Groove Funnels Review (by a NON affiliate! Get the truth)

There is a ton of buzz out there about Groove Funnels by Mike Filsaime, so I reached out to one of his students to review the program for me. I am not an affiliate of Mike’s product. This student actually remains anonymous because he is a moderator of Mike Filsaime’s Groove Funnels facebook group. 

Probably what he reveals below, he shouldn’t have told me.

But before you read my review of Groove Funnels, understand that Groove Funnels wont teach you how to build a business. If you already have a business it could help you.

If you want to setup a business that you own, watch this intriguing video. It teaches you how to setup a business on based on Google Maps, that provides autopilot income. You can do it from anywhere in the world. Even my teenage daughter is running a business using this technique.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Groove Funnels. But since you are here to learn about Groove Funnels, lets get back to our review of that:

So here it goes, from an insider who works along with Mike Filsaime & his team, John Cornetta, Mattijs Naus, Matt Serralta:

Mike is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, online marketing coach, and marketing consultant. Also, the author of a couple of books. He has been one of the online marketing industry leaders for a long time now. He has produced several software solutions that have helped businesses gain success. Software like Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar — he’s the man behind them. His experience with Kartra evoked the vision to create the Groove Funnels.

You will also find a never ending list of Marketers inside the Facebook Official Group.

Names like Mike Long, Donna Fox, Simon Leung and many more all on the Groove Train.

What is Groove Funnel?

Groove Funnels is a suite of online tools that could be compared to clickfunnels. Basically the goal of GrooveFunnels is to give you all the tools you need to start an online business, so you don’t have to go out and buy services from a ton of different companies.

Right now you can scoop up GroovePages and GrooveSell Apps and host up to 3 Domains absolutely FREE.   That is a pretty great hook to join the Groove Brand.  But once you do then you will realize there are so many more tools you can use to grow your online empire and most also have free versions available.

Here is the Intro from the Official Facebook Group.

How do You Use a Groove Funnel?

There are so many tools in GrooveFunnels, it would be better to show you each one individually to give you an idea of how to utilize them. Let’s go Inside some of the individual Apps…

Now I am not a Techy Person but I do love figuring things out and here is my Review of the Apps

 I will say upfront my review evolves as Groove does :)

Inside GroovePages

I was introduced to GroovePages Free Version and my first impression was “what’s not to like”? 

3 Free Hosted Domains for life…..not bad.  Unlimited page creation.

Also the .Groovepages subdomain option.  

I also joined the Groove Funnels Facebook Group at that time and I was floored by the amount of posts sharing how much money people were making with the Groove Affiliate Program.

But my marketer instincts told me to first create something with the Groove Platform and I could really promote with authenticity.

So I got in there and just started pressing buttons and wondering “what does this thing do” and clicked and clicked everything I could find inside the Editor and began creating a landing page and full funnel.

I was using templates and realized that if for example you used 3 sentences instead of the sample 2 sentences that were already in place on the template it would distort the page.  Little challenges like that kept popping up.

Problems with Buttons displaying as centered was a very common frustration.

But after a while I realized that the majority of people posting affiliate commissions were not actually inside the platform creating anything they were just promoting.  In retrospect I have mixed feelings about that because business was booming at Groove.

But my point is that I started out very apprehensive and hesitant to promote at full speed because I knew that an average non techy person was definitely in for some serious challenges with that version of the editor at the time.

The Groove Group would offer work arounds and there is always someone on the other side of the world that wants to do it for you as well.   Groove was and is very open to members helping members both for free and paid as long as the person is inquiring about help and no out right spamming.

GroovePages for Shopify

There is a convenient option for GroovePages for Shopify. 

If you desire the GroovePages for Shopify will come in handy and  allow you to design all of your sites and your checkout pages for Shopify, with the new GroovePages for Shopify.


The Free Hosting is cool but it did come with some additional hoops to jump thru and that was for the SSL.  It had to be integrated via Cloudflare which is free but for a person already techy challenged another step up a hill and the training was not always in obvious places to find.  It has since improved and Groove now has SSL for custom Domain options.  

For such a generous option of 3 Free Domains per member I have never once heard of a site being down…pretty impressive.


Groovesell to have a free option right out the gate to begin selling is huge leverage.

Promote any type of product or service with Groovesell.

You can also manage an affiliate program upsells, bonuses, everything in one place.

You also get built in analytics.

I personally had a full funnel up and earning immediately with a custom eBook.


Members are enrolled automatically into the Generous Groove affiliate program.

40% along with 10% on a 2nd tier can really add up quickly.

The dashboard automatically displays up to date stats.

There is also ample training for promoting both in the Groove Academy, The Groove Group and also there is an official Facebook Groove J.V. Group that focuses primarily on promoting groove with affiliates helping affiliates as well.


