The AI Entrepreneur Review

AI is trending and a lot of people are making use of it but are they using it to its full capacity? Probably not, but that is simply because it is still relatively new and we are all still learning. Interestingly, some people seem to be ahead of the game; they have taken the time to explore it more. They have learned how to take more advantage of it and are getting it to do things you and I haven’t thought of. 

Christian Martin is one of those people. He claims that he can help you combine ChatGPT and his 7-figure business strategy to help you make money. He claims AI can do anything you can think of; he even went as far as saying that AI is better than your shrink. 

That left us wondering if he has really got it all figured out or if it is all just a bluff. The only way to find out is to explore his program and see what it has to offer. Join us to dig deep into The AI Entrepreneur and bring out all the essential details.

But before reading what I have to say about the AI Entreprenuer, I need to say that I don’t recommend starting your business using an AI model. Why? Because even if you get good at using AI to create content, you still need clients to BUY that content. Clients come and go, and you will be on a continual hustle to find more clients. This video teaches a business model using google maps where you setup your OWN websites and rent them out to clients instead. If a client decides to leave, you can simply find another client and point the leads to them instead. I highly recommend checking out this business model instead of using Automators AI.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this:

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The program my daughter used above is much better than the AI Entreprenuer program. But since you are here to learn about the AI Entreprenuer program, lets get back to our review of that:

What is The AI Entrepreneur?

This is a program that gives you AI cheat codes that can help you improve your personal brand by 10X in just 1 day per month. You can do this without hiring a team. The program is ideal for entrepreneurs who see the potential of AI but have no idea how to tap into that potential. 

Who is Christian Martin? 

Christian revealed that he started his first business because he wanted to be able to make money while hiding behind PC screens. He didn’t want to put himself out there. But he soon realized that his business can only flourish if he can connect with his audience and the only way to connect to them is to be out there. 

When his first business started making some big bucks, he quickly added more businesses and they all needed some form of branding. It wasn’t long until the hard work caught up with him and he became burned out. 

That prompted him to look for ways to reduce his workload while maintaining the quality of his work and this was when he turned to AI. He learned AI and automation and that helped him free up some time for himself while scaling his businesses. 

He now shares the strategies he used to achieve this with members of The AI Entrepreneur. 

How Does The AI Entrepreneur Work?

When you sign up, you get access to six training modules. Each module will be handled in one week making it a total of six weeks.  Module resources include templates, videos, scripts, and exercises. 

The first module focuses on helping you with your personal brand. It will help you build a brand that makes it easier for you to scale your business. The second module will take you through setting up the software you need to implement some of the strategies in The AI Entrepreneur. 

Good branding involves creating content that connects you to your audience. The third module will teach you how to conduct topic and hashtag research most efficiently. According to the creator, you can create 90 videos in 1 day using this training. 

The fourth module prepares you to hire Virtual Assistants for your business. It takes you through the process of creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and processes to ensure a smooth onboarding of a VA when you hire one. 

The fifth module takes you through the process of scaling using sales representatives and software. According to Christian, by the time you finish implementing these strategies, your business should be earning 7 figures and he will teach you how to manage 7 figure operations. 

You will get access to resources including 100 Money-Making AI Recipes, “Faceless Account” Growth Hacks, The A.I. Client Magician Software, 3-Month Glance AI Sales Manager Software, 7-Figure Scaling 5-Day Workshop, The A.I. Agency™ – how to offer all this as a service, V.A. SOP Handoff – how to hand off to your team, and 3 months admission a private group. 

What is the Cost of The AI Entrepreneur?

The program costs a one-time payment of $1997 but you can pay in installments. For installment payments, you will be paying $847 every month for 3 months.

Refund Policy

The company has an interesting refund policy. They offer a 180-day action-based money-back guarantee. If you do not get results after implementing the strategies you have been taught, all you need to do is email and you will receive a full refund and an additional $1000 for trying. 

Should You Invest in The AI Entrepreneur? 

We found good reviews on Trustpilot. In fact, there was not even a single bad review on there about the program. A lot of the reviewers mentioned that the program is user-friendly and even people who are not computer savvy can use it. Some also talked about how helpful the program has been for their businesses. 

We believe that you will learn a lot about AI through this program and it can help you free some time from mundane tasks. But we do not like the fact that the creator makes it sound easy. He makes it sound like once you join this program, you will be churning out lots of great content within a few hours.

The truth is that you may be able to produce lots of content using AI but there is no guarantee that these content will properly connect with your audience. There is no doubt that some of them will sound robotic and poorly made. And that wouldn’t be good for your brand. 

If you are interested in signing up because you want to learn some tricks to aid you in doing the hard work of content creation, this might be for you. But if you were enticed by the fact that AI will do all the work for you, you should rethink your decision. Because there is no way you can genuinely connect with your audience if AI creates content without your input. Remember AI is just a tool to aid your work.

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