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Introducing a Macintosh version and better International support.


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We have converted my entire software to be web based so we can easily update it and it works on any platform, and on most browsers as well. To get the software just click the link above and we’ll send it to ya!

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Hey Seth and Chad, Didn’t try the new Mac and Pc version install, but thanks for getting back to me so quick getting these done, I’m loading it as I type
tks again

P.S. almost through the complete course I LOVE THE INFO!!!!!!!!


Looks like it will work well for building my local business clients


Hi Chad

I have loaded up the update and tried it out and it is absolutely fabulous. As I live in the United Kingdom this is really going to be of benefit. However, I do feel I shall have to invest in the course in order to make any progress.
Chad I only sell other people’s products via affiliate programmes. I hope this will help in getting traffic for me.

Can you possibly send me the details to purchase the up-to-date course.

Many thanks



This software rocks. I use for all my promotions and for some of my clients that I have. You always come out with great stuff. I am glad that I found you on the internet and subscribed to your emails. Thanks for the update.

Kat Badersays:

Thank you, this will help my business

Thom Dickeysays:

I am really glad to see the changes in this software. It is going to make everything so much simpler. Thank you very much

Matt Maginleysays:

Seth and Chad – You saved me a lot of work and I am really grateful. I’m telling people about this and using it n my consulting business to help local small business get on the map and drive revenues. I found the partial information on my own but you put it all together into a Business Building process that can be taught and learned.

Great job.

Matt Maginley


Thanks for the updated software…

Brian Sloansays:

Thanks for the update.
Much appreciated as always.


Ralph Mortonsays:

I will be interested in your response as to confirming the google map listing, for if we can save this what a break it will be.


Thank you guys and God Bless you!


This software is outstanding, very useful and I enjoy the content that you are putting out. Great Stuff.


Chad and Seth:

Thank you, thank you. Your course is one of the best investments I’ve made since start my IM business. The companion software ties it all together.

Five stars lads.


Thank you for this update and all the useful info you’re sharing constantly – it’s all very much appreciated!! :)


This software is great and hope to see results for my blogs


Hey Chad and Seth …just downloaded it and used it for a client’s placement this morning…

The site was only getting limited “word of mouth” traffic and had no map placement…i.e. a perfect client!

You guys ROCK!



DITTO!!! On all.Thanks,Brother.

Shelley Coxsays:

Hi Chad,
I am from Australia and have used your 1.0 software with great results – I’m in a major capital city, I can’t wait to try out your update.
Many thanks
Shelley Cox


Chad & Seth,

Firstly, great work from you both on the service and products. Love the new software and have enjoyed our relationship…keep up the great work.



Hi there Chad I am a fan of yours my question is why do backlinks take so long to show I have order backlinks they just do not show.please help me understand how it works thanks.



Great Job Chad – This is great for my local SEO business – Thanks


Another great FREE tool from the Kimball brothers.

Keep em coming and thanks for all your great tips and ideas.


Am I glad I found your site. Downloading the software. The video is so slow for me, my internet connection is reaallly slow. Can you split it and post it.

Thanks a lot for everything!!


Nice job fellas! I uninstalled the old and installed the new and it’s a great tool to have in my arsenal. You’ve out done yourselves again, Thanks!


AWESOME! I had no idea that my Google Business Listing was ALL WRONG! I was using all the wrong keywords! (Right for onpage SEO but WORTHLESS for Google Maps!)

Through your instruction and software I was able to be listed on some GREAT LASER TARGETED keywords! … It took a few minutes of my time and less than a day to show up in Google!



Looks great Chad.
Where does the tool read those keywords in from? I guess I’m just curious to know if we are missing out on other keywords too from the tool. E.g. does it use Google’s auto suggest? That has a set number of results to it.

Looks good though. Enjoying it.

ritesh kharesays:

Hi ,
is your cource updated for Google plus , and ranking which is merged with google places??

I am intrested , but not sure about this update.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes its completely updated for google plus local!

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