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47 replies on “Google Domination Testimonials”

Chad… is the best!

I’ve been struggling online for several years buying into the Big Guru’s and their… Google whipping… Cash busting… Mega Money Making systems and earned very little.

Chad and his training videos are the greatest. They offer value like you have never seen before. Very often he offers you a chance to trial his systems for free… you are very lucky to have found him.

Take a short cut… don’t be like me spending thousands of $$$$. Learn from Chad for a few dollars… and succeed like never before.

Why try all the rest… when you’ve found the best.


Hmm Sparked an interest,,very interesting information, looking forward to the rest of the information, thanks


Hello Chad and Seth;

I think that this course is amazing. I’ve learned so much about RSS feeds and how they work in ranking. I’ve just bought the course, but am still at work, so I’ll test it when I’m home. It looks quite promising. I’ll send a follow-up once I submit my feeds and get results.


You never disappoint. I keep getting these tactical gems from you in videos that are thorough and detailed. If I ever have a question, you’re support line quickly gets back to me with answer. Keep them coming!
Tom O’Boyle

Thanks! Have only just watched your Intro video … thanks for your extremely clear presentation!

Chad you are my hero. I am fairly a newbie, but the things I hear from you are out of this world. In my few years of learning you touch the hot spots. You have lead me to some great places. I can’t wait to see the results from you techniques.

Great job keep it up
T. Nathan

Hi Chad,

Great concept! It’s sounds doable and practical. I’m anxious to see the rest of the videos.

Hey Cad

Have only watched first video and am very excited. We have spent $1000’s on PPC systems/lessons and for the last two years and have not been able to make a profit.

This system seems so simple but if it delivers the traffic (free) I will be upset. Only because of the money we have spent in the past on information that is frankly 90% BS and 10% content. We have learned enough over the last 2 years to be very exited about your system and will implement it immediately.



I knew about RSS and how to implement it for WEb 2.0 properties. However, your videos have very good information regardign non blog or web 2.0 properties and how to take advantage of the RSS. I will implement your methodology today on some of my websites that are not ranking well and meet your criteria. Am very excited about results.

Thank you for the great information!

Great! Straight to the point and very easy to understand. Sounds simple. I hope it is! Can not wait to try it out!

Chaddo! You really did it this time. You always WAY overdeliver but this is the stuff! I can rarely purchase a product that compares in value to the FREE information I get from you. So, needless to say when I saw this I jumped on it! Your videos are always easy to follow, no fluff or BS but don’t leave anything important out either. The first video is full of good tips, I can’t wait to get back to them so I’ll have to cut this short. Before I go let me just say thanks again for always overdelivering AND underpricing your products! You make it possible for anyone to afford to grow their Internet business quickly. You have a long term customer here Chad, thanks. Sincerely, Bert

You are awesome. I have purchased both the google 10 box and this course from you and it so good to have a course that speaks in a language that a non-tech person can understand. You are really helping me to understand RSS. I didn’t even begin to understand it but your videos have really helped. It isn’t totally clear yet and I have to listen to the videos again but the light bulb is starting to go off so I sincerely thank you.



Just bought the “15 Minute Google Domination” course and love it!
You’ve done it again, my friend…… you ever get tired of being called a Genius??? (wink)

Just wanted to let everyone know that when the “Market Samurai” free trial runs out that the KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL is still


at least at the time of this post (1-24-2010).

My trial version ended about 2 weeks ago and the keyword research tool is still working fully but all the other excellent features are locked out though.

I, like you, do highly recommend the software to do your keyword research!
I’ve used it to find some KILLER very low competition KW’s that should get me about 200 unique visitors a day to my site as soon as I use your method.
Thanks buddy!

And now that the software providers keep the keyword research tool fully functional, EVERYONE can use it for their keyword research without any problems and get GREAT results with it to implement your Brilliant methods.

Thanks again Chad for your Great Videos and courses!

See ya at the TOP of page one!

I used this technique and was #7 in Google for my keyword phrase out of over 38K competitors in less than a day. It’s time to do it again.


Chad is constantly sending out free advice and great tactics, I just knew this one was worth buying.

After more study; this is bloody freakin’ brilliant!

