I got Scammed on A Blackhat Forum

Here are some comments I received on another page:


I am in your opt-in list. Just arrived here from one of your emails and I want to say that there is no mention of DigitalPoint in the whole scam so why unnecessarily give a bad name to DP.

I think you should correct it to sitepoint and not DP.

I don’t mean to say that scams are not happening at DP but this fraud case adds an unnecessary extra count.

I am a big fan of DP and would like you to correct the thread title.




Good post! I plan to move into this stuff after I’m done with school, as most of it is time consuming. It’s a great post to reference back to. My blog needs more time to gain in popularity anyway


Hi Chad

Love the Great info and Videos. These are a sure fire way to get an edge on others provided they are implemented. That’s the only way for it to count.

Thanks Again


Ps Chad I bought the ‘Real Youtube Cash Course’ but dont seem to have had anything. Has something gone wrong with the ‘Download’ link. Please let me know. Ta Neil

Nice post, Indeed some very tasty lemonade haha. I’m happy it worked out for the best, P.S: Maybe you can do a bit of work on your landing page since you are making such great conversions.. maybe just a little design work!

Good luck!

Good post!I don’t mean to say that scams are not happening at DP but this fraud case adds an unnecessary extra count.

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I am glad that such a negative thing has resulted in something positive for you.Do let me know when you start selling resale rights for the product.It is a very good product.



Great info thanks for another money maker idea.

How did you find out about this site stealing your stuff and the forum?


As an inventor of new products and services I find this very interesting.

I also commend you on the gentlemanly manner in which you handled the situation.

Good work, keep it up,



kristen, someone sent me a message letting me know.

Bob Marconisays:

Nice going! Glad to see you were able to work things out in your favor.


I have question! Do you have forum for comunication?

Know How Vault Bosssays:


The beauty of it is that in the end, you’ve managed to turn things to your favour. Very, very good work!

That proves that smart people may always out-smart the crooks.

I am also providing “Tips and Tricks to Outrun Your Competition” Free Newsletter on my blog. With your acknowledgement, I’d like to add some of this “real life tip” somehow to one of my next issues (I’m not trying to spam your blog — this is a genuine request).

Thanks a lot,

Jeff Davissays:

hey that’s a great true story, and I love the way you attack
these types of “lemon” story

all pub is good pub!

jeff davis

John Duncansays:

Hi Chad,

Darn shame on this situation. But, I believe you are one of the true internet “Gurus” …that knows how to handle this kind of thing with class and shrewdness.

As the saying goes “…judge a person by their character”…

Thanks very much for the message.


John Duncan

John Petersonsays:

I purchased your you tube videos a while back and now they will not play
how do I get them to play


Hi Chad,
Congrats on your method of generating traffic to your website
and creating something positive out of a bad situation.
Some people think everything on the internet is public domain,
this is a good example.



You may already know this but anyway… just wanted to let you know I saw the same thing at

Take a look here when you get a chance:

One good thing is the site is now offline. Guess he / she made a quick $1000 from a few auctions and is content.


After watching your vidoe presentation, I would like to ask you:
Is it difficult to make money online? As I am totally newbie and honestly say have no much money to start, but want to earn income online.. (cannot find a job, especially as a foreigner like me). Thank you and success.


Hi Chad,

Well done !
Congrats to you for nice way you approach the issue.
Also congrats to that “someone”.
And again congrats to you for having close friends as that “someone” around you.

Barbi Williamsonsays:

Great lesson. The good guys DO triumph in the end. One question: did you copyright the entire site? I am new to IM and need to learn about copyright


Hello Chad:

Great video and great example how to handle a bad situation and turn it all around in your favor!

I do enjoy your videos and your style and approach.

Walter Chamberssays:

Good for you,hope can make them pay you big time. How did you find out that this was happening is there some type of software that alert you went someone try this ? Walt

Bonnie Bootssays:

As you say, Chad, when you sell anything online –especially anything that attracts the attention of self-termed “internet marketers”– you’re bound to run into this type of thief. Kudos to you for pointing out that when it does happen, reacting with maturity can turn a bad situation into a good opportunity.
I’m glad to know you’ve at least gotten more exposure for your work through this incident. Your YouTube videos are excellent, packed with solid information that’s easy to put into action.


Thanks for sharing this video..awesome tips,dude.

