How to Find Dying Domains

I made 21K last time I applied this to one of my websites. For huge profits, you need to apply this, plus some additional techniques: Additional steps here.

I made this video specifically to be given to outsourcers. Feel free to send the outsourcer directly to this page.

This video shows just ONE of the techniques in my Full Course. To get the rest of the course on this topic click here:

Here is the email to send out at the end of the process, if the website meets all the requirements:

Hi <insert name>, (if there is no name, just put “Hi”) I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and I noticed that <insert URL> had expired. It is a great site, I’d hate to see it die!

I would love to take over the domain name when it expires, but the registration company won’t let me register it because it hasn’t been released to the public yet.

However, they said if we completed a domain transfer I could register it under my name ASAP…

Would you be interested in doing this? I promise to give this domain a good home!! I’d keep all your current content on there as well so people would be able to access all that information.

Let me know

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Hi Chad
Excellent post! Great quality information, ideas and tips. All new to me. Thanks!

Chad : Great info here. I’ve noticed the date is 2007, so is this info still valid as it is or are there any changes??

Keep up the good work.

Hi Chad,

So once we own the domain, we host it via our own hosting account, and keep the original websites content as is? Then we just publish links to our site(s) we are promoting, on the new domain we purchased, rite?

Thanks for the info, always great!


yes.. we’ve been doing this for a long time.

godaddy tdnam after market is another great place

These days.. we just grow our own.. currently at 3500..
and people don’t understand how the leverage effect really multiplies..
the seo results and other real world benefits

Keep up good work Chad,


Chad –
Liked the info . . . .was very immersed in the content as you were about to enter the phone # into Google and the video stopped @ 9:05

Does it go longer?

Many question left unanswered

Very much liked the content

I am a student of You-Tube-Cash Secrets

Also my question is:

Can there be a “tie in” with your YouTube Cash Secrets marketing approach with the acquiring of expired site / domains?

My brain is telling me there is . . .not sure how to piece it together -What to you think?

Please don’t laugh . . .it may be obvious to you . . .still learning the ropes on this end

Needing a “A-HA” moment

VERY- interested in your feed back about the “tie end” -Hope to hear back

Your a great teacher thank you for the very good info

I agree with Bonnie from above ⇡⇡⇡

THX -Skye Gunner

a couple comments wondered if I still do this.. yes I’m entering a couple of new niches this week, and doing this exact technique to get it ramped up quick.

I didn’t update the videos because the techniques are still exactly the same, even though the websites in the vids have updated their interface

@Skye Gunner the one way you can integrate the youtubecash techniques and the dying domains technique is to get these domains, and then point them to the youtube videos you are promoting. with these powerful links you will find your youtube vids moving even faster up the rankings


Your videos are always so helpful. Not only did you teach me something about how to acquire domains but you taught me something I didn’t know about Excel. Now if all your videos had transcriptions to them that I could print out I’d be in 7th heaven!

I have been watching and learning from all the video’s you have mailed out.

I have learned, and put into practice your techniques. I also have purchase your course.

Just want to thank you for all the information you continue to share. I now have a sense of success for the future.

I was looking for just this type of information to buy an existing web site. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

Hi Chad:
Nice job presentation,This is very interesting and learning video.

Thanks for a very interesting and detailed explanation. I’ll be using it to train my staff. A few comments above pointed out the video was outdated but things move so fast in internet marketing whatever you did would always be outdated sooner or later. But the basic principles always stay the same.

Best regards


Hi Chad,

The new snapnames website won’t produce date results. Am I missing something, or did they take that out in the new site?



Wow! That was great-my head is expanding- thanks for the great info.
Can I am assuming the statements copied below is a velvet sales pitch for Domain Tweak?
“VERY IMPORTANT: For huge profits, you need to apply this, plus some additional techniques: Additional steps here.”
“I made 21K last time I applied this to one of my websites. For huge profits, you need to apply this, plus some additional techniques: Additional steps here.”

Interesting chaddo dude… I found this article that I bookmarked last week which also looks like an even easier method.

I haven’t tried it but checked out the sites referenced and it looks like it would work..

Peace brotha!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Thats a pretty good link, but its a bit of a different technique dealing with grabbing up the domains after they expire, which isn’t what I’m talking about here. The technique in my blog post above deals with grabbing these domains BEFORE they expire, directly from the existing owner. Less risk of google deleting all the pages, pagerank, and backlink data that way.

there is a website that can scan a webpage and grab email address,
There is a free software that can do mass pagerank lookup, and the best is, there is a website that gives the pagerank and alexa rank too for expired and soon to be expired domain, so you can skip this procedure and focus on trying to capture the domain.

So now the job should be selecting the domain name -> dump the domain name to the email extractor and get the email -> send email

I watched the video again and I assume you updated it last year… and the method seems to be timeless. As usual, GREAT ideas from a real Master!

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