally you’ve shown me how it truly can be very useful indeed.

Some great info. I’m going to try these tricks straight away. Thanks for sharing them.

Iv’e been online sense 1986, and about the time I think Iv’e seen it all, someone like you comes along and puts an entirely new wrinkle. I love it!
You seem to have a way of looking at things that others overlook.
I’m very interested in your other projects.

Man, this is crazy easy…. I can’t believe I’ve been such a sucker for so long, and here you are with the real deal totally for free.
so is it OK with you if I just keep it to myself until I make all this money that it has the potential to make, before I start sharing it with my network?
Is that ok with you.


You’ve opened up a new world of exploration. Now, I believe, I have an idea how Christofer Columbus must have felt when he discovered America.

Thanks for sharing this one of a kind, insiders, information with me. I am ready for more.

Jerry Gerard


Powerful one of a a kind information that I have never seen discussed or written about anywhere. Can’t wait to try it.

Thanks loads.

Jerry Gerard

I am truly impressed with the tactics that you revel in your videos ! I’ve looked at tons of courses but yours is truly original, filled with golden nuggets that can be implemented by anyone. Great information that no one else talks about… Keep it up ! Thanks !

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