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MySpace Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

My Space Pay Per Click is here. Here’s a look INSIDE one of my test campaigns. Worked surprisingly well:

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Vincent, you should take a quick drive over to Buffalo and open a U.S. bank account with a U.S. debit card. It would serve you well to have a U.S. Dollars account for all your IM efforts. I’m in the process of opening an account in EUROs as well. That way you are never limited.

I’m actually contacting MySpace support to see if there is a way around the U.S. Credit card problem.

We’ve been doing some research/testing and have come up with a solution to the non-us resident issue. Stay tuned!

Hi Chad,
I’m looking forward to your pre WSO email on this tomorrow! And your answer for us non US residents… this looks like a great traffic driving opportunity.
Where’s the affiliate program for all your other great training products too btw??!!

Cheers from NZ


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