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You can give this URL to someone at and have this task completed very quickly and inexpensively.

Or you can spend some time and do it yourself.

The result will be a list of high Page Rank blogs that are related to your NICHE or TARGET KEYWORD, that you can post comments on.

The resulting links to your site will NOT have a nofollow tag on the link.

1. List of “dofollow” blogs: Click Here

2. Download and install firefox browser Here: (Required to complete the task in the video)

3. Open Firefox first, then search for SEO quake to install the SEO quake firefox extension (required to complete task in video).

15 replies on “Do-Follow Blog Comments 1”

Vitaliy Syromyatnikovsays:

Great tool, thanx a lot.
I have just completed this task for some blogs from that list.

Terry Jettsays:

Thank you for the great share Chad!



what keywords are you talking about? didn’t see a list of keywords anywhere you said you gave us

Ian Maranonsays:

Thanks for another great strategy Chad. Always great content. I am always satisfied.

Richard Mortimersays:

Hey, thanks Chad,

Great technique – also quite involved, so its not going to get saturated!

Is there software that does this? It would be mighty powerful.

Keep up the good work – some of the best free content in Internet Marketing!



Hi Chad,

Great tips as usual, thanks

Richard Hargreavessays:

Hey Chad, Good technique, but SEO Quake doesn’t work for the latest version of Firefox (4). 16 April 2011.

Skye Gunnersays:

Chad –
Care to clear up the “no follow” “do follow” concept?

I have heard one is better than the other
Also heard that it does not matter……………huh?

Your opinion, would clear things up
THX -Skye


Hey Chad!

I love your site and your tricks!you are a great internet marketer i am looking forward for more cool stuff! YES – Blog Commenting is a very useful way to get one way backlinks to your own site but is there an automated way to do that without landing in the google sandbox?

Hope for a helpful answer.



P.S.: have a nice weekend.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: This is how to do it –



You can use a portable version of firefox 3 from PortableApps.

hope this helps


Nice video. Working through it right now, but taking the easy option using oDesk stuff to pull the list together. Should still be cost effective, if I can source the high PR DoFollow blogs.

Mark Montgomerysays:

Chad, I always love your tips. I am in zoho sheets but cannot locate the dofollowblogs wheet. How do I find it?




good post chad, your tips are good,thanks so much. this just kills me, these people want a software, push button software to do this for them, are you kidding me. they really want to do nothing, but get everything. you people are in the wrong business. to make money, buy traffic.


Really cool post chad.
As always.
I love your stuff.
Give me more :)

Wish you the best.




this is from 2008, now is 2014. It’s still working?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes, but if you want an updated version of the same technique, watch my video here:

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