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Thanks Chad, for the MySpace PPC videos – which are very good and clear to understand.
First I was a little shocked because this concept is not to be used by non-US users – because I’m from Germany. So I got a little overwhelmed because of your complicated options for non-US users at first – but now I hope to find a way in somehow – to use myspace for PPC.
Hope to get accepted by different CPA-networks to send them a bunch of myspace PPC traffic …. which I hope should convert well …;)

All the best – Andre


I would say that your product “MySpace PPC Cash Videos” is ass kicking especially for people like me, i.e. a complete newbie to the MySpace PPC algo.

The videos are ‘ear friendly’ (voice and volume are ok) and clear; video contents are well presented and easy to follow.

I will start using the tactics learnt from videos for doing PPC with MySpace.
Meanwhile, I need to signup an account with MySpace PPC and hope it will ok.


Ray K of United Kingdom


Hi Chad:
just wanted to say thanx for these great videos and the ebook. This was really an eye opener! I will use all the techniques you mentioned! that’s for sure :-)
wish me luck.

thanx again :)


First video, finished. So far, so good! Very exciting thing.

Louis Edwardssays:

Great tips so far, even about Facebook ads !

Louis Edwardssays:

As I live outside U.S, this info will definitely eliminate many stumbling blocks encountered in signing up with My Space Ads !

Louis Edwardssays:

You have given me the keys to getting very targeted traffic ! Thank you, Chad, for that great, great game-changing & lifestyle-changing stuff.

Louis Edwardssays:

I have heard about CPA, but Chad, you are the first one to actually demonstrate to me this fantastic pathway to success & financial freedom.
Thanks again, Chad.
Louis Edwards

Michael Murraysays:

I haven’t had time to look at these videos yet, but I have no reason to believe that they are not as excellent as your other products.

My basic philosophy is that if you sell it, I buy it. I believe I have everything you sell and not one of them has failed to perform as advertised.

I’m looking forward to your next product.

Best regards,
Michael Murray

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