Groovemail started with a bang and a crash.  They did not anticipate that the free option would be exploited and spammed and cause the platform to immediately get blacklisted so they had to start fresh.

Sending is currently not available as they build up their reliability and should be a green light once again shortly.

There will be a free option with some restrictions and a paid unlimited option and anything I share numbers wise may easily change.

But they seem to be hell bent on offering the most value for the least amount of cost no matter what which is great.


Get your Membership on for recurring revenue.

Still getting alot of updates and that causes alot of disruptions but they seem to be ironing it all out.

The fact that all the other platforms will be integrated together there really will be nothing out there that competes once it is fully launched.


Very important to have a place where you feel like you own your videos no matter whatYou can upload, store, and manage your videos inside GrooveVideo. 

Creators will love the features that are continually added to GrooveVideo.

Once upgraded you can upload and manage unlimited videos while it is 15 for free members level. 

Plenty of analytics available.

Since so much online is moving towards Videos this will become a critical component to have in your marketing arsenal.


GrooveKart already has some members making some nice cash flow sharing their success inside the Groove Facebook Group.

Groove is integrated with several other platforms like Printful to get started and earning immediately.


Since this was just launched recently it will be evolving every single day but out the gate it comes with alot of ready made free templates that will help alot of bloggers get a good head start.  

It is also made with Internet Marketers in mind at every step. I personally see alot of potential here because as Groove membership grows so will the people that want a ready made blog. 

So why not sell shovels to the miners?   

Could become a pretty profitable side hustle or main business to create Groove Blogs and sell them.

Alot of the top affiliates promoted Groove from their WordPress blogs and made a truck load of cash that way.  

No reason to give up wordpress completely but great to add Groove Blog to the portfolio you are growing.


Live and recorded Webinars turn into Gold.

Also, you can integrate your webinars with all your funnels, carts, and auto-responder.

Webinars are the go to route for high ticket conversions and Groove and Mike Filsaime knows alot about this subject. I get the feeling it will be packed with features once released.


GrooveDesk will be  a built-in Help Desk platform, so if somebody puts in a ticket, you’ll instantly be able to see what they purchased and do a refund right from the help desk.


GrooveCalendar is a built-in app for scheduling your meetings, events, calls, and checking your availability. Coaches, Mentors, Agencies will have a powerful tool connected to everything in your business.

The integration with the other apps will prove immensely valuable and keep you and your business very well organized.


If you want to create Surveys and Quizzes which will use the same technology, you may just love these apps. 

Totally integrated right into GrooveFunnels so that you can collect email addresses to GrooveMail. 

Will be a great way to enjoy lead generation.

Are Groove Funnels Free? How Much Does Groove Funnels Cost? 

NO, it is not free. It costs $1397. See their pricing below, which they conveniently compare to the cost of combining a bunch of other tools, smart! 

Inside Groove Summary and Overview…

If you try to compare something like ClickFunnels to GrooveFunnels there really is no comparison.

Yes Clickfunnels is a remarkable tool, and currently, it does its job remarkably well. But as a SaaS, its capacity to expand is limited as it used the nine-year-old Bootstrap framework technology. More and more advanced frameworks came to the surface after that.

But Groove is so much more.  GF uses the latest progressive JavaScript Vue js framework that allows an extraordinary capacity to expand. Also, GF uses the fastest Google servers for hosting & bandwidth and covers all the costs.

As for the future, it appears to me GF has the upper hand as well.  They pledge to continue to evolve with more tools included as the Internet evolves.

CF started as a page builder software and then added a few more digital marketing functionalities to it. Also, Russell Brunson is excellent in marketing but no knowledge of software development. He hires and relies on other people for that reason.

On the other hand, Mike has a proven track record of complex software development. He also is a proven marketing genius; his one million dollar day launch of the “Butterfly Marketing” course proves that.

Mike, a software developer, also a marketing mastermind, visualized the whole GF framework as a complete digital marketing platform. Unlike CF, GF did not hit the market, merely as a page builder supported by a few digital marketing solutions. It was designed as a complete answer to every aspect of digital marketing-need.  That is huge.

Groove funnels is a comprehensive  toolbox for everything Online Business Owners can utilize and it continues to evolve.

Include all that to the Free Versions of each App that are available and it is a pretty great investment.

Presently Groove Funnels has created it’s own economy! 

There are now Groove Fiverr Gigs, Countless Groove Tutorials on Youtube. Members selling customized Niche Templates from the Free Groove provided Templates.

In the Facebook Group there is always new proofs popping up of total Newbies completing their first Funnels.

The Groove Affiliate Program provides for plenty of Earning proof for Promoting Groove.

There is also a Groove Affiliate’s Marketplace similar to Clickbank and JVZoo.

Also there is Training, Training, Training.   Live question and Answers Videos. 

Groove Academy Training. 

Groove Youtube Channel Training.

