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This system was a product that I created to teach people how to create their own network of sites to use for linking. NOT a PBN because these are not blogs. But very very powerful links. I still use this type of link today and it has stood the test of time, over a decade at the point you are probably reading this!

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Karen Shainsays:

These training courses are the BEST! Thank you so much … I’m learning more now than I have over the last several years. I only wish I had known about these lessons earlier. I can’t wait to find out what I’m going to learn next!

Thank you so much,

Karen Shain

Charles Boustanysays:


I have invested in your domain tweak system not only as it was of interest to me but because your special offer is really clever and inticing. Actually a no brainer why anyone will not invest in this product must be a mystery
Ok So I have just finished watching the first video and taking notes and so far i am impressed you have delivered what you promissed so cant wait to watch the rest of the videos . Based on this I have no hesitation in urging the reader to go and invest in the Domain Tweak System you have nothing to lose
One gripe I really hate CB for charging us Europeans the VAT element but still Chad or anyone else cant do anything about that



Hey Chad,
I see from the intro vid you’ve really thought this program out. Looking forward to seeing the rest open up.
Cheers, Jeff

Dale Trimblesays:

Great system,cant wait to experience the results


real eye-opener – can’ wait to get to the next video.

Vincent Dsays:

Chad, this was totally new and porfitable info that I have never heard from any other vendor or marketer. Very valuable because it is from some one
who is doing it.

Can this strategy be used for linking of blogs or is it a different method
needing new information and techniques. Please answer soon.


Chaney Alulissays:

Hi Chad,

This information is just amazing… you have revealed the kind of vital information that most of us IM can’t even imagine and the best part
is this is just the overview of “Domain Tweak”

I must tell you Chad, that I am so inspired by your work and not to
mention the great price and excellent value!

Simply Thank You,


Lazy Ladysays:


Thank you so much for the great info!

Direct to the point and so amazing!

Thanks again!


I’ve seen from your tutorial that you used an OptiLink, do you have any recommendations — an alternative for that?

Steve Reelsays:


I have several of your video courses. Great stuff! I like the fact that these are exact step by step not just the general theory. I’ve never seen Chads techniques anywhere else, so even when your familiar with the concepts, he has useful tips and systems.

I wish he’d take them off the market now… :)


This is a great course and I’m lucky that I found it… I do a similar technique using article marketing, but the technique explained here will be quicker to implement, and probably more powerful.


Great set of videos. I’ve considered doing something similar, but your “tweak” definitely opens it up for some more opportunities. I was also a little nervous about getting burned, but it the videos covering how to tell if the domain is worth purchasing really helped.


This first video looks brillant. Plain simple explantaions, with an uncluttered diagram. Hope the rest of the videos are as clear, and content filled.

Jesper Lassensays:


saw all of the Domain Tweak videos now. Still explained so that anybody would understand. When I reach the point of increasing traffic I will definitely use the ideas from this course. Looking forward to hearing more about the way you look at things.

All the best,


Lyndon Irvinesays:

Hi Chad,

Thank you so much for these eye opening
videos. I have just finished number 6 and WOW.

I have learned so much new techniques that i will
begin applying immediately.

I urge anyone reading this to get this product.
Chad delivers as always and this will surely
boost traffic to your sites as well as increase sales
to your products. Not to mention the price is
ridiculously low.

I give this two thumbs and a big toe.
(I ran out of hands)

Amazing. Simply amazing. Food for the brain.



The “Domain Tweak System” is an amazing process. I am excited to go to work implementing what you have taught. You’ve done a great job with the videos. You did not talk over my head, which happens often



Michael Kingsays:

Hey Chad,
I’ve just checked out your Domain Tweak Overview and can’t wait to delve deeper. Most everything I’ve seen from you is highly informative and I’ve learned many SEO techniques I never would have thought of. Looking forward to more from you.
Mike King

Bob Gillsays:

Hi Chad,
I’ve just listened to the first Domain Tweak video. Well presented, understandable, informative.

