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Very clever techniques. Its rare when I find even one useful tip in a course these days. I uncovered at least 3 “nuggets” in your videos. Look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

Thanks a lot!

Aloha Chad, 8-5

Just finished listening to you interview with james Jones.. GREAT STUFF!!
So this is a quick THANK YOU !! for sharing some of your stratagies with PLRs and your other onfo on things related to articles etc…. So many people struggling to make a go of Internet Marketing and not lucky enough to have come across you, too bad for them!!


Hi Chad,

Great information! And, thanks for James Jones for recommending it. I enjoyed the interview and watched the first video. Can’t wait to watch them all.

Hi Chad

Looks interesting.

I have a Mac and won’t be able to uee your stuff until I can switch to Firefox browser

Thanks for letting me look though


Just came across you and all your stuff by accident really but its given me the impetus to get on and start a page in Squidoo right NOW. I have bought tons of stuff off of so called gurus and ended up with information overload. At last thanks to some good advice I have my website up and live but was stuck on how to get links. I have every way possible to do it on my PC but am by nature lazy but your method is quick easy etc etc So thanks I am off to get some Agrade links and in a week or to watch out for me at the top of Google.

Great SEO and traffic building techniques . I am going to put them to use on my FFL site right away. Getting back links quickly is the most important part of promoting a site. Your technique of amplifying Web 2.0 page rank and directing it to your own site is brilliant. I really liked that you did not just discuss theory like so many others, but you also provided step by step videos as well. Obviously your information is real workable how-to stuff, not the recycled hype you find all over the Internet. Good job Chad, looking forward to your next project.

I just wanted to say that Chad has taught me a lot from all of your various videos that he has out.

This information is golden….or least should be worth its weight in gold.

Everything that I have heard or seen him on provides real material unlike
all those junk pushers.

Thanks for all the great training,


I believe that the Article Steroids Videos are well worth my and your time if you don’t have traffic, and page rank. So far I’ve only watched one video, but am eager to find out what the others have to offer.


Love your style and method of delivery – A terrific straight to the gut explanation that works extremely well. No BS info. Congratulation!!! Very, Very helpful!!

Jim Cooke

Hi Chad
Very helpful info you have come out with here.
I am very grateful that you send it out well below its true value,it is very much appreciated.


Wow …I’m a new follower of Chad Kimball’s stuff and all I can say is the reason why…is ’cause his stuff Works, That’s IF You implement his techniques.
This article steroids course is only 5 videos long….and simple enough to use….it Works..


Hi Chad,

As usual, good stuff, and I am going to make use of it immediately for my website. I am writing articles every week, so I want to get the most bang for the buck, and your tips look like they are going to enhance my efforts tremendously.


This is cool, as always, this is why I buy from you and always save your emails because I love the content, I don’t hear these tactics anywhere else and they are awesome!

Hi Chad.

ran across your emails from awhile ago… decided to re-review your videos
just what to say every time I do, learn something else that I missed before.


Hi Chad:

Well, I’m just now getting into your stuff but I liked the interview you did with James Jones. I, of course, know that article marketing is a reputable technique but I also appreciate that you appear to have ‘gamed’ the system a little bit. I’m cool with that and I hope I can learn something from you.

I’ll be buying that article software soon too.


Chad, when I first saw you, I new there was alot of information you had to offer, but I never thought you would be so honest as to share so much of it with total strangers!

I am blown away…

I’ve been googling your name to find out what more you have to offer.


Believe me, you won’t know how to thank him enough!

Thanks Chad a thousand times over……

Awesome as ever Chaddo – I wish I had the insights into this marketing stuff that you do – but as I don’t – I’m happy to buy everything you put out!!!!! Don’t hesitate guys – get the edge over the rest!

Each of the videos was extremely enlightening and very easy to follow.I can’t wait to get started with these techniques.Thanks for the terrific course.

Hey Chad

Your experience speak. I really like your approach of not hiding your secrets. Lots of people will be benefited with this single technique.

Lata Gupta

Hey, Great stuff…I appreciate your candor in revealing your secrets. I’ve been trying to drive traffic to my websites one article at a time with little success. Your way looks much better. I can’t wait to try it.

Hi Chad,

I just watched the first video and was really impressed.

This knowedge will be put to good use just as soon as I get my website up and running.

Now I am off to watch the rest of the videos!



Hey Chad,

I haven’t tried this Article Steroids Video Course just yet, but like with everything you send out I know it will be awesome.

Chad, you’re one of those guys who I won’t just delete your email before even checking out the content. You’re good my friend and keep up the fantastic work.


I am blown away by the simplicity of the techniques in the article steroids course. I know I will get alot of my articles ranking in the search engines with this one.


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