Find Dying Domains

I made 21K last time I applied this to one of my websites. For huge profits, you need to apply this, plus some additional techniques: Additional steps here.

I made this video specifically to be given to outsourcers. You can go on getafreelancer and get this task done for cheap. Or, you can do it yourself. Feel free to send the outsourcer directly to this page.

VERY IMPORTANT: For huge profits, you need to apply this, plus some additional techniques: Additional steps here.

Do This Everyday:

1. Do a snapnames search (see video)
2. Do namejet search (see video)
3. Copy all domains into excel
4. Search 100 at a time in seochat for PR value. (with www and without www)
5. Any that are PR2 or up, do a search in google for see if any pages are still indexed.
6. If any pages are still indexed, go to the indexed pages and find an email address and phone number (whois won’t work because the name is expired, most likely)
7. If no pages are indexed in google, go back to your excel spreadsheet and look for the “drop date” or “auction date” If it is over 20 days from todays date, go to and look for old copies of the site to find an email address and phone number.
7. Email them the text at the bottom of this page, and copy me on all emails.
8. Send me the website address, the pagerank, the phone number and email address in your daily report


GoDaddy’s Aftermarket

Sedo’s Buy Websites Category

Namepros – look under Marketplace :: Domains For Sale

Here is the email to send out at the end of the process, if the website meets all the requirements:

Hi <insert name>, (if there is no name, just put “Hi”) I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and I noticed that <insert URL> had expired. It is a great site, I’d hate to see it die!

I would love to take over the domain name when it expires, but the registration company won’t let me register it because it hasn’t been released to the public yet.

However, they said if we completed a domain transfer I could register it under my name ASAP…

Would you be interested in doing this? I promise to give this domain a good home!! I’d keep all your current content on there as well so people would be able to access all that information.

Let me know

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Hi Chad,

This is great.
I’ve been troweling various sites looking for expiring
domains but this is even better. Great Info.


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