Very interesting, to say the least, and has definitely got me looking forward to listening to the rest of the videos.

Kind regards,
Bob Gill

Bob Gillsays:

Hi Chad again,

Just finished watching the video on Topical Theme Vectoring. Already my mind is ticking over on what I can do even with my existing domain pages. Looking forward to the next video.

Leo Vidalsays:

Wow. Just watched the #1 video on the link structure and I was really impressed. I need to get more of your stuff. I knew internal linking was really important but never understand how and why before. Your idea of the cheap domain and then the Google-cache-copy is brilliant. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the videos and do some of this stuff. This could be better than my blog farm.
Thanks a ton.
Hawkeye Vidal


Sounds promising so far, thanks!


Outstanding! Really enjoyed the content of this video! Very informative and in depth. Loved the way you presented the concept, easy to understand and use. In short, it rocked! : ))


Chad your work is so great.I just starting out.Please come with more.This will be a father and son effort.Thanks


David Ssays:

Hey Chad, Great video 1, as always! I really want to understand this system and implement it this month as my no1 project to tie in all my Internet Marketing websites and kick start my earning for 2010. Keep up the great ideas and training.

Sarawak, Malaysia


Hey Chad, how do you come up with these awesome tweaks! You never fail to blow my mind with cool tricks that bring back winning results. Thanks for the Domain Tweak system.


Hi Chad, only had time so far to look at the first video. At first I thought that it was a “copy” of Michael Campbells Jiggling the web, but NO ! Wish I had more time to look at the rest just now. Btw all your material, tips and idéas are great.

Victor from Australia.says:

G’day Chad,… First and foremost I have to thank you for giving me something which in only days has already changed my life. The free advice you gave me prior to me purchasing your videos was wonderful, and your powerful video course on “Domain Tweaking Techniques” is absolutely priceless and unique. I’ve spent some five years learning as much as possible about web marketing and all that goes with it, good and bad,… and it’s only recently I’ve felt I had enough knowledge and felt the desire to start a web business.

Why I’m so chuffed is that some time back I had heard of your course but had no idea how to find you until doing so recently quite by luck. Your concept is so simple and logical, and you’ve proved it works. You’ve developed an SEO and Traffic generation masterpiece and I know without a doubt you’ll save me hundreds of unnecessary hours of work and money.

I have no hesitation in recommending your videos to anyone willing to put in a little effort for a great reward. At long last I have found what I want to do and look forward to getting started real soon. I now have an honest, clear and simple plan and a complete blueprint that I can trust, understand and follow. Everything I learned previously has just fallen into place with your course.

This means I never have go weeding through all the marketing hype & crap on the web again looking for a project to take on that wont send me broke before I get started. All my fears of failing as an internet marketer have now just evaporated.

All I can say now is “Step aside all ye shallow water men, and let a deep sea wave roll by”,… because here I come.

Thank you Chad,… your a legend..!!
Victor in Australia.

Jeff Sullivansays:

This is very exciting stuff! SEO can be very confusing at times but
you make this very simple to understand. I would say more but I’m
anxious to get to the next video.
Thank you,
Jeff in Alaska

Em Ciervosays:

Your training is always the best. Its always above the expectation and always refreshing…

Thanks. Great videos!

Kevin B.says:

First of all this information is like mastercard PRICELESS the video are great,blown away on how effective this is going to help me and other who buy this little gem…

I ‘m so glad that i pick up Domain tweaking and keep surprising us with your next GEM of a product …

Kevin B.


Absolutely amazing and quite ingenious. A big thanks to Chad for introducing money-making content like no one else and explaining it in a way that’s easy to comprehend and implement. Can’t wait to see what’s next down the pipeline!


Hi ChAD,

This is fantastic information – wish I had found you sooner! Have been going around in circles trying to make money, but ended up spending money and making nothing. I am pretty confident that I will be making loads of money soon with the Domain Tweaking system. The videos are crisp and easy to understand. God Bless You for making this so affordable for us beginners.

