Q: Do you offer discounts on any of your products?

A: I do offer limited time promotional discounts on products. The best way to hear about promotional offers is to sign up for my email list here: chaddo.com (I’ll also send you my Youtube Commenter bot free of charge)

Q: Do you offer a Paypal option to purchase your programs/products?

A: Yes, message me at chadwarrior@gmail.com and we can get you a payment link for the product you are interested in.

Q: Do you ever use your customers to test trial versions of programs/products?

A: From time to time, we will select a few of our customers to use a free trial version of an item to help us test a method/product. We send out notices about this to our list. You can join our list here:

Q: What are the benefits of belonging to the monthly SEO Cash Club?

A: Cash Club members get weekly Q&A sessions with Chad or Seth, a complimentary video review of the website of their choice, and a forum where they can ask any web marketing or SEO questions they want. The Cash Club contains the most up-to-date versions of Chad’s Google Maps Cash Product, Youtube Cash product, Domain Tweak System, Email List secrets course, and over 100 other instructional videos. In addition to all this, Cash Club members have exclusive access to a suite of bots that will do your SEO work for you.

Q: If I join the Cash Club, can I cancel at any time or do I have to join for a set length of time?

A: You can cancel at any time with no questions asked.

Q: How long will I have to wait for a response if I email support?

A: We try to answer all support questions within 24-36 hours.

Q: What is the best way to contact Chad directly with questions, comments, or ideas?

A: Emailing chadwarrior@gmail.com is the best way to get a response within 24-36 hours.

Q: How often are your courses/products updated in order to stay relevent/current?

A: The Cash Club contains the most up-to-date versions of our courses, because we regularly update videos there as needed.

Q: Do you offer personal one-on-one training, and how much is it?

A: My personal coaching packages start at $797/month (email coaching package). For more details about coaching please email me at chadwarrior@gmail.com

Q: How do I update my payment information?

A: You can update your payment info by:
1. Logging in
2. Click “Update CC info” under Useful Links.
3. Update your information as needed

Q: How do I sign up to be a part of/watch recordings of the weekly Q&A Sessions?

A: We post a link to join our weekly Q&A Sessions each week in the Cash Club and on the Cash Club Facebook page. The video recording of each session, along with a timestamped list of questions asked during the recording, will be posted in the Cash Club within a few days of the session.

Q: How can I submit my website for review, and how long will I have to wait before I get said review?

A: Cash Club members can submit a website review request.

You can expect a reply within one business day. Your review will be completed after that reply, depending on your reply to any questions I have.

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