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107 replies on “Auto Blog Cash Testimonials”

Had Chad,
this looks like it will be an awesome program. I watched the first video and can’t wait for the rest.
This is an early Christmas present to myself, but it’s gonna be good for my whole family. I just had to tell you before I go on. Thanks, well worth every penny!


Always appreciate your tips and tricks.
Autoblog Cash is a great program and your instructions are always clear and concise.
Keep up the good work.


Chaddo always produces great value and a unique perspective. I bought this program based on the strength and very real value of his Blackhat Local Marketing course. I know I will be thrilled with this one too.


I’ve just started the program but am impressed by the quality and clarity of your videos. You have put together an extremely valuable tool here and I felt I had to mention so!

Looking forward to putting this into action and making some $$!

Thanks again,


Chad, whenever I see you have something for sale, I buy it. I have only used little bits here and there, but they were always fresh, and I always produced some good results, enough to justify the pricetag.

I am in the mindset/spirituality “industry” and I am afraid to push: it is not cool in that arena… lol

But I have always wanted an autoblog and I hope that I will find sources as per your instructions to mine for content that hasn’t been overused… Can’t tell you, that little piece of info in the first video is probably worth the price I paid for this long course. Thank you, you never disappoint.

By now everyone knows that this plugin is now unavailable. I have dug around to find it and located a version of it on this page:
Thank you to for creating it and to Andrew Gloyns for making it avaiable from his site.

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