Sincerely, Sharon

Dan DeMarcosays:

Quality of information & a BIG EYE opener.

I thought I knew it all by now in regards to domains. But once again Chad you proof me wrong.

Im so glad to follow your materials.

Highly recommended,

Dan DeMarco


I’m not even in the game of affiliate marketing. I’m simply looking at positing or web service into the market. The web service I’m targeting is competitive and this video course has opened my eyes hugely to the possibility of increasing my sites presence and potentially giving it massive value. Still loads of work ahead and thanks to these videos it has laid the path clearly and given me a target and focuse on how to achieve my goals.

HUGE thanks, I feel invigorated and can see the horizon.


I sense that I’m moving my SEO knowledge to a level ahead of the norm. I have a current project where I’ll be putting this to work immediately. I have several others that I’ll have waiting in the wings, so, it won’t be long before I can measure the results.

Also, thanks for cueing me into another source of expertise that you consider valuable to your efforts. This is a bonus.


Hi, I just finished watching the first intro video. It seems ver clear and straight to the point. I did like the way things are explained.
I had some questions that came up while watching and I would like to know how to contact Chad.


Talk about to much information, you two guys always into something ! How do yall sleep at nite? What I dont like about what yall teach is for two years now I have no one to explain this stuff to yet I keep taking notes — (It is what it is) Thanks for keeping me above the fold.



Actually Chad my signup to yall’s newsletter now 13 months put me on to the SEO and linking ; after this course I will not open anymore stuff you send — Man do yall sleep at nite or what!
Thanks for the straight and narrow!


Ok , I know now I need a niche or two maybe three . Very clear process in this video I’m ready to try ! Watch out affilate marketing !


This is third time I heard you speak on this subject, all clear now, lets do this
next video, please.


Sure Chad…

Overview video great. Will finish off reading ” Revenge of the mininet” ebook. then proceed with The Domain Tweak Course.

Geoff Downunder…in flood ravaged Queensland.

Jim Cookesays:

I have been a fan/customer of Chad’s products for a couple of years now. He never fails to over-deliver value regardless of the subject.

His particular unique style of delivery and clearly illustrated videos make even complicated concepts easy to understand and put into use.

If you have any reservations, dismiss them now. This guy is truly the real deal!


I just finished the Domain Tweak Overview video. It’s nice and easy to follow and should be usable for almost anyone. I have recently decided I needed an authority style site to create an income base while I pursue other IM ideas. Your course is a great fit to build my main money-making site and I’ve already started setting up the basic stuff.

John MacDonaldsays:

Hey Chad,

Ok I bought the course because it sounded interesting in your video although to be honest had it not been for the presence of your gorgeous daughter I might well not have finished watching the video.

I just watched the course overview and realise now just how lucky I was to buy this. As someone already working in the SEO business it is always great to see innovators like you share their experience and knowledge of tried and tested methods rather than just theories.

I wanted to write this testimonial and let others know that this can be applied by both newbies and experienced people. Hopefully a newbie will finally use this and actually make money without having to go through all the normal painful and costly learning steps. This is also not some rehashed version of another course.

Thanks also for the bonus which to be honest I have not even downloaded yet as I am too eager to watch the rest of the videos and start implementing this great strategy.

My thanks also to your daughter for keeping my attention during the videoso that I actually listened to you (even if I was watching her).

Anton Hamiltonsays:

Chad you are a Internet Genuis. I read the mininet years ago and could not figure it out and I got on your very first video. Peace be with you.


Never seen such a series of original content and insights. Thank you for sharing the fruits of your hard work.


I really don’t know how you feed your family??!!
The FREE info that you give away can be used on it’s own to help people make money…but then you put out a course like this, and at this price??
Someone needs to Tonya Harding your ass so you quit sharing this stuff with the masses-LOL


I agree with nick I don.t know how you feed your family with the free info you give away. I just bought the course and it is fabulous.