You “tech” folks might take this kind of stuff for granted; but us “technologically impaired”; or “marketing retarded”; folks find this type of info HUGE!!!

Thanks, Chad.

I’m rolling it out…

Send me another link to that “Google Maps” thing; I want in…

Chad, all you free mini courses are second to none, and I save all your emails for links to these free mini courses. I cannot always keep up with this dilluge of information, but when I go back, and go through these mini courses they are like a string of pearls. I am sure once I take this new Google domination course that it will be a greater course than I anticipated.

Thanks for all the hard and smart work as you move to your 4 hour work week.

Hello Chad
The first video is very straight forward and to the point. The way any good Teacher should be. I’m enjoying being mentored by you, because that’s
exactly what you are doing with not only the items you offer but also the tons
of free advice you give. Thanks

HI…I saw you ad yesterday and it haunted me overnight. Can it really be so simple. Spending money on PPC isn’t really working.
Well the first section makes it all seem do able and thank goodness I am familiar with most of what you are talking about. I’m excited.

Wow…I’ve sat through the complete course at one sitting so now I need to digest it and then go through it again. Sounds good. I’m glad I bought the course and I can see how it will work for me.

Hi Chad,
You really pointed it out clearly. Even an old German marketer was able to understand it. I’m really looked forward to test this strategy within German internet environment.


Thanks Chad for this information. I would have appreiciated an example using Market Samurai to get a better understanding of it’s features.

Great stuff! Wonderful, under the radar, methods that work. I buy every product that Chad releases without hesitation because I know they are the real deal.
Do yourself a favor and buy this one and make some money.

Hey Chad,

Love this! This is the second time I’m watching it…. have to hold my hand up
and admit that I did not take action last time….! Idiot!

Won’t be caught out again. I am working right through the whole course (not too long) and look forward to putting this into practice.

You’ve done it again….!


Chad, I have no idea how I stumbled onto your site and I am a little dubious but I’m willing to give it a try. Looking forward to the next video.

Hi, I am very excited about this course. It looks like I’m going to be making some money very soon. I’m about to zoom through this course. I haven’t gone through the entire course yet, but I am very hopeful. It seems like the information in this course is going to help people.

I would encourage people to purchase this and give it a shot.

Just started watching the videos and in typical
Chaddo style, it gets right to work.

I have no doubt that I will also be putting
this to work very quickly after getting on
the pg 1 map so easily in the Great Gimme.

Well, I’m excited to watch video #2 on. Even after trying to get answers and doing research, I have never completely understood RSS feeds so it will be worth the admission just to get that cleared up.

I love really cool tools and techniques and that is what Chad and Seth always deliver on. I noticed the stats shown in video #1 or the Intro video were from 2 years ago. Because of the rapidly changing SEO rules etc., it will be interesting to see this technique work still after 2 years of being known.

I ready to go!


Well, I got my questions answered regarding what an RSS feed is/does. I had previously spent 3 or 4 hours searching without satisfaction to find out what it was and GOT my answers here in about 3 minutes.

My only remaining question is how many average people like you and me actually use a Reader or even know about them. Are there enough to make our work profitable?

I’m guessing that this step has much more to do with getting on Google’s Page 1 than it does with how many people actually use Feeds/Readers.


I keep missing information that you are sending out Chad, I must check which list I am on. It’s now Oct 2010 and I hadn’t seen this before – why not – I needed it!!
Just watched your intro Video and I have to say that I’d never normally give a testiminial based on just an Intro – but here I am, you’ve already convinced me that this is going to work, even 2 years after the example you use!!
Must go – can’t wait to watch the rest and try this out IMMEDIATELY!!
John O’York

Guys, Great cutting edge content as usual.

Can you please fix the broken link to the HTML for the iFrame?.. Thanks

Looks interesting so far but I’m concerned about the date of the testing. I noticed it was back in 2008. Is this still relevant or up to date info?

O.K. We are looking for 50,000 or less phrase match results which makes life much easier. Also as far as anyone contemplating market samurai – it ROCKS!. i’ve tried many keyword tools and this is the best. Also the price is under $150 but that is a one time fee and it’s yours for life. Similar tools usually run $80/mo. or so. i believe ms will eventually go monthly.
Great video.

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