“Groove Presents” Training.  This is a joint venture with Groove and a training then subsequent offer split 50/50.  One of Grooves Newbie members (Angie Norris) did so well as an affiliate she created a class around it as a Groove Presents Webinar and together with Groove did about Half a Million in Sales to Groove Members.

The Not so Groovey?

These are Applications.  They are each released in a Beta Format.  The users do become the test group and must submit plenty of Fix suggestions.  That just comes with the package.

Groove Editor started out a bit clunky but is constantly improving.

Keep in mind Groove is integrating each one of these Apps into one huge working App that has never been done before and it comes with growing pains. 

But still there is plenty of proof in the Facebook Group that people create and share Work Arounds and many are creating real businesses with the Current State of Apps.

Groove seems to be vested for the long haul.

Inside look at the Groove Dashboard connecting every single Application! 

As soon as you log in the Dashboard gives you Real Time Stats of each App!

Inside Groove Pages Editor

Left side and Right side editing options…

Continually expanding New Templates added that can be edited…. 

Landing Pages and Multi Page Templates.

A Groove Blog Beginning Template

Groove Digital On YouTube Training and Featured Members Success Stories…

Groove Affiliate Dashboard

Groove Affiliates Section features Case Studies of Newbies going from Newbie to Super Affiliate 

Groove General MarketPlace

Groove Affiliates Marketplace

Groove has its own Hard Copy Newsletter Subscription.

 Groove FB Group Announcements like Updates and Launching of new products and Training

Is Groove Funnels Legit?

A lot of the lifetime investors see the potential with the Groove Suite of tools.  But they are not transferring their entire business on a Beta Version of anything knowing it could lead to actually losing money as the platform can adjust, get fixes even as I am typing this.

If it is true that time is money then some of the lifetime investors lost some money trying to figure out a few of the platforms that were probably launched too soon with no regard for the user experience.   For example in Groove Pages there was no way to upload and attach documents for download.  But users quickly found work arounds for alot of these types of challenges like creating a link instead using another platform like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Inside the Group it was sad to see frustrations pop up that were identical to frustrations many months before.  The most common grievance was the responsiveness of the completed websites and landing pages. Would look great on a desktop and the mobile would never be aligned or centered. This makes people look unprofessional. How can designers not make that a priority after so many months and why release knowing that something so basic yet so important to having a professional first impression is.

The editor is a whole lot better but why was it released so damn complicated you had to be a NASA scientist to figure it out?

I think all the lifetime investors will indeed save alot of money especially if they get value out of as many of the apps as they can.   But by the end of 2021 and into 2022 I think with re-investments into the company and ability to add even more helpful tools that online marketers can leverage Groove has a pretty good forecast.

Groove also invested in part ownership of ChatMatic and other apps as Joint partnerships.  Those apps also give a freemium to groove members with upgrade options.

The Groove Affiliate program however was popping all over the place.  Every single day in the group you would see Commissions Proof from total newbies.

Groove had and still does have the perfect offer strategy….The Freemium.

It was first promoted as an assist in COVID Era and it truly is a great offer to have the ability to had 3 Domains/Businesses hosted for free and also GrooveSell for Free so you could begin selling with none of the usual off the top fees such as at the Zoos, and Banks affiliate networks.

You could actually join Groove Funnels for Free.  Promote the Affiliate Program and then Upgrade with those commissions.  All the while getting trained for free on how to promote.

There seemed to be a feud going on about the Success and the Sign Up numbers of Groove Vs ClickFunnels but why would ClickFunnels be so concerned?   You could not even mention Groove in the Click Funnels group however Groove would allow lengthy dialogues on the comparisons.

I came upon a Russell Brunson Interview that is still online where he states very plainly that creating a rivalry with a competitor galvanized his troops and that seemed to be exactly what he was doing.

But once you take into account how much more Groove offers there is no longer a comparison in my opinion.

You have to give Groove credit for innovation.   

They came up with a Groove-A-Thon which was a week  of non-stop 24 hour Internet Marketing Training from some of the new and old legends of Marketing.

Imagine you are on the Free plan, getting Free Training, Free Support from the Face Book Group Members what is not to like about that?

Some people may notice that there were 4 Founders of Groove but now only 3.   That is because one of the Founders asked for an early Buyout in the multi millions and Groove negotiated a settlement over 14 months.   Groove had a great recent valuation so even though they had to cut back on some Departments and Personnel they still had a healthy bottom line.

But you really can learn alot from the Universal Groove Strategy.  

Free Offer.  High Ticket Upgrades.  

Even Free members can participate.

Both Free and Lifetime members also get 2nd tier commissions!

Free Training not only on everything Online marketing but also on Promoting Groove.

Question and Answer loom videos frequently.

Groove has opened up huge opportunities for its members to also become trainers or Funnel Builders for the other members.

Groove invested heavily in the Groove Brand across the board but went with as the main url highlighting Customer Importance as part of the brand