David Norden Secret Marketing Linkssays:

You had a very strong and natural reaction,since this is a serious copyright infrindgment, you could also put a lawyer on this case and ask for a cease and desist, but I would encourage you to protect your file and downloads to prevent this happening in the future. There exist many solutions on the market to do so.

Britt Phillipssays:

Chad the lengths some people will go to is incredible. I’ve had a couple try to steal my DVD content and websites etc. They think they are untouchable and can simply plead ignorant. They are WRONG.

Stanley Chongsays:

This guy really doing a bad thing and bad example. it is a shamed for him. STOP IT!!

Skye Gunnersays:

Chad –
Impressed with your whole overall approach and character

Which in turn was the main reason why I purchased your course

Even before coming across your commentary / video on this site. I am very happy with your teaching style.

An for the first time in a long time I am very happy with the content & it’s value

Yet more importantly is your ability to teach . . . .I feel you are very detailed.

Most successful IM business people SUCK Big Time at teaching

If their expertise was teaching sky diving most of their students would be Dead!

I am happily going thru your videos this Sunday Morning as I map out my approach

Thank you for being not being ” hype” and offering very good value at a VERY FAIR price

I’ll keep you posted . . . .no doubt I’ll have some questions

Many thanks – Skye Gunner


You are the man. Great way of handling the situation. Looking forward to doing business with you.

Terry Rachar


Hey, I’m glad everything worked out well for you in the end. I HATE scammers and spammers!!! What a headache!!!

I understand where you are coming from. I have a product that I want to release soon, however I was curious how you protect yourself. I consulted with a patent and copyright attorney about copyrighting and he talked about huge numbers being invested to protect myself, so I’d be grateful for any advice you could pass my way.

Do you know if there is any spider (indexing) software available that will index “any website” on the web and let you know if parts of your content is copied out somewhere on the web? (I know google does this and “Slaps” the copy cats). Any advice on how to catch these folks would be appreciated.

Fran Watsonsays:

Thanks for the excellent tips on making lemonade! The way you handled this definitely made me want to check out what you have to offer.

Thanks again


Hi Chad,

‘What’s hid in darkness, will come out to light’ … eventually!

I’m glad you were able to catch on to this, and I like the way
how you handled the situation.

Take care.



Awesome Chad – let me give you a big fuzzy hug.

Mike Sealssays:

Thanks for the e-mail…WOW…had no idea this type of stuff happens all the time…crooks will always find a way to rob you somehow…talk about not having any integrity..can’t wait to see what the outcome this is going to be…just think….you can make your own e-book (how i caught my cyber criminal)…could be the next big seller ?


Well done Sir. You really turned a bad situation into a good situation.


That is Beautiful,Brother.Be Proud.



I just started reading you emails today and I just wanted to say what a great marketer you are and friend to the little guy/newbie. Thanks for all you great info.


MySpace Marketingssays:

Thanks for the nice video.

Thank You.

Larry Williamssays:

Chad, this is really Scary stuff here. I am too naive…just about to start promoting my new e Book on List Building. What can we do to stop this from happening to a new product?
You Rock for the way you stayed level headed and turned this around.




What you so graciously demonstrated were two fruitages of God’s Holy Spirit, mildness and self-control.

Nicely done!


Marcus DeVriessays:

Hi Chad,

Really cool stuff, I love your attitude towards these people. They are not decent enough to do the honourable thing and buy the rights or become affiliates, so should be shown the error of their ways. However, this problem is extremely widespread and it is a war, a war that cannot be completely won. Caveat….it’s nice to see that you have won yourself a few battles. Great work Chad and all the very best



It’s like the age old saying: What goes around comes around. Sometimes, you are definitely going to run into people that have no sense of morals and it will come back and bite them in the butt!!!

pro sem specialistsays:

I think most of the ideas you come up with are straight up outside the box thinking. I’ve seen a few of your emails and I must say, I am more and more impressed each time.

What’s up with those resale rights?

MMA Training at Homesays:

Wow Chad,

I bought that course it was a good one, but I didn’t see anywhere were it said you were selling it with master resale rights (guess they were trying to read between the lines.) I’m glad someone was looking out for you and caught it, good thinking on your part as well.

I had and ebook that I wrote long ago show up in some Christmas giveaway that I never gave anyone permission to give away. Surprised the heck out of me….

Thanks for the videos they are always informative :)

John Schaeffersays:


I enjoyed the video thank you for the tips. I applaud you on your action”s . It is unfourtunate that people will stoop to such low”s but it is a sad situation ,i am glad that you came out on top.