Philip Davissays:

Damn Chad, this is overwhelming.

There is so much information to read, watch, digest and apply that I’ll be busy for the next year.

Totally over the top, I mean you REALLY over-delivered even for you.

If I can’t make some serious money with this course I’ll just have to go get a job…

Thanks Again,


Dr Anne Curtissays:

I just watched the ClickBank Loophole video – its the first of your training videos I’ve ever seen and I’m totally impressed already. Great new information – plus very clearly explained and easy to understand and implement.

Thanks Chad – can’t wait to watch the rest of the program now!


Nadine Huegelsays:

Hi Chad

I have just purchased your Domain Tweak course & watched the intro video.

There seems to be a lot to learn, although I am optimistic all will be easier than it first looks.

I am looking forward to getting into the course

Nadine Huegel



Just finished Intro Video 1. This is the first product I have purchased from you, but have extensively studied the great tips you share in your emails.

I could not pass up this great offer.

I’m excited to continue for the priceless tech and the unique and special way you teach. You are like no other.




My great take-a-way from Intro Video 2 is this:

I have heard many other Affiliates/Teachers train on how to set up these linking sites, but have never until you, now, heard anyone say that the standard way of doing it doesn’t work that well anymore.

Could be that the videos, etc. of the others are old and they don’t tell you that but in any case, it’s a shame how many reputable teachers out there don’t care whether you get stale – not as effective lessons as in days past – instruction.

I’m so glad to be aboard with you!


Just bought and looking forward to reviewing the product


Just reviewed the first video. Where does Chad get these awesome ideas from?
I thought long and hard before spending another dollar on another promising IM product. Because I was so impressed by the previous products I purchased from you (brilliant and practical), I jumped in to get this one.

All I can say is: this is a must buy for anyone serious about IM (gosh I really would not like too many people knowing about this solid rapid fire system) but for good karma l’m going to tell it like it is.

Many thanks Chad…keep them coming :)

mike keeslingsays:

As always great value. I’m not a big fan of video instruction and much prefer pdf files that I can print out and refer to while actually doing the steps, but I will say your videos are very well done in terms of giving you the information clearly and at a pace that makes note taking possible.


This is great so far I have just watched the first video thank you I think I am going to make some money this coming year.


Solid IM gem from Chad, the warrior!


Hi, Chad,

I just finished your first video and I wanted to say that the info about the link structures to your main web site is fascinating. This is an entity that can stand on it’s own and get more and more traffic without having to rely on Google. It’s basically self-promoting. You’re cutting out the middle man (Google and other search engines).

I already know a bit about purchasing other domains, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how YOU go about it. I think your info is going to be much more specific and detailed than what I’ve seen before. I’m pretty excited about this!



Chad you are brilliant. Your perspective never ceases to amaze me. Talk about outside of the square. I encourage you to keep getting blacker and blacker if that’s the term for being street wise on the net.

One thing that would help all us devotees is to be able to download ALL your videos. I defy anyone on the planet to learn your stuff perfectly without being able to go forward and backward easily. I end up using Basic Quick time to record the whole bloody screen but it’s painful and sometimes buggy.

I’m on a Mac. Do you know of a simple Mac recorder of videos ?

All the best. Greg


Hi Chad,

Watched the overview video and the Clickbank loop hole video’s. Seems hard work pays off for you this year 2011. Solid info as usual from you. I see the link structure as a super highway for the big G bot to favor. This training I see very useful for offline local small business projects I am currently working on. Working through each video as I type.

Philip Gsays:

I bought the course because Chad’s blog is so insightful, and it shows his technical competence too – he gives away a lot of detailed knowledge for free, so I believe that the paid content will surely be good.

