Link Automator

Link Automator is meant to be used with Chad Kimball’s process for finding link opportunities. Instructions for using the tool are in Chad’s full course on link opportunities.

Start with your existing website list, Ahrefs data for new websites, and URLprofiler data for new websites. Format your sheet according to the video below. You can also see a sample sheet here.

Link Automator follows these steps:

  • Removes websites that are already in your system
  • Removes websites without email addresses
  • Removes inaccurate email addresses
  • Removes websites outside ideal Ahrefs rank parameters
  • Pulls data from the Moz API (optional)
  • Removes websites outside ideal Moz parameters (optional)
  • Deletes unnecessary data columns
  • Marks websites in networks (same contact email)
  • Formats a single “Final Data” sheet to easily import into Streak

Questions about running Link Automator? Email