John Schaeffer


Hey Chad,
I had full faith that you would easily, with your knowledge, be able to turn those lemons into lemonade! I had a similar incident happen to me which had to do with an offline business I own so I really have bad feelings about low lifes that do these things. Luckily for me I was also able to turn lemons into lemonade but it still leaves a bad feeling when people are so unethical, especially when someone like you puts out so much great free information. Anyway, thanks for all your great info and also my Google maps course. Have a nice day,


This is one of the better messages that I have received from anyone in the Internet Marketing industry. Great lesson here, always be positive and you can turn on the bad in good.


Hi Chad,

I’ve been looking at the course, but being a bit busy I hadn’t done anything – but interesting how this video has piqued my interest even more :)

Also, congratulations on being the real gentleman in this situation!

The Simple Blog Company


Dear Chad:

Someone sent me a link to one of your products recently and I fell in love with your grace and style. Today, your handling of that nightmare rings through. Thanks for setting the bar higher.

Chris loves Article Marketingsays:

Hey Chad,

Really glad you got something good out of the experience. There are frankly way to many scammers out there. It is good you showed that the integrity of the purchasers can lead to sales and that is what we all need and want.

Thanks for all your videos.



It is so refreshing to find an Internet Marketer with some CLASS……. You give me hope!
Please keep doing what you’re doing!!!


Hi Chad,

I really got annoyed the moment I went through your mail that someone has stolen your YouTube Cash Course and started selling it but after watching the video I was cool down.

Your efforts are praiseworthy and I proud on you Chad.

The best part is you’ve handled the whole situation in a cool and calm manner. We need to learn a lot from you.

By handling this situation in cool way:- you’ve set an example in front of us that rather than getting excited/annoyed on any situation we should take step with relax mind.

May GOD bless you with wealth, health, and enormous prosperity and honestly :)


Chad, how did you find out about this scam? Did someone tell you and how can other digital product owners protect themselves from dishonest activity like this?


William B. Doylesays:

Grace or graceful.

Smoothly handled.

Leadership by example.

I keep trying to ditch your youtube product but it keeps coming back to haunt me.

I’m probably going to cave in soon, dang it!

William B. Doyle
“Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Ethics – the ONLY way to live and do business!”

Brent Elzingasays:

Top shelf Chad! Stylin response to a bad situation….

Thanks for the headsup, btw here is my new website.(not totally functional yet but with your help)

I also wanted to report that using your google maps cash course I recently purchased I started ranking #1 on some of the search terms. That was before I even had the website up!

Thanks a million Chaddo!

Self Employment Guidesays:

Got a hand it to you Chad for handling that situation as an adult with quite a bit of restraint and class. Not sure how I would of handled it. We need stand up people leading the way for our internet marketing society, who frankly have a long way to go to being something to be proud of.

Thanks again and have a Very Merry Christmas!!!


Love your stuff Chad, I’ve been following you for several years now and I’ve been able to understand most of what you bring to the IM’s. Your tutorials have made it possible for me to figure out things in a step by step logical trouble shooting way as to learn what it is I’m having trouble with and I thank you for that.
Thank You.
Len Hill

Don Dolenecsays:

You are the top of Google Places
You Tube
Domain Tweak

I think I have all the courses.
Yours overdeliver
with sneaky, blackhat, black magic tactics

IS this new one differant, updated or the same

ANSWER FROM CHAD: this is the same youtube cash secrets course that you already bought.

Louis Foussardsays:

Hey Chad…

Thanks for sharing your situation. And I too am impressed with how well you’ve handled it all.

Just another example of how the entire world bows in our favor, when we do the right thing. :-)

~ Louie

Joe G.says:

Hey Chad,

Interesting to see how you were able to turn this around. If the moderators of the other site have any morals, they’ll go after the guy who posted this in the first place. Hope you had fun in SF. You’re one of the guys whose emails I always open cuz I know there’s going to be some crazy good content, even when there’s a pitch involved. What I find unique about you is you launch a product, do your thing, and then you seem to disappear for a while, which I never see other “gurus” do. They always mail, mail, mail until you get to the point that you trust them less and less. Hope all is well with you and the family!


I too am impressed and too happy that u get that back with better solutions you the best man :)


Hi Chad,

I’m going to jump in your monthly mastermind soooooon!

Just getting stuff together!

I’m glad I stumbled onto your email list!

Ok thanks!



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