So far, I’ve watched the overview video – the very fact that there is one gives me confidence, because what I am looking for is structured, excutable, how-to info to improve my SEO. And it seems to be fulfulling his promise… as an overview, it’s just skiming the surface, but I have high hopes!

Anton Hinxmansays:

I got an unexpected and fantastic benefit from your video course. It may be the single thing which saves the business and career prospects of a very talented A-group celerity wedding photographer in London. How can this be so?

It all started with his website designed in flash with no links to the flash content file and no links to the domain’s blog. When the blog became well established the home page of the website ‘grew a few links’ to inappropriate Polish websites – how, or why one can not say but it was all the work of the web designer. The linking from all photographer’s blog effort was being page rank drained by these unauthorised Polish site links on the photographers home page.

The worse thing about this is that his 100% flash home page hides all of these bad links because only the flash content can be seen. The designer did this to many of his other clients and also has links to his own domain which stands at page rank five. ps: Please don’t follow this example because you may get clients annoyed or face substantial legal costs.

Chad’s video course independently demonstrated the mechanism of page rank distribution so that this wedding photographer could make truthful and educated decision to free himself from the grasps of someone who denies what they are doing: “sending page rank off-site when developing and maintaining flash sites for their clients.”

That’s a truely benefical for me becuase this the wedding photographer is such a good and close family relation.

Worth every penny, one hunderd times over, to save this tallented wedding photographer from being so badly exploited.

To help my relative I have a promotional page one website ranking in less than one week after following Chad’s system of link construction in my promotional site.

Very truthful and informative course.

No refunds this time Chad, instead my sincere thanks!!!

Kind regards,

Anton Hinxman


Say Chad

What a great concept,but it is how you are able to explain the details.
Your explanations are what create the value of this material.And this
material is outstanding.Well done!


George Jacksonsays:

Just like other products I’ve bought from you, I can already see you’ve provided great value, useful content and very clear instructions. Thanks, Chad!

Mike Csays:

Hi Chad, just watched the first video this looks like the road map I have been looking for. No more wandering about aimlessly, can’t wait to get started!


Great Chad, Just watched Page Rank Primer and understand the four page structures for page ranking. My mind clicked about the relationship to the action of dispersing of page rank as I see it happening now. I have not completed the Cam pyramid structure and will fix this now that I see what you are saying here. I dowloaded the “Revenge of the Mininet and Dynamic Linking Ebooks for reading.
Great info to work with right now.



Could you make a video that would show us how to use the domain week process to create a Google news site?


Chad, this course is superb. It is EXACTLY what I need right now, and I already know it works, because I’ve been using a weaker version of this already. You have in here some strategies for finding these domains and for refurbing them that I did not have.

WAY worth the money, and a whole lot more.

Extra tip: If you put decent content on the domains you buy, and the domains have good keywords in them, you can also sell the occasional link on it for a monthly fee. PR 5-6 sites are fetch $40, 50-75 per month for a single content link out from a single page.


Hi. I have known about the basic theory expressed by Chad, but never attempted it because of my lack of know-how in finding and buying authentic Domains (not getting ripped off).

Can’t wait to dive into Chad’s material because of his step by step system that looks to cover all of my missing pieces.


Joshua Baronsays:

I am such a huge fan of yours and the quality of your free content has always been amazing. I have learned so much from you over the last 4 years.
God bless,


Chad always over delivers and his ideas are ingenious
Thanks Chad

Victor Aldermansays:

Chad Followers and Fence sitters,
the two brothers are the combination of moral and killer….. this is deep, so those that don’t get it just shoot me an email and I’ll tell you the deep web secrets.

OK, ok, ho ho, the first sentence is TRUTH. The other stuff just fell of the turnip truck.\

Seriously, these guys are really really good. And they ain’t cheap like in the good ole days….but their endless knowledge is worth thousands. So, what is priceless worth? The trick to all this is ‘ACT on it’ = action, people. Follow these cats and you will win the $web$ war.

That’s it. Plain and simple truth.

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