I got Scammed on A Blackhat Forum

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Got a hand it to you Chad for handling that situation as an adult with quite a bit of restraint and class. Not sure how I would of handled it. We need stand up people leading the way for our internet marketing society, who frankly have a long way to go to being something to be proud of.

Thanks again and have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Love your stuff Chad, I’ve been following you for several years now and I’ve been able to understand most of what you bring to the IM’s. Your tutorials have made it possible for me to figure out things in a step by step logical trouble shooting way as to learn what it is I’m having trouble with and I thank you for that.
Thank You.
Len Hill

You are the top of Google Places
You Tube
Domain Tweak

I think I have all the courses.
Yours overdeliver
with sneaky, blackhat, black magic tactics

IS this new one differant, updated or the same

ANSWER FROM CHAD: this is the same youtube cash secrets course that you already bought.

Hey Chad…

Thanks for sharing your situation. And I too am impressed with how well you’ve handled it all.

Just another example of how the entire world bows in our favor, when we do the right thing. :-)

~ Louie

Hey Chad,

Interesting to see how you were able to turn this around. If the moderators of the other site have any morals, they’ll go after the guy who posted this in the first place. Hope you had fun in SF. You’re one of the guys whose emails I always open cuz I know there’s going to be some crazy good content, even when there’s a pitch involved. What I find unique about you is you launch a product, do your thing, and then you seem to disappear for a while, which I never see other “gurus” do. They always mail, mail, mail until you get to the point that you trust them less and less. Hope all is well with you and the family!

Hi Chad,

I’m going to jump in your monthly mastermind soooooon!

Just getting stuff together!

I’m glad I stumbled onto your email list!

Ok thanks!



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