GrooveKart vs Shopify (I am not an affiliate of either one)

During the COVID Pandemic there was a record number of new Millionaires… 600,000.

People are home more and they are shopping.

Groovekart and Shopify will be at the top of the platforms utilized that continue that trend.

If you go to just about any Website Auction to see the types of websites that sold for thousands of dollars and sometimes even multiple Millions of Dollars they are usually eCommerce Store websites.

But before you read my review of Groove, understand that this product wont teach you how to build a business. If you already have a business it could help you.

If you want to setup a business that you own, watch this intriguing video. It teaches you how to setup a business on based on Google Maps, that provides autopilot income. You can do it from anywhere in the world. Even my teenage daughter is running a business using this technique.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than GrooveKart and Shopify. But since you are here to learn about GrooveKart vs Shopify, lets get back to our review of that:

You can go to Youtube on any given day and see a rags to riches story of someone at any age sharing their journey that started up with an eComm Store and ended up with life changing income.

“Empowering independent business owners everywhere
Over 1,700,000 businesses in 175 countries around the world have made over $200 billion USD in sales using Shopify.”

But one factor you may also have observed is if you really pay attention is the fact that most of these eComm Success Stories began with month after month of failures, disappointment, and almost quitting.

And do not forget the FEES keep coming.

And then there are Paid Ads that may or may not be included as well.

That is the critical game changer where we get into the Groove.

Internet Marketers that created a Platform for other Internet Marketers and in the midst of a Pandemic offered a FREE VERSION for users to begin earning a living .

The elephant in the room is still without a doubt Shopify at the moment but Groove and its Shopify alternative GrooveKart are making an impact on the lives of eComm Store Owners.

Let’s examine what sets Shopify and GrooveKart apart from each other…

Shopify Pricing….  there are some you can see and some you will find out about later like investing in apps to help run your store.

The Shopifyverse is definitely a user friendly system and no coding is needed in order to create a store. 

As I shared earlier the numbers indicate that up to 97% of new Shopify stores fail. 

One cause may certainly be budget.  But another factor could be there is simply not enough training provided to new store owners on what actually running an eCommerce business entails. 

One thing Groove does well is Train and Answer. 

 They are very aggressive with regular training where you can ask absolutely anything with any of the Apps you have a challenge with.

Shopify probably is the most established eCommerce platform currently. To be able to create and scale a real business online has become a reality for a countless number of people.

With very little tech skills you can have an online store up and selling in record time.  You can sell right on your website in addition to marketplaces and social media as well.  

But it will be the internet marketing entrepreneurs with just the right balance of tenacity, creativity, willingness to learn and see opportunities others may be skipping over. 

Quick View Groove vs Shopify Comparison

GrooveKart prefers to pack your Toolbox with everything you will need to get the job done with the least amount of Fees.

The features Groove provides cover everything you would expect an online store to provide. 

That is unlikely on most eCommerce store platforms, which require the user to download additional applications at an additional price in order to operate effectively. 

From the social proof to higher converting templates, reviews, and many other features, the platform has everything you need a few clicks away.

Whether you create your own products, buy in bulk, or have no product GrooveKart can work for you. 

You can sell your products with variants like size and colors, you can have categories, powerful reporting, analytics intelligence, customer lookup, powerful shipping features, powerful Free Native apps, a built-in support desk, customize your look and feel, and our world-class support.

GrooveKart already includes many features that other platforms charge you extra for.

 Inventory Management, urgency timers, social proof, upsells, downsells, retargeting, bumps sales funnels, analytics and so much more and adding new all the time. 

The interface of GrooveKart’s is drop dead simple newbies will have no major challenges with it and love it. 

GrooveKart does force pay for additional Third Party apps that are necessary to run a store.

GrooveKart payment system is 5 star.  You can accept payment from the world’s leading merchant systems including GroovePay and at much lower rates than you can get on Shopify or Squarespace.

 Just obtain a Free PayPal or Red stripe account with their reduced fees. GrooveKart will never ever add additional fees like the competitors.

GrooveKart Pros Features

  • Shopify import feature
  • Freemium version for three stores or paid for unlimited stores.
  • No coding needed
  • Fastest loading website of any platform
  • Made for mobile and also desktop computers
  • Created by Marketers for other Marketers

*One somewhat negative would be the newness of GrooveKart and the fact it is still improving from a Beta version but make no mistake many are up and earning already.